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Inside NC; CoE Answers; Alihan: ... all I got; Meet Tiki; Goodbye Lascivias

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#44 . December/January 2000-01
 Mortal staff:
 Alendil, Azrakare, Aylssa, Begaria, Conran, Dein, Goomra,
 Ilsensine, Lorel, Naithalia, Oknelim, Saraphin, Sarig, Shingo
 Immortal staff:
 Cersei, Elisabet and Kyrnia
 Kuah                    Online at:
                          Table of Contents

 Desk of the Editor
 You want the best? You got the best...

 Inside the NC
 We walk the halls of the Newbie Council and learn much!
 Ask the CoE
 Kali takes some time to answer more questions!

 Three years and all I got...
 A submitted editoral!

 Immortal Zoo
 Fear the powers that be... be silly, that is!

 Meet TiKi
 Looki, Tiki Talkie!

 Goodbye Lascivias
 One steps aside. We Salute You!!

 Quest and Contest
 Elisabet's new challenge and a Realms PKill League Update!

 Funny Bones
 You know the drill..

 Public Submitted Works
 Submitted Works and a Message from the Realms Staff!
Desk of the Editor By: Kuah

 What is the good word? Busy. We have been a busy staff this
 time around. This has to be one of the biggest issues and one
 of the best with content in a long time.

 You want Imms? You got it. You want meat from the inside
 workings of the NC? You got it. You want the controversial
 reunion pics that were banned from the Realms home page? Well...
 so do we but no luck yet, anyway.

 Find a quiet place, sit back, and dig into the latest issue of
 the Cry of Despair. Thanks, and enjoy.


 Feedback? Comments? Fan/Hate mail? Submissions? All welcome at
 the CoD Public Boards, located: e,s,2u,s,w,s from Darkhaven
 Square or south of Quills and Parchments on Market Street.
Inside the NC By: Dein


 What have you found to be the biggest advantage of belonging?

 You're with a whole bunch of people who love to do the same
 thing you do. It relieves stress and gives a common purpose.
 Besides, we have more fun sharing stories or venting over
 counciltalk. It is stressful, but having a lot of people who
 know what it's like, sympathize with you and make light of the
 situation is very comforting. We're like a big support group.
 Sometimes I think that NC was created for the people who help
 newbies, not the newbies themselves... There's always going to
 be people who help newbies, regardless if they're on NC or not.
 - Kayah

 It's a fun excuse for my existence...the newbies are usually
 grateful and such, we don't really get perks other than a
 headquarters and mana potions.
 - Lun

 I'm not sure advantage is the absolute right word but the chance
 to help people that are really stuck and seem to be going
 nowhere fast gives a 'warm glow' if ya know what I mean. we've
 all been there and it's nice to be able to make that little
 difference. You can help without being on the council but it's
 magnified to quite a degree when you are on it.
 - Drake

 Hrm... Number one advantage is that Viracocha can't silence me
 - Tiki

 Biggest advantage? Well, besides helping people, and the good
 feeling I get from that, we can always see the amusing antics of
 newbiechat ;-)  Also the friendships you make here.  NC is very
 close knit, it's like a huge family.
 - Aeriel

 Being able to newbieset your lowbies with pre-auth equipment, or
 the real reason is, easier for lowbies to find people that will
 help them out, and it gives me something to do.
 - Korith

 Honestly, its like having a huge database at your disposal, if
 you don't know something someone else will... it's a great place
 to learn while helping people out.
 - Claire

 Advantage... Well, I guess there's lots of advantages.  Like
 commands, and the ability to do things other players can't.
 But I think the biggest advantage is being able to help people
 that need it. I usually find they AV fairly quickly and help me
 with things I can't do, like run big mobs and things. ;) hehe
 That's kind of embarrassing but it's very true. :P
 - Conran


 What drove you personally to join NC?

