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Kuah steps down; Your thoughts!

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#50 . July 2001
 mortal staff:
 alendil, aylssa, begaria, cattrina, conran, dein, goomra, ilsensine,
 indalecio, jaryl, khaimran, lorel, maray, naithalia, noplex, oknelim,
 saraphin,  sarig, shingo
 immortal staff:
 elisabet(sponsor) tical(finance)
               The Cry of Despair . Table of Contents
Desk of the Editor
issue 50... my last as editor

FEATURE! Your Voice
Topics include: The Port and pwipes

The Olympics are Coming!

Quest and Contest
Wizlist quest inside...

A submission by Juliana on emotes

TS News
Latest news from the Symposium

Funny Bones
Titles and butt talk

Public Submissions
a drinkers poem

Where to send submissions, ideas, faults and thanks

              The Cry of Despair . Desk of the Editor

 What is the good word? Well another big step for this little paper.
 Fifty issues ago the Cry of Despair started out in a one room office
 no real idea of what direction to take and even debates over its final
 name. Many of the faces have changed and I am all that is left of that
 first original meeting and issue number one, but the goal has always 
 been the same: To have fun as a staff and group, and to bring that
 fun to you in a way that shares our enjoyment of this home away
 from home, Realms of Despair. 

 But I am stepping down as its editor.
 I will always have a strong bond with this paper, its staff and the
 friends and people I have met because of it. I have not lost the 
 desire, and will stay on the staff and help out with anything, but 
 I have done all I can. Format can grow stale without change, and that
 is not what I want to see happen to the CoD. I and am excited to see
 what steps and areas the new editor will take this little thing we
 call the Cry of Despair. It has been awesome. Enjoy number fifty.
 Thanks. =)


                The Cry of Despair .YOUR VOICE!
written by:  Jaryl
 Recently I conducted a public opnion survey to find out what you think
 on some of the major topics in the Realms.  Here are the results!

 What prospect excites you most about the upcoming port?
 That it may revive some of the flagging fortunes in the realms by 
 introducing a much needed change.
 Pelmen, Guild of Rangers
 Oh, most likely the prospect that we'll get some new areas with it,
 or shortly after it.
 Covellia, Leader, Order of Ascendere
 The fact that it's actually getting done...heheheh. That and the new
 Ozbert, Gith Nation Leader

 What prospect excites you most about the upcoming port?
 I'm looking forward to a change in mobs.  Either the upping, changing
 of equip, new mobs to run, etc.
 Zargon, Guild of Rangers
 The player reaction.  I hope that it's as positve and they are as
 excited about it as I am.
 Iliana, Level 56 Immortal

 I guess new areas that I can go explore with my friends is what I'm
 looking forward to most.
 Ardyce, Guild of Rangers
 Any additions to pkill would be nice.
 Xunedrenu, First, Anarchy

 What prospect excites you most about the upcoming port?
 I think there will be some new areas and two new classes. This should
 be interesting.
 Axius, Second, Order of Dragonslayers
 The fact that there may be something there for Druids other than more
 "kick" type abilities.
 Shingo, First, Guild of Druids

 I would say the biggest thing that excites me is the chance to roam
 around the realms like a fresh newbie, to learn what we once knew,
 andto act as any good ranger would, spending hour upon hour
 "Treading where dare tread"
  Racin, Leader, Guild of Rangers
 The prospect of change is what excites me the most. I hope it will
 make us all a stronger family.
 Tiki, Level 54 Immortal

 If there was a pwipe would you still call realms home?
 It would make things interesting.
 Drakk, Guild of Rangers
 Sure. A pwipe can only make things better in this rich/richer 
 poor/poorer world.
 Shingo, First, Guild of Druids
 I put in my time, I'm not starting over.
 Nitsuj, First, Order of Ascendere
 What would I think? I think there would be an uproar. People will
 "loose it"...errr...would loose it.
 Hoerkin, Level 56 Immortal

 I celebrate a pwipe.  You bet.
 Dekkath, Lizardman Nation Leader

 If there was a pwipe would you still call realms home?
 It would be a great reason for me to quit. It would solve the
 problem of having too many players for how many areas real fast.
 Merf, Guild of Rangers
 Yeah. I'm kinda hoping for a pwipe too.
 Pete, Second, Anarchy

 Likely not. I verge on not being on a lot. If I got pwiped I wouldn't 
 try to start again. Well, at least not right away.
 Ozbert, Gith Nation Leader

