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Interviews: Stoneheft and Edmond, Giko: goodbye to Parisul




Mortal Staff:
Alendil, Alerious, Alisia, Aylssa, Apollonia, Azrakare, Barentin,
Begaria, Conran, Dein, DekkatH, Elaria, Elbanon, Goomra, Lorel,
Loril, Naithalia, Nimue, Nitsuj, Odessyus, Saraphin, Sarig, Shamisen,
Shingo, Thalasian
Mortal Editor: Kuah

Immortal Staff:
Elisabet, Lascivias
Immortal Editor: Ayesh

Table of Contents

Desk of the Editor
Letters, Words and Thanks.

Immortal Leaders
Edmond, Stoneheft, Immortal Leaders.

Quest and Contest!
The Raltaris wardrobe winners!

Prophecy Place
This issue... the tarot!

Funny Bones!
Avspam fun, funny titles and... bra talk??

Poets Corner
Cersei held a contest for poets... the winning poems!

Nasil vs Menien
Another tale from the demented mind of Begaria

Group News
A message from the Guild of Nephandi...

Public Submitted Works
From the public CoD board

Desk of the Editor By: Kuah

What is the good word? We cross another milestone with issue number
40. And this issue is one of the best we have put out ever. We have
2 (TWO) interviews that focus on immortal council leaders. The TS
with Edmond and the NC with Stoneheft!

Taking a stand in place of Elisabet and the usual Quest and Contest
section is Raltaris who has kindly submitted his 'best wardrobe'
winners, and in the Poets Corner section, Cersei has given us the
winner of her poetry contest!

As always, if you have a comment, gripe or something you want to
submit to the Cry of Despair, you can reach the CoD public board
in the TownHall (e,s,2u,s,w,s from DH[]) or south of Quills and
Parchments on Market Street. Or you can Mudmail me or Ayesh. As
always, enjoy and thanks!


Immortal Leaders By: Dein and Naithalia
Stoneheft and the NC

Not too long ago I asked Stoneheft if he would be kind enough to help
out with an interview regarding Newbie Council. Thankfully, he did
agree to do it, so this is the first part of a three part interview
series regarding NC. Hopefully, we can shed a little light on one of
the councils that doesn't get much open attention.

When did you first join Newbie Council?

About this time last year, on my 610th birthday. I had always intended
to Join NC. Back in Brittany's days she often asked me to, but I didn't
wanna give up playing the game for myself until I was sure I was done.
I did a lot of help for the NC back in it's early days, and was often
groupped with NCers, to help on CRs and whatnot, back when Clerics first
became so useful. When I finally decided I was done learning
everything, I allowed myself to Avatar and agreed to join...I avatared
at 600.

What made you -want- to join NC?

They keep bringin' in new areas, many came after I was already too high
for them so I had to start new characters to look and be learned by who
it was built for. It sure is easy to level when you know everything you
should know.

You had no real desire to help newbies, but to simply explore?

I was adopted by Grace Gemstone when I was about level 4, way back
before she was the queen of the dwarves... And she seemed to know
everything, I decided I oughtta make sure I knew everything there
was to know...I found that a great knowledge of everything that exists
at the various levels makes it unbelievably easy to do anything, and
helping people has always been my style. Being a Cleric meant that I
could identify everything as I went... And I was not interested in
levelling quickly... I figure this world is gonna exist forever, why
get bored of it before neccessary.

How long ago did you become the head of NC?

It's a heck of a Job... Sarah made me Co-head a couple of months ago
because there's just so much that needs to be done. Unfortunately she
has had to step out of the position, so I got the head position by
default. But I have some of the best people in the world helping me,
Raltaris, Loril etc... So everything will eventually work out.

Is there any way you have seen NC evolve during your time on it?

