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Interview: Grishnakh; CoE Answers: Kali; Racin: Tribute to Linda




Mortal Staff:
Alendil, Azrakare, Aylssa, Begaria, Conran, Dein, Goomra, Lorel,
Naithalia, Oknelim, Saraphin, Sarig, Shingo
Immortal Staff:
Cersei, Elisabet and Kyrnia
Table of Contents

Desk of the Editor
A letter is answered, and more insight into issue 43!

In the Spotlight
Grishnakh takes center stage in our new 'get to know' feature!

Ask the CoE
Kali takes some time to answer the questions you have!

A Tribute to Linda
Racin submits to us a tribute to a long time leader and friend.

Quest and Contest
News and Information on Quests

Funny Bones
Does the fun ever start?!

Public Submitted Works
Submitted to the staff of the CoD for Publication.

Contact Information

Desk of the Editor By: Kuah

What is the good word? Feedback! No megalomania from me this
issue, lets talk awards and hit the mailbag:

I feel the Awards would have been conducted better as a poll.
I do not dispute the results, what happened has happened. I feel
a more widespread picture of "Who's who in RoD" would be found
through polling. If you come up with the same results then maybe
I was wrong. I think the awards were neat but very, very
predictable. Thank you for putting it together, I still enjoyed
reading them.

Dekkath Darkraven, Lizard King

I agree. By no means should the results of the awards thing be
considered a true reading of the masses feelings. Everyone had

a vote and only a good handfull used it. Your suggestion of mass
polling for a widespread collection of opinions is a good one,
and will very much be considered for the future. I am glad you
enjoyed reading the results, as did many, and thank you for the
feedback. (I thought of many butterfly ballot jokes here,
but it's been done too many times already...)

have a question for the Staff of the CoD? You can post feedback
on the CoD public board located e,s,2u,s,w,s from DarkHaven
Square, south of Quills and Parchments on Market Street, or
mudmail Kuah. Thank you and enjoy issue 43!

In the Spotlight By: Naithalia

Recently I had the opportunity to talk to Grishnakh, in his
beautiful home in Morgul Vale. I'd like to share some of what I
learned about this strong, proud, but overall cuddly orc.

Grishnakh was brought to the Realms in college by his friend,
who played the character Zaknafein. Pretty soon, Grishnakh was
hooked. At around level 35 he joined a group of players who had
formed an unofficial group called Dragonslayer. Soon, a HQ was
built, and Dragonslayer became one of the first clans.

"That was the Realms first foray into pkill, It was really kind
of chaotic and messy, but it was fun. The first clan war was
Dragonslayer vs. Inconnu."

In January of 1995, Grishnakh was offered either leadership of
Dragonslayer, or immortality. He chose imming.

"I should have stayed a mortal longer, there was so much more I
could have experienced. But I made my choice."

Grishnakh built the area Morgul Vale and served on the Council
of Elders on two instances. He also helped develop the guilds.

"The Realms Guild system was slow to start, so I helped out by
giving it a jumpstart."

In more recent history, Grishnakh is involved with the Neophyte

Council, which he helped found. The Neophyte Council is in
charge of overseeing new immortals, mostly through the mentoring

"I have been... trying to help out new immortals and maybe share
some of my wisdom and experience."

Grishnakh QUICK FACTS:
Favorite Brady hates all Bradys
Number of ex-wives five
Favorite color dark green
Nail polish would be black
Favorite zoo animal the zoo visitors
Morning or evening? evening
Boxers or briefs? boxers

Ask the CoE By: Kuah

Welcome to another new feature we plan on bringing you every
issue. What we did was go out at random and ask people, 'If you
had the chance to ask the CoE a question about gameplay and
rules, what would you ask?'.
Kali has agreed to take some time out every issue to respond to
a few of these questions.

Why no Banks?
The question would be better phrased 'When will we get Banks?'.
There is no real opposition to the addition of banks, we simply
haven't decided on the best means of adding them. At some point
(which is not the same as 'soon' and does not mean repeatedly
asking 'When will we get banks because you said we will?'),
banks will be a likely addition to the Realms.

Why does auction not run 24 hours?
While we may now live in a time of 24 hour shopping channels and
infommercials, Realms is not set in a modern time. I realize we
do not completely conform to rules of realism, but sometimes we
prefer to look at things from a conceptual standpoint instead of
simply one of game mechanics. An auctioneer selling goods at all
hours seems a bit too modern to me.

You can look forward to other changes to auction in the future
though. Perhaps at that point we could address hours, but it
isn't something I would expect to see change.

