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Shattered Temple of Naetrelle



Level range

40 - 50


Area description

At the southern end of the Realm, where little remains but the vast sand and gravel of the wastelands, rumours have surfaced of a find of great archaelogical curiosity. Once believed to be lost with the Shattering, the temple of Nae'trelle was rediscovered by a band of intrepid explorers.

Little is known of what happened to the temple after the famous death of it's deity, Naetrelle. It is believed that few, if any, of her followers survived. Stories tell tales of madness and delirium overtaking the temple priests as they fell into despair with the loss of their Goddess. The loss of innocence was profound and far reaching. Adventurers and treasure hunters would do well to use caution, or risk losing more than the purity of their souls.