Hmmmm... I have seen it evolve greatly over the years... But since I've
been on it, for such a short time, the evolution is not extreme... I
have seen a lot of good people do a lot of good work, but it's always
been that way...In the Old days, it used to be mostly Vampires on the
council, and it has now evolved to almost nothing but Clerics, Magi and
Druids...People's ways of helping the newbies has changed a lot too.
It used to be that giving vague hints was all it took for a newbie to
gain the desire to explore further and find new things...

Now if you don't give the lazy morons exact directions they swear at you
in tells. So, yeah... I guess I have seen changes... I think it's
going pretty well evolving as the realms do. I'd like to see it
continue to grow. There are still times of the day where no councillors
are on at all and it'd be nice to have a few on at all times. But it
will, enthusiasm is good and the councillors are doing a good job of
creating a capable bunch outta the current newbies. Hopefully they'll
join us in our efforts when they're ready.

As you've seen it happen in the past, do you think the newbie will grow
more impatient and intolerable in the future?

Yes. I think that if they're not encouraged to be self reliant, they'll
continue to get worse generation to generation... But isn't that what
all old folks say about "Kids these days"? I hope that there's enough
people out there to encourage others to play the mud and explore, that
the gameplay won't be lost.

Do you think a lot of newer players problems could be taken care of if
they just read the guide given to them at the start of the game?

It would certainly help... And if they would just spend some time
reading the helpfiles while they're sleeping up HP and Mana. I'm not
sure that half the avatars have ever typed 'comm' and read the help
files for the commands listed that they didn't yet know... But they
could have done so at level 2 and been capable.

But Again... I'm a cleric... Plenty of time to read 'hlist a' ,
'hlist b', etc. while sleeping up mana before meditate and trance were
discovered. I think that too many people think they have to try to
level quickly. When they become avatars they know nothing but
exploring the un-explored areas has no challenge so they decide they're

I heard something over chat the other day that I found humourous...
"A newbie asked for help, and someone told him to read a certain help
file, and he commented: "Awwwww...I have to read?!?" Do you find this
attitude more and more here with all the graphical games there are?

I hope he was joking... Assuming he was. I think that there will
always be people who prefer this mud to any graphical game out there.
I know I will. I don't need the builders to draw a .gif of what they
think each room looks like. I have read the room descriptions and I
know perfectly well what they look like to me.

Some people may prefer a graphical game, some people may prefer
nintendo, some people may prefer to use the internet to surf the web.
to get away from that RL place. It's not for everyone, but we're not
suffering from a shortage of players. Let those who love it continue
to love it forever.

Has there been any time that is really memorable for you with the

There really isn't any specific time, I think my best time was when I
was inducted the first time, it was really nice to see so many people
happy to have me as a part of their cause. I also enjoy inducting new
councillors, each of those is great.

Is there any really tough thing you've had to do on NC, or any rude
newbie that really stands out?

Really tough thing is when you find someone who really is trying,
keeps getting killed because they are so explorative and so you help
them and get them on their feet pointed in the right direction...
Then they die again, can't get any help and disappear. There are a few
newbies and oldies alike that have been particularly annoying...But
they don't exist anymore so they can pass into forgotten memory.
Usually with the irritating ones, once it's suggested to them that they
actually try, they do and become too busy to remain annoying...
Or they go away.

How exactly does one get into NC?

Right now it is by sponsership only, but there have been times when we
would accept all applications...Once a councillor sponsers someone they
obtain the application from the applicant. The guidelines for writing
the application are laid out on the Newbie Board in Academy. The
Sponserer gives me the application and I post it on the Newbie
Council's Noteboard. During the first two weeks, the councillors do
whatever they can to get an interview in with the sponsered person to
form an opinion for their voting. After the first two weeks, I open
voting on the application and for the next two weeks the councillors
vote whether or not they believe the person ought to be inducted, and
whether or not now is the right time.

After the 2 voting weeks are complete (Or if it's absolutely obvious how
the vote is going to go) The person is either given a mudmail explaining
why now is not the time for them to join (We don't want to ruin the game
for people who aren't finished). Or I induct them.