 What's a pwipe? :p
 Zargon, Resident of LaLa Land

 Probably. All of my friends are here. Of course if all my friends
 reacted the pwipe by leaving, it might be different.
 Covellia, Leader, Order of Ascendere
 A pwipe? I'm against it personally. It's not so much for the equip, or
 the character itself, but it's sentimental. I've been playing this
 character for five years. I still have gifts that friends who no
 longer play have given me, and, text though it may be, it's still
 worth a lot in value of the heart. I'd hate to loose my reminders.
 Aeriel, Level 53 Immortal
 Realms is my home, but it's mostly the people I play together with that  
 that constitute it. I would probably stay, but if all of my friends 
 left,then there wouldn't be anything to stay for.
 Axius, Second, Order of Dragonslayers

 Probably. Pkill would be more balanced. Of course, I would loose stuff.
 Xunedrenu, First, Anarchy
 No. I've worked for six years for what I have now. They pwipe totally, 
 and I won't be back. Avving a character in here since the changes is
 the most severe pain I've encountered online.
 Pelmen, Guild of Rangers
 Realms is the only Mud I've ever called home. With all the people
 I've met here and at the Reunions... wait you are telling me there
 are other Muds out there????? I Don't Believe It!!!!!
 Racin, Leader, Guild of Rangers

 NOTICE This was just to collect opinions and voices from a pool of
 RoD players. Thanks to all of you who took time to answer.

               The Cry of Despair . Olympics
written by:  Maray

 YupYup. It's that time of year again folks. Time for the National
 Olympics. (Cue the dramatic music please.)
 Thank you.

 The Olympics always bring promises of great fun and spiffy prizes.
 To find out, you will of course have to participate. Besides being
 great fun, the Olympics also bring fab prizes to it's winners.
 Glory, Renamed items, and your name carved into the trophy at National 
 Visions, making you an insta-celeberty (Well... not quite) can all be
 had by competing in the Olympics. And of course, bring glory and
 honour to your Nation!

 I spoke with Khaimran, a member of the Olympics Planning Comitee about
 the event, and in the following pages, read what he had to say!
 Alright. So, what do you mavericks have planned? Any sneak peeks
 for lil ol me?
 Well, I can talk to you about the last olympics if you want <g>  
 Obviously I can't say what's gonna happen this time round exactly.

 Alrightie, let's hear it. 
 Well, last time we had quite a few events. These included a cooking 
 events, where teams had to go out to get bodyparts, so another team
 member could cook them. Another was the RP Skits, where a team of
 three would enact a little scene within set guidelines. One of the
 most fun was the snowman quest, where various snowmen were scattered
 around the realms. The teams had to save them from being melted.
 Khaimran winks suggestively.
 And incentive?
 Well, for a start there are the cool items that we have for prizes... 
 They're tailored to each event, and where you came in it. They have
 proper wearlocs, so you can show them off. Secondly, you get your name
 on the Olympics Trophy at National Visions. There is a bit of glory
 available to Elisabet, so she hands that out to the winners. And
 lastly, and most importantly, its GREAT fun.

 How'd the Olympics start?
 They were born out of a need for some greater integration between the
 RP Nations. The Olympics helped bring all the nations and races
 Don't be shy. C'mon down to the Olympics on July 14, from 3pm to 
 11pm EST, for a little controlled wackiness and some nation-inspired

               The Cry of Despair . Quest and Contest
written by:  Thorpe
 Dear Questors and Questorettes,
 It appears that our Wizlist is lacking a bit of "color", therefor, it
 is up to YOU!, the Mortals of the Realms to fix it. The Task is simple
 (sorta) Using the current Wizlist as a basis (meaning you cannot put
 Thorpe as the Highest ranking Imm, the Imms must all remains at their
 respective levels) you are to create a "new" Wizlist, giving each of
 us new Ranks.
                  Thoric - God of Life
                  Blodkai - God of Evil

 Kali - God of Death and Destruction  Nivek - God of Anger and Torment  
 I think you get the idea....Please try to make it look as much like
 the current Wizlist, but with the new ranks in place. 
 The winners will be judged upon level of originality, and the ability
 to submit a list that most appears like our current Wizlist (but with
 the new rankings)

 Happy Writing!
 As always, there are a few rules....

