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Redferne's Residence



Level range

37 - 50


Area description

After many eons of seeming emptiness, the cloaking illusion of the fell Sorceress Naris has been lifted from the building known unto men as Redferne's Residence, or alternatively, The Stronghold of Naris.

Redferne was a loyal knight paladin, true in both sword and honor. Betrothed in marriage to the lovely Naris of Thalos at a young age, they built a grand fortress and their lands prospered. Naris, alas, dabbled in sorcery, and as the years progressed, her soul was overtaken by the evils below.

When the fiend liches came to claim her body and soul, a mighty battle ensued, in which Redferne himself is known to have lost his life. Less is known of Naris' fate.

The illusion of emptiness was in some manner related to the strange location the fortress formerly held, floating in the firmament of Darkhaven. When the spell was broken, the fortress returned to its location of old, behind great dark gates in a quiet corner of what is now referred to as the 'Old Marsh.'