 When I first joined as Kashee, it was because I liked helping
 newbies and wanted to do more, and thought NC would be the
 perfect way.  When I joined as Kayah, I knew better, and wanted
 back in because of the people that were in NC.
 - Kayah

 I don't really have a single clear reason for that. Just looking
 for the sense of belonging and fellowship, much the same as the
 reason I joined the GoP.
 - Nimby

 Loril made me.
 - Tiki

 It's sort of nice to have a group to fall back on, and a sense
 of community with others that are interested in the same thing
 as I am. I mean, I could just as easily help people without
 being in the council, it's just sort of nice.
 - Lun

 I've always like helping people. I kinda got into the habit of
 that after I AV'd. I sit around recall lots, doing nothin really,
 I AV'd some alts. But when I was online, I had responded to
 levelling guildies really fast and loved it. Plant there, rush so
 many directions, tank the mob, etc. I got in the habit of helping
 levelling guildies equip, and giving them levelling advice. So I
 kinda fell into a helping roll over all. It was the next logical
 step. It was something where i could learn from helping others
 learn. A good way to get involved with the community and see the
 realms outside of the confines of my guild. I've always been
 involved in extra curricular stuff throughout my life, in
 highschool and university. It only seems natural I do it here to
 some degree. It's fun, and it feels good to be giving something
 back and helping others just because your in a position to help.
 - Pheayre

 Kwai made me. =) It's kinda funny actually, Kwai, Nightspawn
 (prolly better known as Blackmane) and I started grouping
 together at level 4.  We av'd together, and we had a thing
 called the Grand Order of the Sacred 911. We went and answered
 help calls on channels. Well, he joined NC, which I'd never even
 HEARD of *this was during Brittney's reign* and told me I HAD to
 join. So I did. Four years later they're gone, I'm here. Miss
 the guys though.
 - Aeriel

 Well it was the influence of other NCers had helping me, and
 other people in GoA helping me as I leveled. So I tried helping
 people as I got near AV and was lucky enough to get in to NC so
 I could do what I enjoy doing. I could help people without
 belonging to a council, but there were some really awesome people
 who I looked up to, Jott, Jonqualyn and Hoerkin, so I just wanted
 to join their fun group. NC is not just about helping people,
 also more of a Newbie Family. Just like a good group of friends
 to whine to, ask for help from, or just chat and joke with. :)
 - Raltaris

 I joined over 4 years ago, after seeing how many of my friends
 were in NC, like Kattia, and Kwai.
 - Korith

 Well, I really didn't wanna start playing realms, my boyfriend
 at the time dragged me on, I liked helping people and was
 seriously bored by the game when I aved. So I found myself on
 channels all of the time, and someone said you should join NC. A
 lot of GoDers were in NC, and they always talked about what a
 big family group it was, they always seemed to have a lot of fun,
 and I was looking for fun. So I applied, and Julie gave me a
 chance, I've loved it ever since.
 - Claire

 Cause there are so many awesome ppl here with the same opinion
 that I would love to know better? (and) because the newbies
 coming in here are the future of what is already the best game in
 the world
 - Greetmir

 When I started off on the realms, I was pretty much lost. I was
 helped by someone, and I was very grateful to them. From there,
 I started helping others, and I felt that joining the NC would
 give me more of an opportunity to show new players how to have
 - Clara


 What's the biggest disadvantage you've found to being on NC?

 Not being able to explode in someone's face when they are totally
 out of touch with how the game works. lol
 - Nimby

 Hmm, from my point of view, because I don't get a great deal of
 time to play with work and real life commitments my other chars
 have been ignored. I don't really get that much time to potter
 and do other things.
 - Drake

 Free time during peek hours, sometimes you log on after a rough
 day at work, and more often than not, find a couple tells
 waiting for you asking for help.
 - Pheayre

 It's harder to keep up my reputation of being evil and mean and
 stuff because people think you have to be nice to be on the NC.
 - Raltaris

 I do not believe that there is a single blessed disadvantage to
 being a part of the Newbie Council if you were honest to
 yourself about your motives to yourself and others about being
 here in the first place.
 - Greetmir

 The biggest disadvantage for me at least is that I'm on a lot
 at night past 2 am est and there aren't many other NCers on at
 that hour, which leaves me running kinda thin with what I'm able
 to do with my online time.
 - Dumaka

 I'd say dealing with players that expect levelling or free
 equipment. It seems that since I've joined the NC, I've gotten
 more of these requests, and they can become annoying at times.
 - Clara

 Getting used to the constant channel spam as well as learning
 how to manage over five conversations at once.
 - Excalon

 Sometimes it's hard to get time to just play. Even when NC:off,
 there's always someone who needs some help and unfortunately,
 some people get rather nasty when you wont do something for them.
 ie level them, get stuff for them, etc
 - Gisselle


 Do you have any memorable moments during all your time on NC?

