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New Darkhaven



Level range

0 - 65


Area description

The city of Darkhaven, famed City of Hope and light, is a bastion of safety in the perilous lands of the Realms. Darkhaven has repelled numerous assaults and maintained its position as a pillar of stability throughout the lands. Only once, during the Age of Exultation, were the walls of Darkhaven compromised and the town razed.

Despite the loss of their homes, the stalwart citizens of Darkhaven began to rebuild away from the ruins of their old home. They christened the city New Darkhaven and set about re- building their reputation as the most prosperous and secure city within the Realms. New Darkhaven again became a center of both commerce and knowledge. The city's markets bustled daily. It became known as a pinnacle of knowledge due to the construction of the Guild houses and the Tower of Knowledge. As a monument to prosperity, Castle Darkhawk was constructed on the hill in the northeast corner of the town. Just to the west the Cathedral Notre Dame de Sioux was built as a focal point for the worship of Thoric.

Fortunately for New Darkhaven, little was disrupted during the Shattering. The citizens were shaken and disturbed, but most of the structures remained intact despite the horrible shifting of the land. The guards increase their shifts and clutch their steel longswords tighter as they peer over the walls at the unfamiliar lands surrounding them.