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Leaders in combat

News #232 posted by Blodkai on 03/20/03.

Members of clans, orders and guilds will now fight somewhat more effectively alongside their Seconds, more so alongside Firsts, and best alongside Leaders. This bonus will be cumulative in the sense that the more leaders present the greater the bonus. The effect for deadly clans is magnified.

Note that this bonus does not appear in your stats, and there is nothing about it which will be visible to you via 'score' or other commands. You also (obviously) won't be slaughtering your enemies with previously unimaginable ease. The bonus is more subtle than that, but it is most definitely there.

And, yes, this means that leaders themselves fight a bit better now regardless of the presence of anyone else.

Tweaks to enhance, expand or otherwise modify this are expected.

I have to give me deep thanks for this.