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The Mountain of Lost Souls



Level range

40 - 50


Area description

With the shifting of the land masses during the Shattering, much knowledge that should not have been lost, was. High up, on one of the snowy mountains of the Barren Peaks of Tahjliera stands a monument to a great experiment that promised to end all conflicts once and for all. Created over a thousand years ago, the Facility, was meant to aid those denizens of the Realm who had lost their true nature and turned to darkness. An ancient evil known as Pseulak brought great evil down upon the area surrounding the facility as she and her minions attempted to bring about the destruction of the Realm. The forces of light were strong, however, and her evil overlord was defeated. Since then, the facility has fallen into shadow itself, as rumors abound of an ancient evil housed within.

Those who have not attained the fortieth level are advised to shy away from the Mountain of Lost Souls, for they will have no hopes of surviving.