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Level range

40 - 50



Ceirana, Kinux, Selina, Romani, Hoerkin, Dria

Area description

"Ye who read are still among the living but I who write shall have long since gone my way into the region of shadows. For many centuries shall pass away, ere these memorials be seen. And, when seen, there shall be some to disbelieve, and some to doubt... That is the curse of time." - Ibalilin the Wise, Former Cleric of Ravenell.

A dark shadow has fallen over the Forgotten Woods where the ancient Keep of Ravenell has stood for generations. Since the Shattering, the once proud and noble Ravenell family has been broken from within. Madness, loss and subterfuge have now replaced the normal workings of the Keep, as a terrible evil taints this once proud household.