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Interview: Thalasian; CoE Answers (and a sneak peek); Roleplay: emotes

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#49 . June 2001
 mortal staff:
 alendil, aylssa, begaria, conran, dein, goomra, ilsensine, indalecio,
 jaryl, khaimran lorel, maray, naithalia, noplex, oknelim, saraphin,
 sarig, shingo
 immortal staff:
 elisabet(sponsor) tical(finance)
               The Cry of Despair . Table of Contents
Desk of the Editor
nearing fifty issues and still no signs stopping

FEATURE! New Imm on the Block
a chat with the newest immortal, thalasian

Ask the CoE
the ever awesome kali steps back behind the quill to answer your
questions, and provides a sweet little peek at things to come

hark! working with emotes

Quest and Contest
echo contest winners and a challenge from Thorpe!

Funny Bones
and they say half-trolls have no sense of humor

Submitted Works
poems and submissions from the masses

              The Cry of Despair .Desk of the Editor

 What is the good word? I want to thank the staff for putting together
 what I consider to be the best issue of the CoD to date. Many of you
 may not realize the work the staff and myself put into this little
 monster that you are reading. While fun for what it is and for the
 good things it brings it still takes a rare breed to hold a hobby
 inside a hobby. So thanks to them, the staff and another thanks to
 Elisabet, who has been more than wonderful in her help and aid to this
 paper and its staff. The hard work is shown in these pages.
 Thanks for reading and enjoy.


 feedback? comments? fan/hate mail? submissions? all welcome at the
 CoD public boards, located: e,s,2u,s,w,s from darkhaven square or
 south of quills and parchments on market street.

             The Cry of Despair .New Imm on the Block
written by: Khaimran

 As we all know, Thalasian Cowlasian Nightblade recently ascended to
 immortalhood. Khaimran caught up with him the day after he immed, and
 asked him a few questions.

 (Khaimran) First off, thanks for sparing the time for this
 interview I know you must be quite busy.
 (Thalasian) Not a problem.

 So, how long have you been playing Realms in total?
 Two years =)

 Have things changed a lot since you first started?
 Without a doubt. I just remember how things had progressed, I mean
 back when I first started, Seth was abundant, the rich were getting
 richer, and plevellers were always staking. Now, Seth is harder to
 aquire, the rich are taking risks with their Seth at Ravenhill, and
 older methods of pleveling are history.

 So what are your best memories of realms so far?
 I'll start from two years ago, When I aided a stunned drow vamp; Trag.
 He and I became the closest of friends without a doubt, he of course
 moved on faster than myself, but to this day we are great friends.
 Next would be the Guild of Mages. The only organization I ever belonged
 to, I remember our Zyla first Lord X run. And the first
 Justice and Zeus runs I led... 20+ chars, of course multing was a very
 bad thing. And then came my nomination into leadership, and my year in
 those leader ranks.. So many memories.. The best memories of GoM are
 definitely the friends I made. Through thick and thin they helped me
 through lots of issues, and I will always love them all for it.

 So how's imming been so far? I know its not exactly been a long time.
 You get to see things from a whole new perspective.

 Do you find that people treat you differently?
 Do people treat me differently? I haven't noticed any major change.

 Hmm. But how does it feel to be the only bovine imm? How are the
 humanoid imms treating you? And Grishnakh too.
 I haven't been thrown on the bbq yet, so I think I'm doing ok being
 the only cow type imm thus far =)  Of course Lenslakin is the silent

 *peers in the general direction of Lenslakin* Have you been branded
 *shakes his head*

 So what prompted you to imm? Other than proving that cows can be
 big too.
 I had done everything as a mortal that I had intended to. I renamed
 my seth set for RP purposes, I developed my character to the point
 where even I was getting bored of him. I became GM, re-wrote the
 entire GoM area. Not alone mind you, always needed some help for
 ideas and such =)

 So what do you hope to achieve as an immortal?
 I hope to become a greater part of what I call home, this is the first
 step, though there are still many steps to travel upon. Specifically...
 Quests, definitely quests. Building I hope to do in time, I'm taking
 things slowly, I don't want to fall too deep. This way I can grasp
 concepts at a steady pace. I'd like to join an order at some point,
 but at this time I'm not sure which one.