You've mentioned how being an NC wrecks the game a few times. Why do
you believe that?

A lot is talked about in channels that is neccessary to complete
council tasks at hand. Like where certain keys come from and which
doors are pickable, which ones are bashable etc... It's a lot of fun
for a lot of people to discover it on their own. I bet if we randomly
grabbed 10 avatars outta the who 50 50 list, no more than 2 of them
would be able to tell us where the key to the Doom Mountain Boulder is.

Most people think there isn't one. But for the purpose of a quick CR,
it's neccessary to get councillors from point A to Point B quickly and
make sure that they know what keys to grab along the way.

Is their anything you'd like to tell newbies or lowbies?

Take your time... It'll all be over too soon anyway, enjoy everything,
relax, read everything you can from the helpfiles and room descriptions
to the noteboards and general chatter. This place can be great.

Edmond and TS

What is the main purpose of the symposium?

A medium for mortal suggestions, a way for the mortal community to put
together well thought out, sound proposals and lay them on the tables
of the immortals for review and approval.

How does someone become an at-large representative, and what are the
specifics of that position?

Currently, to become an at-large member you need to be sponsored for
the position. Our at-large members are considered experts at the game,
and we look for people that understand the inner workings of the game.
Responsibility wise, it's no different than a guild/order or clan
representative, they merely have no one to answer to for their "voting".

Conversely, how does one become an organzation representative?

When an organization, whether guild/order/clan, has an opening for
a spot, it is up to that particular organization to set their standards.
We accept their nominations generally without question.

What is your role in The Symposium?

I get two roles, primarily, I guide the other TS immortals with
instructing the mortals on creating sound proposals and delegating the
authority to the senior members for leading a subcommittee. As the TS
Head I get the privilege of being the driving force behind the process
of bringing in mortals to the ranks of immortality.

How does The Symposium decide on an issue?

It typically depends on the issue. For most issues items are discussed
by subcommittees. When a final proposal is ready to be made it is
brought to the TS floor for voting. It is voted and debated on in a
full TS meeting. From there, the TS imms will take the next step in the
proposal process, which is the Visionary Consortium.

What issues are dealt with in The Symposium, and what issues are
definitely not?

We generally will allow discussion of any subject, from code updates,
to spells/skills, areas, new area needs, old area changes. We'll let
anything be discussed amongst the mortals. Though its not uncommon for
the immortals to remain silent on subjects that are already ongoing

What are some ways a non-TS member can bring an idea to the Symposium?

The best two ways are to grab your organizational member if you
belong to one, if you don't - any member will generally be willing
to discuss new ideas. Or you can post your idea to the Tome of
Conception in Town Hall for general public review. TS members check
that and often bring ideas from there to the full TS table.

Next issue this feature will continue with quotes and small interviews
with members of each council. Thanks to Edmond and Stoneheft for taking
the time to sit with us, and thanks to Dein and Naithalia for the

Quest and Contest By: Quest Council

The Raltaris Wardrobe Winners
a crown of jewels, a pair of diamond earrings, a moon shaped amulet,
a pair of long white gloves, Tabard of the Roses, some leather pants,
an iridescent silk tunic, a morris handkerchief, winged sandals,
two glinting rings of silver and a small silver locket.

First, we start off with the body wear. I chose the Tabard of Roses
because it's elegant in style and it shows that you have Lady Kherrian
of Dragon Pass' approval of wearing such a nice tabard.

Next, we have the leather pants, it's not as airy as any other pants,
but it shows your tight physique and how fancy you are to wear such
and expensive fabric. Thirdly, we have the winged sandals. It gives you
quick speed and agility; the ability to fly from distant places.

The people will be impressed with you, knowing that you are wearing
the sandals of the gods. The crown will show that you are respected
within many, ruler to some, showing the Duke that you are a very
commendable person, not only in strength, but in wealth and poverty.

