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The Graveyard



Level range

5 - 16


Area description

Situated in the midst of the giant timber and ever encroaching forest, the graveyard was once the pride of its caretakers. The shrubs and trees at one time were immaculately trimmed, flowers bloomed in an attempt to lighten the dreary atmosphere that graveyards usually cast over visitors, and each tomb was painstakingly manicured. That is, until recently. A rash of vandalism has plagued the graveyard and foul beasts have been reported lurking in the shadows at every turn. Strangely enough, almost every sighting of strange happenings and creatures has occurred during the hours of darkness, when the moon is out and fell magic at its peak.

With all the strange happenings, its little wonder that the caretakers have fled and the graveyard has fallen into disrepair. The morgue itself sits vacant in the center of the graveyard. Whether its closing foretold of the things to come, or was a direct result of it is unclear. Abishai, the morgue's chief mortician, disappeared around the time all of this strangeness began. Somehow, there seems to be more going on than is immediately evident.