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Lamech's Abandoned Manor



Level range

45 - 50



Anakin (Original Concept), Kinux

Area description

It is unclear how they perished. Whether the whole clan was killed off, or whether they fell under a curse that drove them into hiding. It matters little, except to those who relish in the observances of the past. Recent expansions through the Southern Mountain Ranges have uncovered the old, abandoned manor house that once served the Lamech's and their clan.

Historians have argued about the veracity of rumours that the manor housed a voracious clan of Vampires, under the leadership of Vlaad Lamech. Others talk of the fear generated by the inquisitions that would target those who didn't aspire to the Lamech Family's values. Whether these stories are fact or conjecture is unknown.

Travellers have gone to avoiding the Manor altogether, especially at night when strange lights appear and movement can be seen through the grime covered windows. For those hearty enough to venture forth, great treasures and adventure await.