 So if there's one thing you'll miss about being a mortal, what is it?
 Well, there are mainly two things. Firstly, roleplaying at the visions
 as often as I did. And sitting at recall, and having those recall
 parties with GoM every so often =)

 What's the best thing about Realms, in your opinion, or what makes it
 so good?
 The people. Everyone that plays this game is helpful in a million ways,
 especially those that are experienced. Yes, people have their own
 circle or clique, but with experience comes understanding that newer
 players need experience. And with that, the newer players are
 intergrated into the circle. And of course, by people, that includes
 the immortal community. But they were mortals at one point as well,
 so everything is in a constant cycle.

 Lastly, is there anything you have to say to the readers? A message
 for Realms?
 Everyone has potential, one may not see it as a newbie but the light
 will shine. Never silence your opinion unless it will cause extreme
 chaos, if you don't express yourself, then no one will ever know how
 you truly feel about current situations. A coward is someone who
 doesn't do what they know is right. I too was once a coward.

 Thanks again for your time. Good luck with imming, and keep on mooing.
 *looks at Khaimran, and says, "Moooooooo"*

               The Cry of Despair .Ask the CoE
written by: Kali

 Several classes (warrior, thief, mage and vampire) all have avatar
 mobs that are more or less specifically run by those classes only.
 While clerics are alwyas useful for many avatar mobs, and druids
 along those same lines due to healing power, and in the case of
 druids, being capable hitters as well. Will there be anything done
 in the future to make the Augerer and Nephandi classes into more than
 show case classes? Such as specifically designing an avatar mob with
 those classes in mind?

 I would say that anything along those lines would have to occur after
 the changes to each of these classes.  After the class upgrades have
 had some 'time in the field', perhaps they will find that there are
 mobs suited to their new abilities.  I don't want to delve too far
 into how these changes will affect the classes because, well, there's
 nothing like a good mystery.

 How far along (1 being miles and 10 being inches) are we till
 'the port'? And can we have a crumb or hint of something to come?
 How will the deadly half of the game be affected by the port?

 How far?  I'd say we're around 8, maybe 8.5 on a scale of 10. And if
 you want a crumb, I'll put that at the end of the article.
 None of the changes with the upcoming port will immediately affect
 deadlies any differently than peacefuls.  That is,  the changes that
 occur will be across the board and aren't targetted specifically at

 Is all this mob upping and IP checking just going to lead to the end
 of multiplay? And do you think ending multiplay would be a good or
 bad thing for Realms?

 If we upped a mob everytime someone yelled 'this mob has been upped!',
 Darkhaven Guards would be slaughtering avatars.  With the exception
 of the publicly posted mob changes I have put on the Archives, and
 some small tweaks to Seth's Fortress (not even to mob power levels),
 there have been virtually no changes or uppings of any sort for quite
 some time. Answer continued on HELP CRY11

 That being said, I don't think that the multiplay checks on a number
 of mobs spell 'the end of multiplay'.  Generally, it involves
 preventing people from spamming mobs with high end equipment.  No more,
 no less.
 I do think that multiplay prevents us from adding a number of nice
 perks that we have considered for Realms.  Multiplay can become a
 hindrance to proper planning.  Most niceties we add we generally have
 to figure will be multipled by eight for any multiplayer who has a
 nice connection and good scripts.
 However, multiplay has become so embedded into the fabric of Realms
 that I believe it would take a serious conflict or problem for us to
 remove it entirely.
 And to clarify, when I refer to multiplay, I mean operating multiple
 characters online at the same time.  People who own multiple characters,
 yet only play one at a time, is not the issue being addressed.

 How often does the 'idea' file get looked at?

