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The City of Salburg



Level range

35 - 50



Kinux and Selina (Primary Building), Thoric (Original Concept)

Area description

In ages past, when the Realm was still new, a young ranger relaxed under a large oak, contemplating his work. With much to do he set off into the world, leaving behind his newest creation, the fair City of Salburg.

Over time, the city fell into disrepair. The once powerful Duke who ruled over the city vanished, under rumours that a dark mage had taken residence in his keep. Once renowned for its healers, the city turned its back on the village of wise women who lived nearby, shunning them, and labeling them 'witches'. Rumours held that they were in league with the dark mage, teaching him many of their sinister secrets.

Time has been unkind to Salburg, and the fair city is but a shadow of its former self. The footprints of the well known ranger have not entirely vanished from its lands, however, and though steeped in despair, a glimmer of hope remains.