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Laws scripting

News #30 posted by Kali on 01/17/14.
After taking the opportunity to speak with numerous players with different perspectives on the scripted leveling issue, and having multiple meetings with the upper level immortals, we have decided to implement 'laws scripting'. While we recognize that the leveling services that were provided were beneficial both to the providers and purchasers, we feel that there is another segment of the player base that is being negatively impacted by this scripting. Ultimately we decided that 'laws scripting' was the most equitable solution. Additionally, we have heard the frustrations many have echoed about the experience of character creation and leveling. It has been said that this grind is what has lead to some of these scripting issues. As such, we will be reviewing our creation process to determine if there are changes we can implement to improve on this aspect of the game. Thank you everyone for your patience as we have attempted to the best of our ability to fairly sort out this issue. Kali