The white gloves, show that you have class, like others that will
attend. You will wear them to show that you are gentlemen like, while
locket you wear around your neck, show that you have a sensitive side,
that you have catched the heart of another, proving to the other guests,
you too, are able of true love. The silver rings, and the diamond
earrings, both show contrast of the common jewelry, to the expensive

It shows others that you have a wide range of thinking, an open mind,
is something hard to find these days. The amulet is to show that you
are Celestial, one with the gods. The handkerchief, also shows a
kindness in your heart, allowing to give a cloth to another, to wipe
their tears when they see how handsome you look, knowing that you are
taken by another...

There you go Raltaris, your nice Wardrobe =)

Second Place: Kuah
a jester's hat, a pair of stilts, bright blue baggy pants,
a Silk shirt, the shades, a girdle of many pouches,
three balls of light , a deck of cards and
an invitation to the 6th Anniversary Reunion

Ralt, from what I know of you, you are a quite the cut-up and funny.
Even a few times we had the same snappy comeback. So I figured you know
better than anyone, the key to a good party, or ball in this case, is
to make people laugh and win them with smiles and gags. Sooo here is the
getup up needed to be the hip, funny, life of the party: Court Jester!
a jesters hat, a given... stilts, I mean come on! a gag is a gag.
bright blue baggy pants, another given, they are baggy!
a deck of playing cards, chicks dig card tricks, and I bet the duke
likes em too. Shades, you're the hip jester, and the future looks
bright! a silk shirt, Pre-treated to help with those laughing spills
of wine and ale, and as silk, it only helps proove you are the life of
the party! a girdle of many pouches, You have to have something to put
the fake dragon poop and other jester comic secrets in...
3 balls of light to juggle and impress with your crafty and super fly
dex skills. and an Invation, cause well obviously they haven't been passed
around enough and hardly anyone knows its coming soon. hah!
Kuah Cha'Din

Third Place: Namsar
a black leather eye patch, a pair of leather gloves, some leather boots
some leather pants, a leather shirt, some leather sleeves and
the Slave Crown

You want to get into the Scene ?
You want to look as Sexy as you can ?
You want all those girls just waiting on you like your a god ?

Well wear the new and improved Sexy BDSM Party gear 2000 !
It comes with the Pants, the Shirt, the sleeves, the Boots,
the Gloves, the Eye patch and the Crown. Be the perfect slave, and
the life of the party all just by buying the Sexy BDSM Party gear 2000 !

* Cost is 999,999,999 coins no refundable or in 12 monthly payments of
only 83,333,334 coins. Credit will not be given, there is no refund Policy,
use at own risk.
Sexy BDSM Party gear 2000 ! Be the Perfect Slave !

Other standout wardrobe ideas...

Kestal got the 'Rocky Horror' Award. Their items are as follows:
a moonstone ring, an emerald ring, a beautiful string of pearls
a bracelet of small diamonds, a veil made of lace, a pair of furry
slippers, a beautiful chemise made from fragile white lace, a luxurious
fur cloak, a black silk belt, a morris handkerchief, and a short, black
leather skirt.

Elbanon got the 'Mixed Bag' Award. Their items are as follows:
a pair of furry slippers, a knotted rope belt, a delightful little rag
doll, a seashell ring, a jester's hat, a tattered plaid cloak
a nightie made of a fine black silk, a pair of black silk boxers
a heart shaped medallion, the Blindfold of Clarity, A white quilt,
a wax candle, an amber earring, A tiny piece of Elbanon's heart,
the Titanic Arm plates of Hercules, kid gloves, an obsidian bracer
and an elemental bracelet

Foamfoller got the 'Funkster' Award. Their items are as follows:
an iridescent silk tunic, some black boots, red silk scarf,
a black silk belt, the Robe of Night, the Blackstone Amulet,
some leather pants, a pair of leather gloves, a ring of sparkling
silver and a jester's hat.

