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Clerics draw their powers from gods both devout, indifferent, and malign. Magi draw their power from the ethereal bonds between all life and matter. The Nephandi draw their powers from the Void that lies within the heart of men. They serve Infernal masters who condemn this world to ruin and waste. The Darkness of the Void swirled before the sun burned bright and will continue to swirl once the Sun is extinguished. The demons and the devils of the Void thirst for the end of Light. Their servants, the Nephandi, seek to hasten the End Times through the spread of depravity, temptation and corruption. Nephandi who forsake their Infernal Master renounce the source of their power. They possess only the base skill of a hedge magician and are too poorly skilled to defend themselves solely with the martial arts. Few Nephandi renounce the Path of Screams, most choose to maintain an evil alignment through the slaughter and corruption of innocence.


The Nephandi relies mainly on wits and intelligence to deal with the Infernal. Failing this, the Nephandi must be prepared to deal in deceit or flee, hence a propensity to be dexterous. Forsaking the powers of the Gods and receiving little unsolicited aid from their Masters, Nephandi tend to be unlucky.


An intrinsic skill of the Nephandi, they are able to absorb and ignore pain. While other classes may dodge and parry attacks, Nephandi learn to love the exquisite feeling of pain.

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Playable Races


Nephandis may join Orders, Sects, or the Guild of Nephandis.

Deadly (Pkill) players may not join Orders or Guilds, but may be members of a Clan or Sect.