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The Dunhill Demesnes



Level range

10 - 50


Area description

During the Time of Legends, when the forces of Light and Darkness fought for domination of the Realms, there arose a powerful force for Good...The Lords of Light. These Lords of Light traveled the Realms, combating evil where they found it and driving it out until they could fight no more. Once the battles were over, the Elves offered the Lords of Light a place to live among the trees, but they declined the offer and bade the Elves farewell, and were granted safe passage through Elvish territory to the lands beyond the valley. Once past the Elven forests, they constructed a bastion of Good upon the great grassy plains they found and all was well. Then, the gods of Darkness caused a great black rain to fall upon them, and an evil plague decimated the populace. The Lords of Light were forced into themselves, away from the world, biding their time until they could return and rebuild their ranks. Now they search for those who would pass the tests put to them and join the Lords of Light to fight against evil!