Thanks to Raltaris for submitting these!

Prophecy Place By: Naithalia

Naithalia's Little Prophecy Place
Today's Medium: The Tarot

Ah, the Tarot. The magic of cards has intrigued many. Today I used a
one card spread for each of the races of nations. I selected a card
at random from the Major Arcana and wrote what may be in the future
for the nation and the people.

Pixies: THE STAR
I see much faith deserved in your future, both for the whole nation and
the individuals. You are entering another quiet period in which you can
contemplate the inner life without any goal in mind. Much celebration
is in order. The Star inspires you, recommending generosity to the less
Your minds are dominated by the faults in others - pride, arrogance,
jealousy, greed, emptiness. While these faults make exist in others, your
current perception may be tainted by your own pain. The Devil manipulates
through logic. Only through the creative mediums will you find truth.
Make yourself too busy to be critical.

Greed hinders your genuine desire for spiritual enlightenment. Accept
your nature as a valuable asset in the development of higher mind.
You think much of yourself for your detached criticisms of others, but
it's only revealing your own weakness. Look for the value of law in
your daily life.
Half-ogre: THE FOOL
This nation lacks focus. The actions of The Fool violate convention,
yet The Fool is driven by the creative fire of higher purpose. Avoid
internal confrontation and focus on asserting your position in the Nations.
You have found a place. Enjoy the recognition that comes your way but
avoid smugness. Spend time teaching the youth of your nation the ways
of your kind. You will come to balance, as steady as a stone on its flat
side, but be wary... someone in your ranks considers the path of the traitor.
The Wheel is a circle, and all the changes it makes are both an outgrowth
of what has come before and a presage of what is coming. Take heart, The
Wheel always moves forward. Even in apparent obstruction you will find the
positive, changes that will benefit you. Trust your intuition.

Memory is a powerful tool. The High Priestess suggests that you
meditate on your past in order to understand your current position. In
this this way you maximize the creative potential of the moment.
Sea-elf: THE MOON
Past, present and future unfold before you. The moment turns dark, fear
threatens to paralyze you, but I see you moving forward into the the unknown
landscape with an encouraging but naive bravery. Go softly, treading this
path that is both universal and completely unique to you.
Logic will save you here. The Emperor got to his positition by using
everything at his disposal, and so should you. By keeping an open
mind, a new honor is bestowed. A woman plays key role. Be careful what
you wish for.
You reassess the situation, finding yourself deserted by former allies.
Relationships change drastically. Only you can make sure the change
will be for good. Await an animal with a message.
Dwarf: DEATH
Take up a new direction. Rid yourself of lingering issues. A disappoint-
ment comes, but think carefully. Did you make your desires known? Take
care that your values are mirrored in your actions. Be awake to life's

You are reaping the benefits of a recent introspection. Do not neglect
your role as peacemaker. In this way all will see your strength.

Lizardmen: JUSTICE
You believe you are in control, but I see a hidden being aiding you. Your
awareness of your inner values and urges positions you to accept spiritual
guidance as it comes. A legal difficulty affects you, but not the way you

Halfling: STRENGTH
Strength guides you to your ultimate purpose - child plays key role. Wealth
within grasp. Carefully negotiate, you will need allies in a coming struggle,
and it will pay off to do favors now.

Till next issue...

Funny Bones By: CoD Staff


Flumple: *flumples*

Someone: Hush you

Flumple: Flumple?

Someone: no more flumple
Teltan: dunno when a someone tells you to hush you should hush :P

Nullandvoid: More Flumple! More!

Nullandvoid: Flu..flu..Flumple! Flumpflumpflumple!

Nullandvoid: Nullandvoid!

Nullandvoid: Null! Void! Nullandvoid!

Deleteme: *sniffle*

Someone: Please. Sing your name to me

Deleteme: Deleteme!

Deleteme: No, wait!

Deleteme: ..Flumple..