 It is generally reviewed once a month by a member of CoE.  It actually
 tends to be quite amusing (yes, even you Zannolkan).

 And that 'crumb' of things to come...

 Hrm, what to tell, what to tell...

 Nephandis and Paladins will no longer suffer mentalstate penalties if
 they cross to an undesirable alignment.  You can conceivably become a
 paladin who has forsaken good or a Nephandi groping blindly toward the
 light of goodness.

 And all this at no cost, you ask?
 Well, of course there is a cost.  But it isn't so radical as completely
 losing your mind. What is the cost?

 Sorry, only one crumb at a time.

 Have a Realms related question you would like to see Kali answer in
 this article? Post questions on the CoD public boards,
 located: e,s,2u,s,w,s from darkhaven square or south of
 quills and parchments on market street.

                The Cry of Despair .RolePlay
written by: Naithalia

 Ah, emotes.  Possibly one of the most controversal rp topics, in that
 everyone has their own opinion and people with differing opinion may
 find rping together a strain.
 This is my own opinion but I have tried to offer tips that I think
 most people can agree are good ones.  I prefer a less is more
 approach, that is, a simple, eloquent description of what you are
 doing and well thought out dialogue.  Here's a little scene which
 would be right up my alley:

 Girl turns away from the tree, closing her eyes and clenching her
 fist to her chest. "It's not fair."
 Boy says 'Yes, but it's maddeningly entertaining, don't you agree?'
 Boy laughs softly, standing up on his perch and walking to the end of
 the high branch, his cloak billowing out behind him in the breeze.
 Girl snarls and fumbles with her dagger a moment before pointing it
 at the chuckling vampire, the blade quivering as she tries to control
 her fury.
 Girl says 'No. I won't do it. I won't play your game anymore.'

 Simple and complicated as that.  No buffer busters needed, or
 complicated description.  When it comes to description in emotes, I
 believe in using the right word, not the impressive word.
 Now you can say:
 Girl snarls.
 Or you can say:
 Girl curls her lip, revealing her clenched teeth, a low guttural sound
 escaping her throat as her eyes narrow and her brows knit together.

 Which is better?  In some situations, like if Girl had just been
 accused of a crime and everyone was looking at her, the latter would
 be appropriate, to heighten the drama of her reaction.  But most of
 the time I would say the former, for two reasons.  The first is that
 using snarl allows the viewer to use his/her imagination.  Believe it
 or not, some people prefer to paint the picture for themselves
 provided you give them the tools to paint it with.

 The second reason is that too many words to describe every action is
 overkill. It's tedious.

 Think about the great books you have read.  If the author described
 every single action, no matter how meaningless, with unending
 description, not only would it become dull, but when something of
 importance did happen, there would be no contrast.
 Second thing is, I believe putting in what your character is thinking
 is the easy way out.  One of the greatest things about rp is to become
 your character, to make guesses as to what the motives are of the
 others in your scene.  Even if you're a master at seperating ooc and
 ic knowledge, that ooc knowledge is still there.

 When you know only the minimum ooc, you can be open for some truly
 great moments.  I recall once, rping with Menolly, that she began to
 rub her back.  Although I (the player) had no knowledge that Menolly
 was pregnant at the time and didn't know it, I was ic and I knew
 somehow what Naithalia would ask given this situation, and asked it:
 Are you with child?

 Immediately I had a startled tell from Menolly: yes she is, but she
 doesn't know it.  And the scene went on most satisfactorily.
 So to get back to how you can show instead of tell what your character
 is thinking:
 Child looks off into the distance, as if worried about something.
 This would be a level 1 show so to speak.  The viewer can picture
 Child's expression and infer from the surrounding conversation what
 the child is worried about, or if nothing to infer from, the character
 could always ask!
 Child looks off into the distance, chewing her lip, her brow slightly
 wrinkled with worry.
 This is better because you give some more substance to how the viewer
 would deduce Child is worried.