 Only one "wizlist" may be submitted per person (alts included).
 Bash Immortals at your own risk, management will not be libel for
 characters lost due to Balzhuring, Destroy, or Banning.
 Entries must me mailed to Thorpe and ONLY THORPE, Via Mudmail no
 Later than July 15th, 2001.
 Duplicate entries will void all entries by the entrant and render him/her
 Have fun and good writing:)

 The story of Korell's elimination quest 06/08/2001:
 10 little mortals thought they would be just fine, 
  1 got bit by a shadowshark and there were only 9
 9  little mortals were all running straight, 
  1 got stunned by harpies and there were only 8
 8  little mortals were looking up to heaven, 
  1 got disarmed and there were only 7
 7  little mortals beat Nazir with sticks, 
  1 didn't know the password and there were only 6
 6  little mortals just tried to stay alive, 
  1 got gassed by Raga and there were only 5
 5  little mortals entered rockdoor, 
  1 had no idea and there were only 4
 4  little mortals went on a digging spree, 
  1 forgot his shovel and there were only 3
 3  little mortals were ready to end the fight, 
  but Korell got killed by his wife, so they called it a night

               The Cry of Despair . RolePlay
written by:  publicly submitted by Juliana

 The Emote - In defense of more being more.
 Think of all the great books you've read? Certainly, many books have
 used a simple "John snarls" "Mary smiles grimly" or even a *gasp*
 "Peter said."
 I challenge everyone to name a great book though, whose paragraphs ALL
 begin with a character name. Books have one beautiful advantage a mud
 with a plain emote command lacks - the narrative paragraph. 
 A paragraph that describes what is happening, describes a particular
 scene, describes a transition from one scene to another, describes
 the story. As a result, when a character acts or speaks, they are free
 to use any length of sentence whose style suits the mood and 
 personality established.

 In a mud, the only narrative roleplayers have is the scene and the 
 story that is set in the emote. If less is more, then players will 
 get lazy and not bother with any narrative description, claiming that
 imagination is all-powerful and we should not tell people what they
 see. Encouraging roleplayers in this mud to go for succint phrasing
 in emotes will eventually lead to scenes that lack any color 
 Fran frowns.
 Fran snarls.
 Fran says 'Don't touch me!'
 Mary smiles faintly.
 Mary says 'Let me help you, I can heal you.'
 Lively enough. The scene capable of being visualized? Just barely. 
 Were you imagining the scene below or the following scene after?
 Can't tell from super-short emotes, can you?

 Fran frowns. She craddles her wounded arm with her intact one, 
 heedless of the blood soaking into her sleeve. Snarling, she backs
 away like a cornered rat until she hits the slimy wall of the sewer.
 Even her teeth are bared in a wordless threat. 'Don't touch me!'
 Mary smiles faintly. Whatever possessed her guildmaster to send her 
 after a wererat? Still, orders were orders. Protect Fran. She 
 stretches out an arm, palm out like a peace offering.
 Mary says 'Let me help you, I can heal you.'
 ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---
 Fran frowns at Mary's approach. That mage was getting too close for
 comfort. Unfortunately, there wasn't time enough to draw her sword 
 and demonstrate how serious she was. She settles for aiming a glare
 at Mary, and snarls through the pain of her twisted ankle,
 'Don't touch me!'
 Mary smiles faintly, just the ghost of a smile. She brushes some
 imaginary lint off the sleeve of her black robe. Then she draws a 
 wand from her belt with casual grace. 'Let me help you, I can heal you.'

 Mary smiles faintly, just the ghost of a smile. She brushes some
 imaginary lint off the sleeve of her black robe. Then she draws a 
 wand from her belt with casual grace. 'Let me help you, I can heal

 When you are limited by the emote command and forced to start every
 sentence with a character name, you ought to squeeze in narrative
 where and when you can. "Less is more" results in only part of a
 book. Plain and simple character dialogue. No narrative. No story.
 No fun.

                The Cry of Despair . TS News
written by:  Shingo

 The Symposium's news is back by popular demand! Each month, we'll post
 what has been covered by The Symposium. The way The Symposium works is
 this: Ideas which have been left on the Tome of Conception 
 (e, s, u, s, w from Darkhaven Sqaure) or which have been brought up
 to council by Representatives (every Guild and Order should have a
 Representative, save for one) are then discussed by our council and
 either passed or denied based on the amount of work that has gone
 into the idea, and the necessity for it. Ideas that are passed are
 taken to the Visionary Consortium (VC) while ideas that have been
 denied are either dropped or re-worked to be brought up at a later
 We're currently not taking any applications for "At Large" members, 
 but if you brought up an idea, that the council has yet to discuss,
 are you welcome to ask to be seated at the meeting to personally 
 introduce it and answer any questions we have about it. If you need
 further information about The Symposium, ask any one who shows up on
 "who ts" or say 'Show me more' to Minkai, the Symposium Chamberlain.