Deleteme: Deleteme! Deeeelete!

Goomra: Poooor Flumple.

Someone: Flumple was not found.
Goomra: Poooor deleteme.

DekkatH: Ignore flumple No player exists by that name.

Shingo: Someone, is pure genius! I worship the ground you hover over!

Someone: Am I going to end up in the Cry again?
Shingo: if you're vis :P

Kali: Who do you think it is?

From the Merf files...

Navarius tells you 'whatcha doin? :)
You tell Navarius 'mapping a certain maze'
Navarius tells you 'ah, that dern one in daycare, it's a buggar :)'


Darkhaven Shopkeepers...

Annir says 'Darkhaven shopkeepers are protected by the gods!'
Annir says 'Attacking me is a violation of their law!'
Annir utters the words, 'aque bcandusahp'.
Annir's blast of acid _demolishes_ The Black Monk!
The Black Monk is DEAD!!

A peek in at MaidenStone Ordertalk...

Skaphia ordertalks 'I'll go college visiting up there just to meet you'

Naithalia ordertalks 'Ooh, coolies, we can go to the mall)... I love
that place.'

Skaphia ordertalks 'And on the way I can stop and pick up Ily.'

Naithalia ordertalks 'Yeah! We'll knock the stores down!'

Skaphia ordertalks 'Whee!'

Naithalia ordertalks 'We'll have a MaidenStone reunion right there in the
clearance racks of Macy's.'

Nimue ordertalks 'Crazy girls.... : )'

Naithalia ordertalks 'And we could get Nim some pretty bras *wink*'
(long story... and DON'T ASK! heh, Editor)

Skaphia ordertalks 'Oo!'

Naithalia ordertalks 'Leopard print!'
Nimue ordertalks 'Yea Leopard print!'

Naithalia ordertalks 'We'll all get leopard print bras! And we'll make
Dron wear it too!'
Nimue ordertalks 'Yea!'

Skaphia ordertalks 'Who else lives around here *thinks*'

Skaphia ordertalks 'Lyr and Rykena!'
Naithalia ordertalks 'Yeah!'

Skaphia ordertalks 'I could stop over and pick up Taammy too'

Naithalia ordertalks 'We can have T-shirts made, with "MaidenStone" on
the front and "Ask me about my bra" on the back'

Skaphia ordertalks '*cackle* Naith has lost it'
Naithalia ordertalks 'Whee!'

Taammy ordertalks 'oo...that could be fun'

Karko ordertalks 'good morning =)'

Skaphia ordertalks 'Good morning :)'
Taammy ordertalks 'good morning'
Nimue ordertalks 'Maybe I should start making my own bras... then I
could make them pretty!'

Naithalia ordertalks 'Hello, Karko, what kind of bra are you wearing?'

Skaphia ordertalks 'Naith!'
Karko ordertalks 'eek, scary'

Nimue ordertalks 'Is it a pretty bra, or an ugly armor bra like mine?'

Naith ordertalks 'I'm wearing black satin with rose embroidery if
anyonewants to know, but I need more leopard print!'

Karko ordertalks '*hide from naith*'

Nimue ordertalks 'Mine's plain black... but it's ugly!'

Karko ordertalks 'hehe, well anyway, need to catch up on some
homework =) c ya'

Nimue ordertalks 'We scared her away!'
Skaphia ordertalks 'Naith you scared her away'

Naithalia ordertalks 'I was naughty, wasn't I?'

Skaphia ordertalks 'If I come on tomorrow and our player base is 15
or so lower, you know who I'm talking to first.'

Naithalia ordertalks '*hide*'

Funny Titles!

