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Cry of Despair Awards; Newbie Counciltalk; Sarig: To My Grandfather




Mortal Staff:
Alendil, Azrakare, Aylssa, Begaria, Conran, Dein, Goomra, Lorel,
Naithalia, Oknelim, Saraphin, Sarig, Shingo
Immortal Staff:
Cersei, Elisabet and Kyrnia
Table of Contents

Desk of the Editor
Immatation is flattery or something like that...

The 2nd annual CoD Realms Awards!!
The votes are in, see the shocking results!

Prophecy Place
Lady Naithalia returns with signs of the zodiac.

Quest and Contest
The slogan hunt continues...

Poets Corner the strings of the bard.

Funny Bones
You know the drill, smile.

Contact Information

Desk of the Editor By: Kuah

What is the good word? Awards! Thats what it is. Shingo spent
a good part of a day counting up all the votes and there are
more than one 'shocker' this time around.
Please remember that you all had a vote and a giant thank you
to the masses that used it.
The CoD Realms awards were a blast to work on last year, and
the fun of seeing the final results were back this year.
If you get the chance, take the time to thank Shingo who took
a lot of his time collecting and counting your votes.

I want to take a moment to thank all the fans and critics of
the CoD. All the attention we get is nice, and shows you all
really do care in some form or another. I'd continue on with
praise for you, but 'Malcolm and Eddie' is coming on... er.

Kuah Cha'Din.

CoD Realms Awards By: Shingo

The results are in. Your votes are counted. The masses breathe
a deep syncronized breath and the drum-roll starts.

The results were taken from voting forms mud-mailed to Shingo
who had the honor of counting and keeping secret the results.
Each catagory will be listed with the top three voted for.
Thanks again to all of you who voted! And now...

Best Male Immortal!
1st: Kali 2nd: Blodkai 3rd: Edmond, Stoneheft, Nivek

Best Female Immortal!
1st: Cersei 2nd: Moonbeam, Iliana 3rd: Kyrnia

Best Male Mortal!
1st: Greetmir 2nd: Kuah 3rd: MASSIVE TIE

Best Female Mortal!
1st: Skaphia 2nd: Loril 3rd: MASSIVE TIE

Best Male Roleplayer!
1st: Khare, Eric 2nd: Kuah 3rd: MASSIVE TIE

Best Female Roleplayer!
1st: Nimue 2nd: Graelynia 3rd: Goomra

Best Rename!
1st: Lust for Revenge Glynmir 2nd: Wrath of PMS Cresis
Tattered Wings of a Fallen Angel Skaphia
3rd: Shaft of Tyranny Tyran

Best Couple!
1st: Vaile and Llaura 2nd: Moonbeam and Kali
3rd: Kuah and Skaphia, Taliesin and Greetmir

Best Area!
1st: Knights of the Round 2nd: Tower of Despair
3rd: Dunhill Demesnes

Best Quest Mobile!
1st: Gorog's Watchdog Gorog 2nd: Misery Gorog
3rd: Coco the Cabana Boy Julie, Auctioneer Lascivias,
Drognan Adonia, BLARG! Unknown

Best Mobile!
1st: Merlin 2nd: Lord Seth 3rd: Black Monk

Best (Worst?) Death Trap!
1st: Spiked Pit Blasted Lands 2nd: Toilet Shadowport
3rd: House of Pancakes Wyvern's Tower, Well Dragon's Tower

Best Guild!
1st: Guild of Druids 2nd: Guild of Rangers
3rd: Guild of Thieves, Guild of Warriors, Guild of Paladins

Best Order!
1st: Maidenstone 2nd: Inconnu, Ascendere
3rd: Dragonslayer

Best Clan!
1st: Daemonite 2nd: Phoenix 3rd: Merida

Best Weapon!
1st: Darkfire Morph 2nd: Oblivion
3rd: New Excalibur, Dragon Claw of Legend

Best Piece of Armour!
1st: Sun, Moon, Stars 2nd: Demonic Influence
3rd: Goroggles, Breastplate of the Ravager

Best Biography!
1st: Hoerkin 2nd: Gultar 3rd: Laanmyki

Oughtta Be Destroyed!
1st: Goomra, VaCh 2nd: Kestal, Flumple

Court Jester! (Most funny)
1st: Shargate 2nd: Kali 3rd: Cresis, Bassam

Best Name
1st: Flumple 2nd: Thrasher, Silhouette

Best Food!
1st: burned Cadbury chocolate bar 2nd: magic mushrooms
3rs: a bowl of warm stew

Best Drink
1st: vodka martini 2nd: shot of tequila
3rd: pint of Guinness Ale, kool-aid

Best Social
1st: Fluttersnuggle (old) 2nd: bounce 3rd: twiddle

Thanks to all if you who took the time to vote and CONGRATS! to
the winners!

Prophecy Place By: Naithalia

.-.   .-.
(_ \ / _) Aries...
     |     Otters become sensual gods in your eyes.
     |     Be careful when acting on your impulses.

                                     .      .
Taurus...                              '.___.'
I have one word for you this month:   .'   `.
antidisestablishmententarianism.     :        :
                                    :        :

   | |  Gemini...
   | |  Rats make kick butt pets. Get yourself
  _|_|_ a rat. A white one.
'     '

Cancer...                                     / _  `.
Everything will seem to go well this month  (_) ( )
until you recall you are named after a      '.     /
horrible disease.                              `--'

   .--.  Leo...
  (    ) Tomorrow morning at ten o'clock, a man
(_)   /  wearing yellow argyle knee socks will run
     (_, you over at the corner of Elm and Pine.
Virgo...                                   ' `:--.--.
Things will be up and down at work today       | | |_
when you become stuck in the elevator.         | | | )
                                               | | |/
___.'  '.___  Libra...
____________  For a change, try using some of your paycheck
               to pay bills.
                                            ' `:--.--.
Scorpio...                                       |  |  |
An unexpected package arrives for you today,     |  |  |
but don't open it--it contains anthrax.           |  |  | ..,
       .':  Sagittarius...
     .'     Ah, Sagittarians. You just take and take and
`..'       take, never thinking, what about my signifigant
.'`.       other's needs? This month, I see you jumping off
            a bridge.

