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The Mire



Level range

0 - 65


Area description

Before the Shattering, the Old Marsh was a tiny expanse south of Haon Dor. Little life aside from trolls, lizardmen and bogbeasts thrived there. As the Age of Eskhatos wore on, even that life suffered as it was corrupted and mutated by the toxins from the Tower of Despair. When the Shattering came, the seas spilled over the shore. Debris and offal tumbled down the rising peaks of the Southern Mountains. The water and scum met in the Old Marsh, which expanded and grew as it sat at the mountain base. It encompassed the remnants of Haon Dor which has not been saved by the gods and spilled down to the riverbanks by the Wastes. Those who travel the area no longer call it 'Old Marsh', but 'The Mire' to reflect the cloying and disgusting mass that the southwest edge of the continent has become. Ever changing with the constant flow, The Mire can be quite confusing even to those who think they've seen it all.