Goomra has been put in the ugly tree.
Brackev the lesser slave of lower slug slime.
Kuni Talier, all the power, half the calories.
Gehn WillowGlade: Most Eligible MudBachelor.
Fianavar the cuddly stuffed ranger
Darshanin Vancour keeper of the Octopusseh!!
Ceirana gives Nivek 12 'hottie' points.
Ceirana had a hoot!
Nivek didn't get to have a hoot, and its Ceirana's fault!
Dria will give Nivek a hoot if he asked for one!
Saraoreo wants to move to Canada for the 5 pin bowling, eh?
Benvolio: Hukt on fonix werkd 4 me!
Fenril da evil twiddler of doom "mooooo"
Sarna WentToTheRennFestAndAllSheGotWasALousySunburn!
Merf is a whole new kind of monkey.
Saryk can't think of a witty title. So just go away!

Poets Corner By: Ilsensine, Naithalia and Dron

My Perfect Circle By: Ilsensine

Flaxen dawn, my spring fairy, birth.
Life in all her pastels like rain,
Turning, changing, growing, eyes opaque as milk,
Pristine she unfolds, new as leaf.

Brazen sun, my summer princess, zenith.
Vigour like a blaze, intense,
Swirling, melting, burning, hair as copper flame,
Sparkle, she bursts, full as brass.

Waning moon, my autumn queen, wilt.
Fade to brown, fallen, crisp,
Blowing, drifting, whispering, voice as paper dolls,
Wither, she cracks, dry as parch.

Darkest black, my winter past, cold.
Smile like lost souls, numb,
Vacant, glazed, frigid, blood as crystal ice,
Inert, she passes through.

Flaxen dawn, my spring fairy, birth...

A World With Vision By: Dron

Suppose everyone, suddenly, had lost their sight,
And to do what, in their eyes, they felt was right,
They'd learn to face the world again,
This time, though, using feeling as they went.

Warring of nations would come to an end,
None really having the better view.
And then all races would naturally blend,
None really caring which color are you.

Could you really say such a world was blind,
All being of such superior minds?
Perhaps then if sight was restored to them,
They'd not really need it, and would use feeling again.

(no title given) By: Naithalia

Swift soft
Swift soft sweetly sing soliloquy
Ivory fingers creep twixt shadows
She rises majestic gleaming
Hush, muted brilliance
Men fear
Mystic magic always
The moon

Nasil vs Menien By: Begaria

One morning, at the base of the great Vallenwood tree, home of the
Guild of Rangers, I was standing around like an idiot, gawking at
nothing when I heard Nasil, who was talking with Jessel, say that he
was a giant nose and proceeded to sneeze all over Jessel. I asked on
our avatar-Talk-Show-channel, that I needed some
volunteers for my next story. Menien piped up and yelled out 'Ooo!
Me!' and told me that he never gets picked on anymore. Nasil, being
the big nose he is, said that he's a nose and he's supposed to be

Nasil proceeded to sneeze all over Menien and laugh at Menien's goo
covered body. Menien grabbed a small tissue and wiped off his whole
body with it (don't ask me how he did it, but he did). Menien took
another tissue and slapped it across Nasil's face yelling out, 'I
challenge you to a duel!'. Nasil sneered at Menien and slapped him
across the face with his giant nose saying, 'I accept'.

Menien took another tissue and wiped his face were some goo got on.
Nasil and Menien made the duel to be at sunset later that day. Nasil
took off for awhile and Menien started to ready himself. He wore
his fabled 'Tissue gauntlets' and placed his legendary armor 'Bounty'
on his body.

He donned a tissue box on his head as his helmet and placed 2 rolls of
toilet paper around his neck as his neck wear. He took up his black
hilted sword called 'Nosewipe' and dual wielded his claw, 'Cleanex'.

Menien looked great. All wrapped up in toilet paper and tissues, he
looked like the legendary hero of Tissues. Menien grinned to himself
and said to me, 'I'm going to wipe that nose off of Nasil's face'.
Menien took off and Nasil came back to ready himself.