 Ideas discussed on June 4th, 2001
 Layerable Underwear - Held back for further discussion.
 Config no-org - Passed
 Slist amendment - Passed
 Augurer's Climb - Passed
 Counter Attack - Denied
 Ideas discussed on June 11, 2001
 "Down" the Gnoll Shaman in Gauntlet - Denied
 Guilds go_ - Passed. (The _ is replaced with a, c, d, m, n, p, r, t, w, or v)
 The Return of Lizardmen - Denied
 Orb of Recall - Denied
 Ideas discussed on June 18, 2001
 Quest Point System - Denied
 Bringing back TS News to CoD - Passed
 Track Victim Warning Messages - Denied
 Numerical damage/Attack Messages - Denied
 Ideas discussed on June 25, 2001
 Necromancer - Denied
 Hometown Recalls - Passed
 Further increasing the "realism" in being drunk - To be discussed

 If you have any questions regarding the decisions made by the council,
 ask your Representative or any member of The Symposium.


               The Cry of Despair . Funny Bones
written by:  CoD Staff, public submissions by: Terri
 Bottom Talk submitted by: Terri 

 You counciltalk 'pelmen!'
 Pelmen counciltalks 'eep?'
 You counciltalk 'do you think nimby's butt is cute? :p'
 Nimby counciltalks 'EEP!'
 Pelmen counciltalks 'whoa.. ahh.. I dunno? I haven't been 
 mooned by nimby recently *l*'
 Nimby counciltalks 'well....I have to say it...I am more
 than just a Butt....the rest of me isn't terribly shoddy'
 You counciltalk 'don't we know it :p swoon nimby'
 Nimby counciltalks '*blush*'
 You counciltalk 'pelman isn't nimby cute? :))'
 You counciltalk 'ok i am a little bored ain't i :('
 You counciltalk 'i'll shut up now :p'
 Nimby counciltalks '<wondering when terri developed a 
 butt fetish>'
 You counciltalk 'remember when you bent over to pick up
 those coins over the counter last time...'
 You counciltalk '*inn*'
 You say 'i think i should go and lvl before stoneheft logs
 and i get in trouble :('
 Nimby giggles.
 Nimby blushes.
 Nimby says 'well, for the record, feel free to sexually
 harass me any time'

 Wrap it up...
 A mysterious force appears before you, carrying a large roll of filmy wrap. 
 Your next awareness is of being spun around and around, becoming solidly
 encased in the wrap.
 Someone winks at you.
 Ceirana has restored you.
 who 51
56 Druid        Ceirana: Maker of ceiran wrap.

 Foamfoller: ah kewl, a body mask, tnx Ceirana.... my skin feels silky smooth
 Theo: its not a body mask! its a body condom!
 Ceirana: Theo understood the echo perfectly.


 Equus falls off while mounting himself.
 Moonbeam; People who bite the hand that feeds them usually lick the
           boot that kicks them.
 Klinon. AKA "The stinky old guy."
 Taranda is a man again!
 Alak says 'Life's tough. It's tougher if you're stupid'
 Norelle wears a kitty suit and pounces on Greyraven.
 Brennar, guild grammar checker.
 Daci has a pixie-sized bowling ball.
 Luneranik: Retaliation sounds like this: "!".
 Caraid- Stupidity should be painful.
 Jarelanin Vancour wields Duct Tape, you've been warned.

               The Cry of Despair . Public Submissions
written by:  public submissions
 Drowning Thoughts by fennpoxah
 Thoughts of love,             What is it?
 Thoughts of hate,             Is there enough?
 Of Happiness,                 Just a bluff?
 Thoughts of thoughts,         Why think?
      Why not have another drink?
 Thoughts of life,             What's the purpose?
 Thoughts of death,            When will it come?
 Of pain,                      Can't I be numb?
 Thoughts of thoughts,         Why be troubled?
   Bartender, Make the next one a double
 Thoughts of crying,          Will the tear drops stop?
 Thoughts of laughter,        Are they laughing at me?
 Of God,                      Where the hell is he?
 Thoughts of thoughts,        Why even bother?
     Bartender, bring me another
 Thoughts of why?             Who knows?
 Thoughts of when,            Who cares?
 Of what?                     Where?
 Thoughts of Anger,           Will they fill me up inside?
 Thoughts of thoughts,        Why even think?
   It's getting harder now...Another drink.

               The Cry of Despair . Thanks
     Thank you for reading!!!, from the staff of the CoD.

 feedback? comments? fan/hate mail? submissions? all welcome at
 the CoD public boards, located: e,s,2u,s,w,s from darkhaven
 square or south of quills and parchments on market street.