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New Year. Same Dragon; Resolutions

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#45 . January/February 2001

 Mortal staff:
 Alendil, Azrakare, Aylssa, Begaria, Conran, Dein, Goomra,
 Ilsensine, Lorel, Naithalia, Oknelim, Saraphin, Sarig, Shingo
 Immortal staff:
 Cersei, Elisabet and Kyrnia
                          Table of Contents

 Desk of the Editor
 New Year. Same Dragon...

 New Years Resolution!
 The masses spoke about personal goals for the new year!

 Looming Predictions
 What will the new year bring?

 Quest and Contest
 Winners and this issues task!

 A notice from  Ringbearers

 Poets Corner
 A rose is a rose...

 Funny Bones
 Titles to keep you warm and safe.
Desk of the Editor By: Kuah

 What is the good word?
 The new year is here, and due to the holidays and seasonal
 things the first issue this year will be a shorter one.
 But it will also be a fun one.

 New year resolutions were collected from the masses and we
 even have mystical Realms predictions for the upcoming year.
 Some poems and some funnybones thrown in for hgood measure and
 we'll back next issue with the return of our normal features.
 Thanks, and enjoy.

 Feedback? Comments? Fan/Hate mail? Submissions? All welcome at
 the CoD Public Boards, located: e,s,2u,s,w,s from Darkhaven
 Square or south of Quills and Parchments on Market Street.
New Years Resolutions! By: Kuah

 The start of a new year is upon us. As I sat around recall
 thinking of the upcoming year here in Realms, like the 2 year
 anniversary of this paper, another six months of reunion
 reminders and even maybe that this will be the year we all
 finally see the 'BIG CODE PORT!', a small shock in my head
 caused me to wonder about what each of us would setting up
 for personal goals this year. So I asked a lot of us...

 What will be your Realms new years resolution?

 My new years resolution is to finally get back into seth's
 fortress, and unravel every mystery la chute has.

 I think my resolution would be to become more patient with all
 the everyday stresses of this game. You know, not to lose my
 head over silly arguments or confrontations.  Likewise, I'll
 resolve to put as much effort as I can into the things I work
 on here.

 What will be your Realms new years resolution?

 Getting richer.

 To enjoy myself as much next year as I did this year, to be the
 best person and the best deity that I can, and most of all, to
 be the best that I can to the people who matter to me the most,
 my friends.

 Haven't really thought about it, but we'll say to treat myself
 to a few more oreos now and then and attempt to thwap Palin a
 little less.

 What will be your Realms new years resolution?

 I think.. I would say.. that my resolution is to continue
 learning and to try and do a better job with things.

 To harass more people.

 My resolution would be to cut down on the ritual sacrificial
 burnings. I'm starting to get a hacking cough from all of the
 Goomra continue to build up GoM through councils/groups, runs
 and quests.

 What will be your Realms new years resolution?

 Hmm....I don't think I have an answer....if anything, just to
 repeat this last was a good one alright. :)

 In short, I'll try to stay addicted (Which won't be that hard),
 have twice as much fun and slay all evil in Realms! ;)

 Thanks to everyone who took some time to give feedback, and
 here is to wishing Realms an awesome 2001.
Looming Predictions By: Kuah

 We sat around our offices in the Town Hall and with only a
 single candle light, one defeathered chicken and Naithalia's
 crystle ball, (READ:defective) we dared to see
 what this new year would bring to DarkHaven and the Realms.

 Prediction 1
 Froghemoth and Jeremiah the bull frog will team up and travel
 to the astral plane and by the end of 2001 will be known as
 The Amazing Cosmic Toads, who sing duets and cure the rickets
 upon request.

 Prediction 2
 Having figured the bodyguards in Dragon Tower STILL not
 powerful enough, they are gifted with gas breath and citizens
 find they can no longer supplicate from there.

 Prediction 3
 A new class will come to be powerful in the the Realms, known
 as 'Pirate'... er wait, Kali just said no. Again.

