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The Tree of Life



Level range

35 - 50



Rain (Original Concept)

Area description

It was this Tree that the essence of magic weaved ages ago, after the planes of the multiverse were destroyed by Dominus. From the Tree of Life grew the beginnings of these Realms, from the lowliest insect to the wisest of sages. Many visited the Tree after its destruction by traveling through a magical portal which linked the present and the past. Those who returned spoke of powerful entities which combined the many elements of life.

Apparently the Shattering tore not only the fabric of the land, but the fabric of time as well. Inexplicably, the Tree of Life has been returned to this plane and has taken root in the Forest of Tears. Many have undertaken pilgrimages to the Tree to renew their faith that life will always continue in the Realms, no matter what calamity befalls it.