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The Desert Arena



Level range

50 - 60


Area description

For many years, a secretive elite existed within the most noble of circles in all the cities of light. Behind the scenes they pulled many strings, exercising great influence over great men of power and tremendous economic resources. However, with the Shattering many things changed.

Accused of having secretly supported the attack on the Realms, they found their continued existence in the 'civilized' world made impossible. They escaped to the desert, on a quest to find new means of accumulating wealth...

The Desert Arena, constructed to quench a more sophisticated thirst for blood expressed by champions across the Realms, invites the thirsty to seal their fates in the sand of the Desert of Despair. It offers many previously unseen services to those who can afford them, many of which should be most welcome and long awaited.

Will you gain fame and honor, or become a corpse rotting in the sun?