 For more rping information, and a board where (among other things) you
 can contribute your advice to the column, go to:
 The Roleplay Crafts Website

            The Cry of Despair .Quest and Contest
written by: Elisabet and Thorpe

 The ECHO Quest Results:

 The results are in!  This was a tough quest for many of you, but one
 prevailed! Congratulations to Skaphia for getting the most correct
 answers on the match-the-imm-to-the-echo contest! Thanks to everyone
 who played.. you're all winners in my book!


 Hello Questors!

 The GreyBorne Construction Company is now open for business.  Sadly,
 I have little to no experience in the "architectural" side of things.
 That's why I need you help!  I want you guys to create what you would
 deem the perfect home.  Complete with name, description, and possible
 exits (see sample which follows).  Using the ONE room format, you
 need to submit what you would have your "room" look like if you were
 able to have a "room".  Notice I've placed quotation marks around "room".
 The reason for that is that your "room" could be a mansion if you use
 your descriptive abilities.  But please submit the "room/rooms" in the
 "one room" format.  The rules are simple:


1:  Only one entry per person (No Alts in other words)
2:  Entries must be submitted via Mudmail addressed to Thorpe no later
    than June 18th, 2001.  Any entries received after 6/18/01 are
    deemed invalid.
3:  Entries will be judged on originality, use of vocabulary, 
    prowess, and grammar.
4:  Any duplicate entries will be null and void.
5:  No purchase required, odds of winning based on number of entries,
    the mood that I'm in, and the number of beers you buy me at the
    Reunion. (Disregard rule #5 for I am just kidding)
6:  No, the winner will not have his room built for him, but he/she
    will receive an undisclosed prize.


Thorpe's Little Love Shack.
This miserable shack must be held up my pure magic.  For the boards and
timbers which make up the walls and ceiling are rotted beyond repair.
The southern wall appears to be the least damaged. Here, hanging on
rusty nails are the heads of various unfortunate mortals who have crossed
Thorpe in some fashion. The heads stare blindly, with mouth agape and
missing tongues, towards an obscene table which dominates the center of
the room. The table, carved from a single granite boulder, is covered
with an assortment of bones, skulls and other body parts. A rat, perhaps
Thorpe's roommate, rears up on it's hind legs and sniffs the air coming
from your direction. In the silence of the room, you think you hear it's
stomach growl as drops of saliva and blood drip from it's protruding 
 Exits: none

 All entries must be submitted using this format.  Please bear in mind
 that rooms that feature any types of obsenity/vulgar language will be
 automatically disqualified.

            The Cry of Despair .Funny Bones
written by: Maray, Begaria and Naithalia

Grontak: God bless you Thalasian :)
Crystabeth: did he sneeze?
Grontak: What kind of question is that?
Crystabeth: you blessed him
Crystabeth: I assumed he sneezed
Grontak: No, God blessed him
Grontak: I have no idea if he sneezed
Grontak: Why don't you ask him?
Grontak: Would you like his phone number?
Crystabeth: sure
Grontak: 555-Mooo... i'd assume
Crystabeth: are you sure it's not 1-900-moomoo!
Naithalia: it's 1-877-HOTT-moo
Naithalia: but you have to pay 2.97 a minute :(
Grishnakh: major credit cards accepted
Crystabeth: well damn.. I don't have a credit card
Grishnakh: if you are under 18 get your parents permission
Enteris: Does it have to be my credit card?
Naithalia: I was on the phone last night listening to Thal breath heavily
for ten minutes
Crystabeth: should really get a refill on his inhaler though

How do you spell...
Begaria:  AVATAR - Addicted Vantage Automatic Annoying Reject :)
Cuzok: thats avaar
Begaria: oh forgot the t
Gouryella: theres some self confidence
Shelaine:  whats an avaar?:P
Begaria: Addicted Vantage Automatic TALKING Annoying Reject
Begaria: my mistake
Calin:  avatar.  a very annoying thing always reappearing
Ygg:  a very annoying time awaiting repops :)
Gouryella: u win
Calin: nods
Ygg: for lamest acro ?
Gouryella: for one that makes sense at least
Begaria: immortal.  Insensitive Mutilated Mudding Obsoleted Rejects
Tolerated and Lifeless
Cersei: Be nice, you.
Ygg: psst begaria get ready for balzhur :)
Quortan: That deserves to be in someone's bio tho.

