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Level range

0 - 65


Area description

This once peaceful region of the dwarven forest was brutally wrecked and ravaged during The Shattering. Only a powerful surge of evil energy radiating from the Tower of Despair could have caused such damage. Located in the southwestern region of the forest, the tower is also bordered by The Mire. The energy was too much for the lands as trees twisted violently and villages withered into nothingness. All life was destroyed. Even the Drow fled, seeking refuge in the Barren Peaks region.

Rumors abound of ruins tucked away within this barren place. They are thought to be the remnants of the once affluent New Thalos, now buried among the desert dunes and lost in the evershifting sands of time. However, one village, Camden, remains standing upon the devastated coastline. Many people say that so many of the residents were lost at sea during the catacylism that the survivors cling to hope and cannot leave. They are still waiting for their loved ones to come home.