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The Von Deusen Mausoleum



Level range

40 - 50


Area description

The ancient mausoleum, once a peaceful place of rest, suffers the curse of the blue mist. The power of the magical mists hovers around the mausoleum cloaking it in a shroud of foreboding darkness. High overhead dark clouds circle as they bring forth lightning strikes from within to thrust into the hearts of living beings. The power of the mist sucks at the heart of the very soul, draining the life's force for its dark desires. The building itself is made of cold grey stone dug into the ancient grounds formed by the blood and sweat of those that served the Von Deusens. The family is long since forgotten, save for their cursed remains. It is said that the corpses of the ancient family rise and walk through the paths of the mausoleum and graves.