 There was a cr no one could pinpoint an area too, the newbie
 couldn't do remains, so we only had memory to go by. There were
 about 6 NC'ers on, and we all pooled our resources and
 eliminated spots and finally found the corpse in Dunhill just
 before it went to dust. It felt good to really pull together as
 a team like that and come in like the cavalry at the last moment.
 - Nimby

 Hmmm...I'm sure there are things, but I cant think of any just
 now. Well, I mean, really it's just the everyday stuff. All of
 the other members are such nice people to be around that it's
 just great to talk with them and such. ;)
 - Lun

 Oh lord, over four years: Brittney being balzhured, Kwai taking
 over, Julie joining, then co-heading, then Kwai leaving, Julie
 dying. There have been so many things over the years. Not all of
 them bad, not all good. I think the saddest day on NC was when
 Julie died. She was an excellent leader, and a good friend.
 The funniest moment was when some moron decided to make a
 character named Gonads in pre-auth and let it sit there. Of
 course, every NC online HAD to make a character and go do
 socials at it. I wish I still had that log, I laughed so hard I
 cried. Then Gorog came in. Gorog looks at Gonads. Gonads has left
 the game. We laughed for DAYS.
 *not at Gorog, just at the whole thing*
 - Aeriel

 Hmm, when there was a former guild member Kwai as an imm head of
 NC, and there were eight or nine druid guild members in nc as
 - Korith

 Tough one. Honestly, the most memorable times were when I sat
 with Julie talking about everything and anything, I really miss
 that a lot. Nothing really to do with the newbies there, but
 that's what it is.
 - Dumaka

 This is so hard choosing just one, but I think one of my most
 memorable memories since joining NC was my first CR which was
 for a level five thief in Tree of Life at War, they had
 inadvertently stepped through a portal that was outside DH
 Academy -- which by the way is a big no no -- and since I did
 that CR and helped show him the basics of the game, me and him
 are good friends and I helped him out so gaining a friendship is
 always good =)
 - Excalon

 It's gotta be the day I was inducted, I guess. I mean, that meant
 that the work I'd always been doing was recognized as valuable.
 - Loril


 Where is the hardest CR you've ever had to perform?

 Realms of Worship. Trickiest one was attempting to get 3 newbies
 out of RoW with Divine Retribution wandering and that acid thing
 dripping on them  whenever we got back to their corpses. =)
 - Drake

 I killed a wee one two times at the Asp before I figured out
 that was I was using to invis them wasn't a high enough level.
 And then there was the incident with the narcoleptic paladin,
 he kept falling asleep on me.
 - Tiki

 Aside from Cursed Lands, it's Shimmy and Devil in Tower of
 - Pheayre

 The hardest CR I've ever had to do would have to have been one
 of my own, since I was rather good at dieing. Shimmy was a
 rather hard one, easy to get to but hard to get the person their
 stuff. The other hard one I 'tried' to do was in the BL. I got
 disarmed and it took another six deaths to actually get my
 weapon back, so that took about twenty minutes to achieve.
 I ended up grabbing my weapon and dying, then supping all my
 corpses and voila, got it back :)
 - Raltaris

 Well ... I was doing a CR assist for a low level Mage that found
 his way into The Devil in the Tower of Enlightenment. Death
 gated 53! Guardian Vampires on me and I had to whine on the
 avchat channel for help. The Treves family came to the rescue
 but I lost a Shield of the Ravager on one of my characters.
 - Greetmir

 The hardest one I had was a newbie that had fourteen corpses in
 three different areas, canopy, cursed lands, and in Blasted
 Lands, and he wasnt sure where his corpse with the items was.
 I really think the guy was just screwing with me, because thats
 a little bit of a stretch for corpses, that happens sometimes.
 - Dumaka

 Probably just to Asp. I couldn't get the person to follow me for
 15 minutes and then I spent another half hour trying to get him
 to loot his corpse. That's stuff you can't force them to do,
 just gotta be patient. :)
 - Gisselle