Will the skill 'detrap' ever have a working function again?
That depends more on our builders than an edict from on high.
If you guys want more traps, then by crackey, we'll let them
know you want more traps in areas! Detrap, and trap items,
work just fine. They simply have never been utilized to their
full capacity.

Have a game/rule related question you would like to see the
answer to? Then submit your question to the CoD Public boards
located south of Quills and Parchments on Market Street or
in the Town Hall, located e,s,2u,s,w,s from Darkhaven Square.
Thanks to Kali for taking the time to help us with this!

A Tribute to Linda By: Submitted by Racin

Many years ago when GoR's Vallenwood Tree was but a seedling
upon a large hill, a young female dwarf aproached full of
She had heard rumours that many great Rangers of this wonderous
Realm resided there, and sought them, to be among those who like
herself, found great joy in solitude and nature.
Linda Silverwolf made her pitch to the guild, and after a few
tests of her abilities, she was welcomed as a sister into ranks
of GoR.
Like the seedling which grew into the mighty Vallenwood, that we
of GoR now call home, that young dwarf grew and matured. Linda,
having proved her worth was elected into a leadership role
within the guild.
Linda weathered many storms during her time as a leader, and
rose to the rank of Guildmaster. Both the Vallenwood and this
mysterious dwarf, seen many a ranger come and go from the ranks
of the guild.

Then one day, a young elf also sought out those Rangers of lore.
Having passed the tests of entrance, yet still a lowly Pledge,
I, Racin Atal was caught in a most unpleasant trap below the
ocean near the home of King Neptune. When the feared Guildmaster
arrived to lead me and my wounded companions to the safety of
dry land.
Many years later, having watched Linda lead the rangers of the
guild, I too joined the ranks of leadership. Once again Linda
was there to teach and guide me through those first few months.
Among the greatest things taught to me by Linda, is that All
Leaders Must Lead by Example. This means you do not Swear after
using a mages QSpike scrolls, killing yourself by misreading
them. But, GoR's Linda would never do such a thing, for she was
always the first to reprimand a guild member for foul language.
Linda, you have been a Great Teacher/Leader and friend to many

of the Rangers who have wondered these Realms over the past 3
years. Many have moved on to Orders, or have departed these
Realms entirely, but you have touched us all for the better.
I can only hope to be half the Leader that you were, for so
long. Remember that the Vallenwood Tree, that you nutured and
helped to grow, will always be your home Linda Silverwolf.

With Thanks for Many Great Years of Service to GoR

Racin Atal, Guildmaster, Guild of Rangers

Quest and Contest By: Elisabet and the CoD Staff

.                                              .
.                                  .       .    .
. Winter Olympics...               _\/   \/_    .
.                                   _\/\/_      .
. Get ready for the winter     _\_\_\/\/_/_/_ .
. games... scheduled            / /_/\/\_\ \  .
. events include a puzzle          _/\/\_      .
. quest, Noah's Ark,                /\   /\     .
. and the ever popular cooking.   '      '     .
.                                              .
. JANUARY 2001...                              .
.                                              .

Funny Bones! By: CoD Staff


Darkur newbiechats 'Why, when I was level 1, we didn't have a
pre-auth area. We fought our way as amoeba out of the primordial
ooze and if we couldn't make it on land, we died.'

Traffic Stop

Fennpoxah openly traffics: sexy old Obsidian boots for trade,
Impress the ladies....impress your friends...make them drool
before you...

Sian openly traffics: buy my female av chars, why impress the
ladies when you can own em!

Alice?! (compressed)

Elisabet musics 'who let the dogs out?!?'
Tical musics 'Woof Woof Woof'

Naithalia musics 'I used to have a pet rat named Alice'
Elisabet musics 'it was naith's rat!!'

Elisabet musics 'who let the dogs out?'
Tical musics 'Alice Alice Alice'

Did you have a costume this halloween? Here is a list of most of
the strange names running around on Thorics' Birthday!

Grover, Cheech, Kangaroo, Tinkywinky, Rabidcamel, Gouger,
Yapper, Spectrette, Bubbles, Lollipop, Batman, Batgirl,
Wench, Statname, Spectre, Vanilla, Shag, Ninjaette,
Candyman, Moocow, Kittycat, Ghost, FoxyBrown, Insanity,
SnowWhite, Romeo, Mmmbop, Stinky, Frog, Cuddlyevil,
Mooshoo, Elmo, Bob, Mouth, DonJuan, MrFish, Beeeeer,
TheComedian, LittleJojo, TheDrunk, Pinky, Chica, Spam,
Monster, Bunny, TheDealer

Everyone sees the note from the editor at the beginning of the
Cry. But do many people know what is actually underneath the
hard outer shell of this half-troll and what drives him on to
continue his work? Well a few of us were priveledged to be given
an insight into his inner soul one night when he decided to
express himself.

