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Southern Mountain Range



Level range

0 - 65


Area description

The foreboding Southern Mountain Range stretches across the horizon south of Darkhaven. Although appearing impassable at a casual glance, explorers have been drawn by the intrigue of Doom Mountain's goblin population to learn what else inhabits the peaks. Early explorers made headway, discovering various mountain passes and blazing new trails through the valleys. Later, safe at home with a mug of ale, adventurers compared maps. Sharing tales and comparing routes, they managed to plot two main passages across the difficult range, the High Road and the Low Road. These crude and difficult routes range from the north forested hills through the southern foothills. In the foothills lie old mines and the town of Edel, where the southern reaches of the world await. The high peaks are treacherous. Foul places are said to exist in the shadows of the cloaking mountains that are as dangerous as they are beautiful.