He wore his Snot Gaunts and donned his fabled armor 'Goo'.For his neck
wear, he picked his nose and strung around two stringy gooey things
around his neck (hey, that IS pretty gross) and for his head wear he
put a nose ring in his nose.
He took up his sword called 'Snotball' and dual wielded his cleaver
'Stringslicer'. He was as ready as Menien. Menien came back to where
Nasil was and started to gag as he looked Nasil's equipment.

Nasil snickered and the time came around when the sun set and it was

They both took off to the arena and waited their respected times to
drop down to the arena. An immortal who wished to be named anonymous
(since this never would have been told except they asked for it), came
down to meet the two and collect the fee. They both fell down to the
arena and started tracking each other.

This went on for what seemed to be like... oh maybe 2 minutes? They
found each other and the battle went under way. Menien took the first
attack, swiping and making Nasil blow his nose and cleanse that goo out
of there, little did Menien know that Nasil had some left in reserve.
Nasil slashed at Menien with his snotball and covered Menien's legs
with the sticky goo, making Nasil vomit covered by Menien since it was
pretty gross.

Menien quickly cleaned his feet with a tissue and proceeded to
roundhouse Nasil with a tissue covered cleanser. That kick nocked
Nasil's weapon, 'Stringslicer' out of his hand and went flying and
splattered all over the wall. Nasil got mad and sneezed all over
Menien. Menien vomited over Nasil and Nasil took another sneeze at
Menien but dodged the vomit this time.

An immortal who chose to be named Anonymous, let's call him 'Herne'
came down and told the two to stop this nonsense since it's stinking
up the place. Nasil grinned evilly at Menien as did Menien to Nasil.

Nasil then quickly sneezed all over this 'Herne' and in which made
Menien vomit all over this immortal. They quickly went to work, as
this 'Herne' was helpless against these he didn't want
to get anything in his eyes or mouth, since that'd just make him

Nasil and Menien relentlessly sneezed and vomited all over this
'Herne' until the immortal jumped back to wherever he came from.
Nasil shaked hands with Menien and they both went home to have a bath
to get rid of the gunk that covered their bodies. Meanwhile, that
immortal 'Herne' plotted revenge....but that's another story all

Group News By: CoD Staff

The Guild of Nephandi would like to welcome its new members: Mazzic,
Niabox, Melindora, Zeekor, and Gendul. We feel that all of you will
make great additions to the teams.

Also, we'd like to thank all the nephs who have been coming out for
runs lately. Get involved! We're like family and that's what it's
all about. :)

Any of you who haven't tried making a neph or who have a Nephandi
level 20 or higher, come on out and get with it. The Nephandi class
is great, so get your neph to level 20 or higher and apply for the
guild at 4n 3e 2n from Darkhaven Square. We hope to see you soon!

Public Submitted By: Public Submitted

* Golden *                  Come on in! Free Drinks! *
* Lizard *                     Slots, Poker, Blackjack! *
* Casino *                   Wagers from 10k - 5 mil! *

The Realms of Despair's Newest Casino! Friendly Staff!
Fun Games, Fun Times and Free Drinks!

**** We are Located 3w, 1s, 1u from DH [] ****

*Possibility of Lizard Dancers!                          * Golden *
*Everything Logged for Your Safety                   * Lizard *
*Owned and Operated by Dekkath                   * Casino *

Public Submitted By: Public Submitted

Parisul... from Giko LifeBringer

What can i say about him.
He was a good friend of mine.
We met one day while killing throughout Mithril Hall.
Ever since that day we have been friends.
I believe we still are, that all of his friends, still are.
I believe that he is up in heaven reading this note on a brand
new computer. Knowing him he probably doesn't want this to note
to be written, all this stuff over him. He would say he is just
like everyone else, but not everyone else was a friend to me.
The last he was doing was trying to Av his mage, i was along with
him that day for a while, We talked, i eq'd his mage, we ended on
good terms and i thank god for that. He was a great immortal but
an even better friend.
He will be missed, He will be missed.
So long buddy, See ya sometime in the future.
Giko LifeBringer