 A group of 6 or 7 newbies dropped in RoW.  A couple had managed
 to flee (gods know how!) a couple rooms forward and back from
 the main group. They  were scattered across 4 rooms and it was
 just me and my GruntyGuy trying to make them all settle down and
 stop panicking. So that we could get them in one or two at a time.
 Of course, that included cr'ing myself at one point.
 - Loril

 Today, when I sent a newbie to Gods Tracker alone? *grin, dont
 add that :P* I'd have to say the four angels, they killed me as
 well. You know those four angels?  How you have the first one,
 then the second, then the third, then the fourth. I can't
 remember their real names but you have to go through them all to
 get to the corpse :P
 - Conran


 If you could tell newbies one thing, and they would all listen,
 what would it be?

 Well I guess it would be to learn to use the help files...
 there's hundreds of them and their questions can always be
 answered quickly and usually fully by them...
 - Claire

 I'd say that having scry, and exploring areas while you're
 levelling is the best thing to do. Remember to bring sanctuary
 and purple potions, and have fun.
 - Clara

 Remember always to carry recall scrolls because in a bind
 they're your best friends. And always remember to look into the
 portal before you enter it and last but not least remember the
 "bump" method mentioned in the academy, it's a big help.
 *Wink Loril*
 - Excalon

 Advice, huh?  Well the best advice I can say is, don't say Help!
 and that's it. I realize that in the thick of battle its easy to
 panic, but how can people help a person if they don't say where
 or how they need the help?
 - Dumaka

 Don't lose patience, levelling can be VERY hard, especially if
 this is first time mudding. But, if in doubt, ask, there will
 always be people happy to help.
 - Aeriel

 Explore, explore, explore.  It's the only way you'll become
 - Gisselle

 Best advice I can give to newbies and lowbies is to always be
 prepared by shopping on Market Street before heading out on an
 adventure. Next to that...  Learn yourself.  Learn what each of
 your spells and skills can do for you and learn to use them in
 different situations. Watch what happens when you do. Then!
 Learn about stats and how equipment can change them. Do those
 things before even thinking of levelling. And while you're doing
 all that, look around you! There is so much to be experienced in
 this huge world. And each experience brings knowledge.
 - Loril

 Get a scry potion, and check out every room before you enter,
 then, consider a mob before you kill it. :)
 - Conran

 Advice for newbies? Be persistent, I once saw a level 9 go it
 with a darkhaven guard.. over 100 corpses later they did it.
 - Raltaris

 Patience. Especially the newbietars. They need to know the value
 of patience.
 - Pheayre

 Thanks to all the NC members who took time out to talk to Dein.
 For more information on the Newbie Council, type: Help NC
Ask the CoE  By: Kuah

 Welcome to another group of questions pooled from the masses.
 What we did was go out at random and ask people, 'If you had
 the chance to ask the CoE a question about gameplay and rules,
 what would you ask?'.  Kali has agreed to take some time out
 every issue to respond to a few of these questions.

 Why are we forced to see spammy 'killer flag' shouts?

 Shout used to be a channel like any other that could be turned
 off.  The spam from killer flags was never a problem because
 the channel could be turned off.  This is more a matter of
 oversight than a matter of intention and will eventually be

 There was some talk of implementing MSP (sound) support on
 Realms, is this still coming?

 MSP is still in the works, but there are so many things that
 we are working on right now (I know, I know, we've been saying
 that for a while but it is true) that it hasn't been
 implemented yet.

 Who do we have to beg to get pasta in this world?!

 Me.  I prefer begging in the form of unmarked non-sequential
 American money.

  Have a game/rule related question you would like to see the
 answer to? Then submit your question to the CoD Public boards
 located south of Quills and Parchments on Market Street or
 in the Town Hall, located e,s,2u,s,w,s from Darkhaven Square.
 Thanks to Kali for taking the time to help us with this!
Three years and all I got...  By: Alihan

 I'm writing this because avchat is becoming the breeding ground
 for whining.

 The basic "RoD is this" has become the norm for starting
 conversations but I say why don't we talk about what we got from

 I can claim that I learned how type by playing RoD too long and
 suffering from a stiff neck. I can also brag that I learn
 economics just watching the Imms torture us with multi-limits.
 Heck I learned the true meaning of supply and demand when I first
 AV'd and found out that I could get 2 Justices for about 400mil
 only to realize that 3 years later 400mil won't even cover half
 of one, and thats assuming the seller accepts cash.

