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Revelation City



Level range

35 - 50


Area description

The City of Revelations used to lie on the shores of the Sea of Sorrows, shrouded by a veil of mist. It is said to be a city of Lost Gods, similar to Olympus and Hades. Some sages believe it is simply inhabited by powerful entities and thought elementals. Most adventurers will notice how they go unnoticed when exploring the town, leading to the belief that only some of these entities are aware of what is happening on this plane. Below the city is a flaming Lake of Fire. In the heart of this sea of flame is a fiery isle, where one could enter the Underworld. However, this gateway is now closed.

When the Shattering came, the mist around the city was torn aside as the town was ripped from the sea and tossed aside. It landed amongst the forbidding peaks of Tahljiera.