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The Castle of Rol Na Feinne



Level range

20 - 60


Area description

Towering out of the cliffs near Dragon Pass are towers of stone kept safe by a moat. Protected by a beloved dragon, Fis, and its many faithful guards, only the inhabitants of the castle see inside its sturdy walls. Called Lo'Kier by those who live inside in a world of medieval knights and magic, all of those who enter must undergo strict tests of discipline and devotion before admission into the brotherhood of knights. Tradesmen with their journeymen clamor to call the keep their home to perfect their craft within the safety of the walls. Rarely spoken of is a darker sect, those who lurk in the night and protect the keep with their own brand of justice. The sound of merriment and laughter echo down the halls from times past and present. All who enter Rol Na Feinne grow to love it and those few who leave quickly return.