Kuah: pi-kuah-chu!

Kuah musics 'tinky-winky, dipsy, laa-laa, po... teletubbies,
teletubbies, say hello!'

Kuah musics 'I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was, To
catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause! I will
travel across the land, searching far and wide, These Pokmon to
understand, the power that's inside! Pokemon!'

Anagrams By: Mikado

Thoric -> I Torch
Blodkai -> Bad Loki (Somebody behind ToL changes?)
Altrag -> Lag Rat
Dria -> Raid
Moonbeam -> Mean Boom
Edmond -> Odd Men
Grishnakh -> Harsh King
Hoerkin -> Hero Kin (That was tough to rearange..)

Just a few anagrams, the ones for the rest of the imms are
either inappropriate ;) or just aren't funny.
(Not that all of these are.)

Still going...

Stillame openly traffics: Any runs happening?

Saracon openly traffics: yes, but you are too lame for it

Stillame openly traffics: Grrr...Is there a way to get your
name changed?

Avchat Equipment

Phacia: Object 'Cersei's rubber ducky of DOOM!' is a weapon,
with wear location: wield
Phacia: Special properties: glow hum anti-neutral anti-evil
anti-mortal Its weight is 2, value is 5,43*10^6, and level is 2.

Phacia: Affects cuteness by 600.

Tical: Only 600?
Phacia: she also has other EQ 8)


Saderax Darkraven - Might possibly be indecisive... Maybe.
Zim ple Zimon.

Stoneheft New goo. Blue goo. Gooey. Gooey. Blue goo. New goo.
Gluey. Gluey. Gooey goo for chewy chewing! That's what that
Goo-Goose is doing. Do you choose to chew, goo, too, sir? If
sir, you, sir, choose to chew, sir, with the Goo-Goose, chew sir.

Hoerkin StarProfit can't blab such blibber blubber. His tongue
isn't made of rubber.

Tical: Please, sir. I don't like this trick, sir. My tongue
isn't quick or slick, sir.

Tiki: Who sews crow's clothes? Sue sews crow's clothes. Slow Joe
Crow sews whose clothes? Sue's clothes.

Selina: New socks. Two socks. Whose socks? Sue's socks. Who sews
whose socks? Sue sews Sue's socks. Who sees who sew whose new
socks sir?.

Ceirana: When beetles battle beetles in a puddle paddle battle
and the beetle battle puddle is a puddle in a bottle...they call
this a tweetle beetle bottle puddle paddle battle muddle..

Elisabet: Through three cheese trees three free fleas flew. While
these fleas flew, freezy breeze blew. Freezy breeze made those
three trees freeze.

Grishnakh refuses to conform.

Public Submitted Works By: Publicly Submitted

A winning poem written by:Ilsensine

The Legend of the Cyclic Force

It began with the noises
So gentle at first
Queer soft moaning voices
That muttered with thirst

The voices grew stronger
Began to take shape
Reflections of dead-men
With talons a' scrape

He called them all to him
With gesture and power
An army of terror
For the witching hour

The ghosts they decended
At the dark one's command
On the home of the druids
Nature's palace so grand

The battle was fearsome
The druids they fell
Deep red ran the branches
From the legion of hell

Just when all seemed lost
There came a bright glow
Our tree it was shining
On the faces below

A young druidess
First felt the tree's light
She climbed through the leaves
Away from the night

At the crown of the tree:
The heart of the oak
She gasped as she saw it
And gaped as it spoke

'I am dying my little one
And all will here
Unless the words are spoken
Which the dead most fear

Though you are young
Your heart is most true
The price is paid
I give my life to you'

Thence from the girls lips
Came forth the great spell
To send the undying
Back to their hell

The tree began to heave
The branches to shake
The ghosts they fell like feathers
The great oak trunk did break

Come morning and sunrise
The grand oak was gone
The lost they were counted
But missing was one

They searched low and high
In every which place
Of Aluniel the smallest
There was not a trace

Our legend may be sad
But please do not fear
For it does not end yet
So stifle a tear

The druids walked back
And a sight met their eyes
Jaws they dropped open
In astonished surprise

For the ground had broke open
And shown the first leaves
A tiny oak sapling:
Aluniel, greatest of trees

Thank You By: CoD Staff

As always, feedback is welcome.
You can mudmail me (Kuah) or post it up on the CoD public
board located e,s,2up,s,w,s from Darkhaven Square or south
of Quills and Parchments on Market Street.

We can be found online at:

THANK YOU From the CoD Staff!