Capricorn...                                         _
Ever heard of a game called follow the leader?        \       /_)
Well, you aren't the leader this month. You probably   \    /`.
aren't the follower either. Don't accept food from      \  /    ;
your in-laws.                                            \/ __.'

.-"-._.-"-._.- Aquarius...
.-"-._.-"-._.- You're so cool, you don't need my advice.

Pisces...                                                  :   :
You will have an uneventful time, except for that super  --:--:--
cool time when you--well, don't want to give it away.      :   :
                                                          .-'   `-.

Quest and Contest By: CoD Staff

Hunt for 'Catch Phrase' continues...
Dria has asked us to grab people and stop them for a moment to
have people ponder what Realms means to them.
The first part of this is to come up with a slogan to represent
The Realms of Despair. Think bulletin or catch-phrase, something
that would have public appeal and grab attention. You can submit
your slogan idea on the public CoD boards or mudmail your entry
to Kuah. Have fun!
Thanks to those of you who already submitted slogans!

Poets Corner By: Sarig

To My Grandfather.

I stare at your picture, So old and faded now
I see the smile on your lips, and the brightness in your eyes
You seemed so old and wise, Like you'd lived a million lives
but no you only lived one, Now that I am older, I realize
you weren't that old, You still had plenty of time left to live
You still needed time to watch, your grandchildren grow up
To help us through the hard times, To share your knowledge with us
To help teach us about life, It wasn't fair we didn't have you there
it wasn't fair that you had to die, Why did you leave us when you knew
you were the one that held this family together. I know you
were always here in spirit and you watch over us, We will all miss you,
and love you, and we hope that you have found peace, and all the pain
has gone away.

Funny Bones By: CoD Staff

NC Fun...
The names have been changed to protect the guil... err, innocent.
The conversation has been edited to be shorter, and funnier.

Iki counciltalks 'The big question is... is he humming 'Stayin'
Alive' yet?'
Minby counciltalks 'you can tell by the way I do my walk I'm a
woman's man, no time to talk'
Moril counciltalks 'Gah! Minby's got it!'
Minby counciltalks 'Moril...I am a child of the 70's'
Moril counciltalks '*comfies Minby*'
Minby counciltalks '<worn on legs> A pair of dragonscale bellbottoms'

Faery counciltalks 'Minby, remove yer helmet?'
Minby counciltalks 'hehe..that's my hair'
Faery counciltalks 'good gawd man. it's a fro!'

Iki counciltalks '<worn around neck> Numerous gawdy gold medallions'
Minby counciltalks '<worn on finger> A mood ring'
Faery counciltalks '<worn on finger> a BIG gold ring (x5)'
Iki counciltalks '<used as light> (Glowing) a strobe light'
Minby counciltalks '<worn on feet> A pair of comfortable platform shoes'

Faery counciltalks '<worn on eyes> big shades'
Moril counciltalks 'Shaft... gods, I'm dyin' here'
Faery counciltalks '"can ya dig it?"'
Minby counciltalks 'I am a mean mother-shut your mouth'
Minby counciltalks '<worn on wrist> A thick gold ID bracelet'
Minby counciltalks '<worn on arms> two glitzy chicks'

Minby counciltalks '<--having a hard time letting go of this 70's
outfit thing'
Faery counciltalks 'Minby is here, mounted on a Big Blue Impala'
Faery counciltalks 'yessss... can we get the lorakeet renamned to a
big blue Impala and have Minby mount it?'

Heftstone counciltalks 'Hey! who's stolen the Huge Afro of Legend?'
Iki counciltalks 'Lorakeet the Impala... <worn around neck>
A pair of fuzzy dice'
Mirgreet counciltalks 'Minby's chest hairs *****BLIND***** you
with a blast of oily glare!'
Minby counciltalks 'can we all go to nc hq and do the hustle?'
Moril counciltalks 'Minby, don't make me make Heftstone hurt you :P'

Minby counciltalks '<worn on cheeks> Big bushy sideburns'
Raltaris counciltalks 'Well I never say anything amusing so i'm
fine cause I won't get in the cry'
***(That's what you think, Ralty! *cackle*)***

Funny Titles

Kaslem is the king of needing uplifts.
Tiki Sneaki: To stop frolicking is futile.
Zerial:I'm the Boss and I have HER permission to say so!
Settra Doomblade is looking for a wife, plz send tells.
Saderax Darkraven - as confused as a baby in a topless bar.
Torinir is made of 100% Colombian coffee.
Rynae Lafayette is this sassy: |----------|
Albert, Fat.
Naithalia, hereafter known as 'that chick'
Aenikath the official gith drunkard.
Ardonnes the King of Somethingorother.
Asuka melts into the sweetest pudding ever... don't eat!

Thank You By: CoD Staff

As always, feedback is welcome.
You can mudmail me (Kuah) or post it up on the CoD public
board located e,s,2up,s,w,s from Darkhaven Square or south
of Quills and Parchments on Market Street.

THANK YOU From the CoD Staff!