Traffic Laughs

Gatersade openly traffics:  For Sale: Shafts(65m)

Asmodeous openly traffics:  how long are the shafts?

Thorpe ordertalks 'Asmo loves getting the shaft;)'


 Aelin de'Livinta: Crouching rabbit hidden donkey.
 Ienna makes Tormaon lick her toes and bring her donuts.
 Sealom chants Hail to the Cow God!.
 Iathos Vancour isn't afk, hes just not all there.
 Lieth with pizza flavour, 100% irresistible.
 Korwynne hands you a bowl of Teriyaki Pixie and rice.
 Tormaon buys donuts from Feranox and chomps on pixie toes.
 Aylssa: As the MUD turns, All My Mudchildren, One Mudlife to Live.
 Khaimran is a hero with a coward's legs :(
 Bassam the Lunatic, Malkavian King of Pudding.
 'Taryl the Super Atomic Warrior Ninja (Just Play Along).'

Imm Room
Begaria: Can I be transfered into an immortal room? :)
Begaria: I hear all of the imm rooms have white padded walls...
Thorpe has transferred you.
If you can't take the heat..get out of the Kitchen
This is hell on earth for women..this is...THE KITCHEN!
Pots and pans fill the room..a large obscene stove sits in
the western corner. It's large oven door agape like an evil
mouth...calling, beckoning every wench to cook in it's depths.
The odor of food is prevelant, yet hidden beneath this
rich odor lies another...the smell of sweat!  For coming
here, slaving over the masters of the will sweat!
Exits: none
Jarelano: Begaria disappears in a cloud of swirling colors.
Begaria: rofl nice place.  The kitchen!  Sweet, I wanna samwich :)
Jarelano guildtalks 'where are you begaria? :P'
You guildtalk 'in a kitchen :)'
Players near you in Playground of the Gods:
| Begaria                               | If you can't take the 
get out of the Kitchen

             The Cry of Despair .Submitted Works
written by: Naithalia, Dein, Dekkath

 The swamp falls slient
 A short-lived civilization
 An underpopulated civilization
 Trampled by time and disinterest.
 Where will the old ones go
 Those used to the old swamp
 And the old ways, now
 Faded grey by time.
 I've found a new home
 Within the arms of an angel
 I will miss my kin
 But new life is ready to begin.
 The world may brighten
 Upon the death of my kind
 But I'm here forever
 My memory will live on.

 Dekkath DarkRaven, Written for the death of his race and the new chapter
 in his long life. May 2001

no title given, Naithalia

eleven forty seven
eyes dart from time to screen to phone
all silent
the air hangs heavy with one word
I breathe it in
and it settles in the depths of me
rising as a nebulous cloud
expanding until all I feel is
and now... what?
I tap the pencil's worn eraser into the mousepad
making a soft thud-plop
watching intently as the indentation creepingly rises
eyes dance from phone to screen to time again
eleven forty eight

Chalk Outlines, Dein

Chalk-drawn lines
cover the ground,
the sound of silence
like a heavy weight
upon our shoulders
where a thousand voices
used to live.
What happened to
the lives
the hope
once overflowing
from hundreds of souls.
Like candles in the rain.
Unable to say
a few words of goodbye
before your life
is stolen.
Unable to know

that your time is up.
What would you do?
What would you say?
Would anything change?
Or would you live you life,
soulless and lacking;
a drone working
simply because you have
no choice.
What happened to those voices?
To the faces we used to see,
the ones that made us
The ones that made us
who we are.
Chalk outlines,
a faint memory of those
you once called close.