 Prediciton 4
 In the third month of the third week on the third day, something
 worth the effort put into thinking about will be spoken on
 Avchat. Maybe.

 Prediction 5
 A new spell will be discovered in the mages tower.
 Called: Wonka Touch. It has the power to turn things into
 chocolate and cause mages to suddenly break into song.

 Prediction 6
 A new Deity will come to power. Known only as Doo. Followers
 will have amazing spells, like 'Power word Zoinks' and
 'Ruh-Roh'. Followers will also have the ability to shuffle a
 pair of large sandwiches into one super sandwich.

 Prediction 7
 A massive beast will take home north of DarkHaven. Tired of
 being beaten by what many are calling 'gas breath' some will turn
 to the Cry of Despair for answers. The citizens will learn that
 gas breath comes from the OTHER end. More importantly the staff
 of the paper will celebrate in total number of loyal readers
 passing that impossible... single digits plateau.

 Prediction 8
 Monkeys, monkeys and more monkeys.

 And so with this knowledge of the future, a knowledge known to
 us all, may we walk safe into this new year.
Quest and Contest By: Elisabet and the Quest Council

 This month's Quest
 Pick an immortal and write the best "promotional" phrase
 to describe them. For example, Kali - All's fair in hug and slay
 or Cersei - Sweetness Personified!

 Promotional phrases should be short (ie less than 15 words)
 and must be in good taste AND respectful!

 Entries must be mudmailed to Elisabet by Wednesday, January
 24 at 9pm EST.  Entries will be judged, and the winning
 phrases will be posted in next month's Cry of Despair.

 Last month's WINNER: Ilsensine!
 Grats to Ilsensine for winning the super mob description quest!

 With a violent quake, the Behemoth prises itself from the earth.
 Looming on the skyline, it blocks out the light.  It's roar
 demolishes the silence.
 Ringbearer Inductions are open for the entire month of January!!

 For the Month of January ONLY! You can join Ringbearers
 with NO questing.
 To apply, you will need to:

 ** Attain a sponsor from within the order, this must be someone
 you know well enough for them to vouch for you.
 ** Provide a second reference. Either RB or non RB.
 ** Pass two interviews, one by a IT leader or RB leader.

 During your first month of induction you will be asked to prove
 your devotion to the order.

 As usual only Avatar mains can apply, please see any RB with IT
 in their title, any RB leader (Fernagarn, Saderax or Morgair) or
 one of the IT Co Leaders, (Holly or Brittany) for more details.
 Please Mudmail Holly and Brittany with your intentions of joining.

 Thankyou, Holly Boudicca, IT Co-leader.
Poets Corner By: Sarig

 A friend

I sat, watching, for what I did not know. I knew the end was near for him,
but he could not just die like that, my only friend all bundled up in  his
hospital bed, with tubes everywhere, it could not end like this, could it?
Something had to happen, a miracle or something to save his life, I gave up
on god along time ago, for many reasons, but I prayed and prayed to save 
my only friend. As the day grew into the night he was getting weaker, his
breath getting shallow, he did not look the same, all pale, machines 
for him, it was not right. I was ready to give up, I thought to myself "NO,
I will not give up on my only friend" I started yelling at him to get up,
we were gona be late, and that I was worried about him, at some point I fell
asleep crying on the side of the bed, when I woke he was not there, I knew 
worse had come to pass. I cried for days on end, but eventualy he was but a
memory, and life went on.
Funny Bones By: CoD Staff


 Katryna Silverwolf's hubby is having an affair with Puff
 Lunnalkann the perpetually untitled.
 Morrandir Longleaf boogies quite randomly to an older beat
 Pelmen Silverwolf is here, it's just his brain that isn't.
 Greyraven is the Raven That is Not Gray.
 Teferri or as we like to call him...BOB.
 Tiggy Bela Morte...damn titles, damn you!
 Nymeros the Uncelibate Nun with Godskulls (ruh-roh..).
 Mariyah pastes gold stars on all the midterms.
 Trinda plays with dead birds.
 Naithalia: recently disentangled snugglebunny.