 I learned more about computers making it safer for me to play
 with my Win.ini file while killing time. Once in a while I can
 even find some answers to homework questions on those crazy
 trivia quests that always ends in a handful of people getting
 spammed to death.

 So why complain about not getting that piece of equipment at
 least you can walk off with some other knowledge like I did.

 And if you remember a few years back that massive pwipe that
 some how happened a lot of people lost it but I kept my sanity
 cause I could claim that I actually learned something other
 than what Herne does to those poor otters.

 Thats just my opinion. So if you dont like it well you know
 what you can do.


 Submitted to the CoD
Immortal Zoo!  By: Ilsensine

 Ever wondered what an immortal can do other than use their
 spiffy imm powers?
 Well, I did! I decided we should show the whole world that our
 immortals are not only wizards with their commands... oh no!
 Our immortals have fantastical and amazing abilities that far
 surpass our imaginations! Yes! Ladies, Gentlemen and those of
 indeterminate gender! the time is now! Let the zoo begin...

 The year is.... (well, the year isn't important but it was a
 nice way to begin) Anyways... moving on... disaster has struck!
 *insert comedy drumroll* a crazed Zookeeper (and part time otter
 molester.. *Herne is not alone*) has done a very naughty thing...
 he has captured all the immortals! He has stripped them of their
 powers and thrown them in cages where he makes them perform
 tricks in his traveling zoo! *wooo!*
 (err no! bad! *slap self* megalomania is wrong! :P)

 So what will our immortal heroes do in the face of such
 adversity? Do they quail and quiver? Or do they fight like lions?
 A question is posed... and our answers lie below....

 Crowd: We want tricks! We want spiffy tricks!
 Small Child: Mommy, do they bite?

 Aphrael: I will doooo.. acrobatics! With fire torches!

 Crowd: Oooooh!

 Raltaris: My trick would be to coax beautiful female members
 of the crowd into the cage and then get it locked so they can't
 let any other guys in and I have them all to myself :) If that
 fails, I burp Beethoven in C major!

 Crowd: *cover ears and howl in misery*

 Cersei: I'd just sit there and look adorable until someone
 called the RSPCI. Or until someone took me home... with them :)

 Crowd: Awwwwww! She's soooo cute! I'm taking her home!!

 Selina: My trick is trying to dance or even move in these 5
 inch heels...

 Crowd: Agghhh! Ooooh! *several people faint at the mere
 sight of such feats*

 Korell: hmm... being a druid without his powers I would have
 to resort to doing impressions of trees and hope that nobody in
 the crowd has an axe...

 crowd: He's not doing much, is he? ... That's 'cos he's a
 tree, you fool!

 Adonia: *hmm* juggling kiwifruit.

 Crowd: *gasp* Is that safe?

 Edmond: Juggling other jugglers.

 Crowd: That certainly isn't! Someone could get hurt!
 *subsequent cheering*

 Thorpe: I would sing the zookeeper to sleep. Sing him a
 lullaby and stuff. Then rescue the other imms and cage the
 zookeeper :)

 Crowd: Wooo! He's out hero! Go Thorpe! *cheerleading begins*

 Iliana: Twirling a flaming baton, I used to be pretty good
 at that.. but if we had our lil captive circus in a tent, I'd
 probably burn it down... Been a long time since I did that...

 Crowd: Ooooh! Spectacular! Aiiiieeeeee! the tent is a'fire!
 Man the hosepipes!

 Moonbeam: I'd eat the lion tamer.

 Crowd&: Oi! She just ate my friend Bob, she did!

 Kali: I'd like to be the lion tamer.

 Crowd: Nope! That wasn't Bob! She ate Kali!! *mass hysteria*

 Well... now you know everything! Or maybe nothing at all...
 Anyhoooo! the fun is not done! Oh no Sir! All you need to do now
 is pick your favorite impressive immortal trick from the above
 and if your choice matches that of my panel of top class judges
 you stand to win a share in our top prize of a multicolored
 beanie, a clay plat pot and a rutabaga....

