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Sanctum of the Arcanes



Level range

0 - 60



Akael (Revision)

Area description

The Great Sundering of the Clans was a time of chaos and disillusionment for the inhabitants of the Realms. Many of the homes of the great Clans were left in ruins, never to be revisited by their heroes again. However, from those ruins arose the Guardian Brothers Marduk and Marruka, who salvaged the magicks of the Arcanes and stole away to a secret location far from prying eyes. There, surrounded by a giant forest made larger than life by the powerful magicks of the Guardians, the Brothers rebuilt the Castle. Legend holds that the bricks and mortar of the Castle, known today as the Sanctum of Arcanes, were imbued with the strong magicks of the Guardians as a protection for the Order against attack or ruin.

This area is the stronghold of an Order and may not be accessible by all players.