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The Isle of Nethescuros



Level range

2 - 50


Area description

Following "The Shattering", the world was left in ruin, and the face of the lands changed forever. While most of the land was restored by the infinite and his team of immortals, there were some parts left untouched, as if unworthy or intentionally left to ruins by the Gods.

Deep within the Blood Sea a portion of land remained tainted by by the touch of the great evil that had threatened the world. These ruins were once part of the mainland, and linked directly to the various lands within the Realm. Now they float upon an island, and the once populated areas that had surrounded them before have since been abandoned, and renamed by the populous that now controls this portion of the world.

Over time these Umbrageous Ruins and the surrounding lands have evolved into one interactive family of ecosystems all working together. A small portion of the island, now known as the Isle of the Savrathi, was severed from the mainland and now orbits it as if they were magically bound together.

Despite the islands isolated location, it's blood-thirsty inhabitants retain access to the realms through a series of spatial rifts in the astral plan located in various regions.

This is a deadly area and is only accessible by Player-killers.