 ...answers on the back of a lifebane to:

 Any references to real persons, either living or dead, are purely
 intentional. This article will not cure warts, yellow fever or
 chronic toe ache.
 Subscriptions are non-fundable
 I didn't do it. It wasn't me.

 *Thanks to the imms who actually did play along
Meet Tiki  By: Shingo

 This is an interview with one the younger Imms around, Tiki.

 Tiki arrives in a glitter of pixiedust.

 Shingo: I'd just like to start by thanking you for taking
 the time out of your busy schedule to do this for the Cry.

 Tiki perches lightly on the edge of a desk, her wings still

 Shingo: Now that your an immortal, how has your life (or
 afterlife) changed?

 Tiki: Well, I'm finding I'm a lot busier, flying about and
 helping people... it's a little different from NC. Being an Imm
 is slightly less spammy. And it's funny having the roles
 reversed on me... I'm suddenly the newbie again.

 Shingo: How do you feel, having become an Immortal at so
 young an age?

 Tiki: I am asked that all the time... I simply have a
 rather old soul. And I think that age means little in the Realm.
 I'd love to be only 100 again.

 Shingo: What was your best memory as a mortal?

 Tiki: My best memory as a mortal? I'd have to say all my
 days in Newbie Council were. They are a great group.

 Shingo: Can you give a specific example?

 Tiki: Well, there was the time we were trying to cr a lad...
 he got impatient with our speed, and decided to send Kali a tell
 asking for help. Unknown to the little one, Kali had just
 announced a pkill, and asked participants to send him a tell.
 We had a heck of a time getting him out of the Arena... and the
 counciltalk was hilarious.

 Shingo: How do you feel about fluttersnuggling?

 Tiki: Fluttersnuggling is broken. And Kali threatens my
 wings when I bring it up to the Imms.

 Shingo: How do you feel with pixies now looking to you for
 support, as you did looking to Elisabet and Moonbeam?

 Tiki: The pixies treat me the same as they always did. They
 fluttersnuggle and frolick me all the time. It's the other
 races that respect me a little more now. And Elisabet has been
 just sweet to me, helping me along the way.

 Shingo: Are there yet times you wish you could return to
 being a mortal?

 Tiki: There are times that I wish I could be a little less
 conspicuous... I can't be mischievous like I once could be. I
 miss being able to help the newbies like I once could... and I
 miss NC. But I can help in other ways now.

 Shingo: As you rise up in the immortal ranks, what can we
 expect to see from you?

 Tiki: Free sugar for everyone!! Well, I am interested in
 creating new worlds for the Realm... so we'll have to see if I
 have any talent at it, I guess.

 Shingo: Any advice for struggling people out there?

 Tiki: Yes... spend more time helping others, and your own
 problems will seem smaller. Some days all you can see is the bad,
 but if you look, there are many roses among the thorns. And
 remember that even on days everyone seems like an ogre, there's
 a little pixie in all of us.

 Shingo: How much sugar is needed to put a pixie "over the
 top", or IS there a limit?

 Tiki: I haven't found it... yet.
 Tiki drinks sugared water from a blue jar.

 Tiki eats a moist brownie in several little bites, and winces
 when it is gone.
 Tiki: But I'm working on it.

 Tiki bounces around.

 Shingo: Finally, do you have something else you'd like
 to add?

 Tiki: I'd just like to thank everyone that is treating me
 just like anyone else... which is what I want. I'm still just
 a wee pixie.

 Shingo: Well, thank you, once again, for your time.

 Tiki: Thank you.

 Tiki flits away, her wings a rainbow blur... and your pockets
 seeming a little lighter.
Goodbye Lascivias  By: Lorel

 I'm writting this in a little bit of shock right now. I logged
 on today to notice, in horror, that one of my favorite immortals
 had left.

 By this time everyone should know who i'm talking about,
 Lascivias. Since I started playing Realms, about 2 and a half
 years ago, Lascivias has always been here.

 I would like ot think of her as some kind of constant which, I
 had hoped, would never leave. As time went on we all got a
 chance to witness Lascivias in our own unique way. Some got in
 trouble and some got hugged (as shocking as it may seem).

 In all honesty Lascivias has worked amazingly hard running
 quests and just being around. I can never forget the time, when
 a good friend of mine, got slayed over and over again, for
 telling Lascivias to get some coffee.

 It's perks like that, that will keep Lascivias' days as an
 Immortal in my mind for countless days to come.

 I would also like to take this oppertunity, on behalf of
 everyone on Realms of Despair to thanks Lascivias for her hard
 work and contributions that have helped Realms grow into the
 best MUD around.

 We wish you all the best as you enter the mortal world, and hope
 the transition will be a smooth one.

 I too would like to thank Lasc and let her know there is
 another who will miss her. Anytime I needed something or made
 a request, she was there to help. The staff is less now that
 she is not there to provide. See you in Darkhaven.
Quest and Contest  By: Elisabet and Tical

 *** Creature Creation ***

 If you could create a super creature to cause havoc what would
 it be called and what would it look like?

 In 25 or words or less, please give the name, description and
 any VITAL statistics/actions of your super creature.

 Submissions MUST be mudmail to Elisabet no later than
 Wednesday, December 20 at midnight.  Submissions over the word
 limit will not be judged.

 Submissions will be judged by a panel, and the top submission
 will be posted in the next cry of Despair.

 If you have any questions, please ask, don't assume.

 Realms PKill League

 The Realms Pkill 1v1 League has been reset. Here are some of
 the new rules.

 Avatar's ONLY      No attack scrolls. (Ie. Poison, Lethargy, etc.)
 No disarming.      No DR Cap.
 No looting.        200 single heals.
 No breath attacks. No poison weapons.

 No trash talking before, during or after a match.
 Do NOT harrass other Immortals to host your match.
 Do NOT drop or give empty containers to other players.
 There is a 30 minute match time limit, once hit the
 match is a tie.

 Rules and more information can be found online at:

Funny Bones  By: CoD Staff


 Sarig: I rubbed my little soldier on you, *wink*
 Sarig: it was my little merman soldier :(
 Shingo: Call it what you will, Sarig. And that's guts admitting
 it's little ;)

 Thargron guildtalks 'fighting in spectrum is better than
 therapy... "You parry Life's attack." "Your spurn jolts
 Innocence". "Love jolts you!"'

 Dyrgil tells you 'I always feel so much less a man, when the
 screen says, "your vampiric potence slowly withers away.'

 Funny Titles

 Vanzank is affectionately known as Mother Theresa.
 Nitsuj is affectionately known as Bob Vu.
 Thargron Lorax hangs mistletoe from his back belt loop.
 Grakken.      ///\       .
 Jeseliri.    ////\\      .
 Hapanoli.   ////\\\\     .
 Enja.      ////__\\\\    .
 Magiua.   ////////\\\\   .
 Grannel.  \\\\\\\\\\\/   .
 Vashan Get a straw because YOU SUCK!
 Quokimokilok Deity of Sillynames.
 Grakken.       (\__/)      .
 Jeseliri.      /@__@\      .
 Hapanoli.     ( (oo) )     .
 Enja.          `----' @    .
 Magiua.       //    \\)    .
 Grannel.      WW`---WW     .
 Vanzank is Reigning Queen of Piglets!.
Public Submitted Works  By: Public Submissions

 Submitted by: Radnor

  "I have walked the paths; the shadowed roads
 that led to Terror's breast. I have plumbed the depths of
   Hatred's womb and scaled Destruction's crest.

   For every secret left unveiled, for every power learned,
  I'd sell the remnants of my soul, regardless how it burned.
 And still I sought a higher wisdom few could have attained.
 'Though I found it, it would leave me - broke, damned and drained.

   For now I find this power gained is more unto a curse.
  My spirit burns with every spell and each irreverent verse.
 Despite this strength and knowledge earned, I have paid a heavy toll,
   Never should've traded power for my own immortal soul."


            /+\             -----------------
             -              SEASONS GREETINGS
           i---             -----------------
         i----o--         ----------------------
         --*------i       FROM THE REALMS STAFF!
       i---o---*---       ----------------------
     i---*----o--:)--      ___________________
     --()-------*-----i    |__|____|____|____|
   i-----o-----()------    |____|____|____|__|
   --------*------o-----i  |__|     /     |__|
 i-----o--------*--------  |__|    \\\    |__|
 ----*-----()------------i |__|   /////   |__|
-----o------|||----0------ |__|  \\\\\\   |__|