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Questing 101, Madame Alicel on Palmistry, Reunion Memories

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 Page 2    \/    Table of Contents

 This Month's Special:
   Reunion Memories                 - Annale          CRY3-4
   Questing 101                     - Israfel         CRY5-10

 Monthly Article     
   Helpfile of the Month            - Annale          CRY11
   Roleplaying with Fire            
      Realistic Nations Roleplay    - Alessio         CRY12-16

 Nation News
   Quendi (Elf)                     - Annale          CRY17       
   Uruk'hai (Half-Ogre)             - Klaatu          CRY18
   Hobbit (Halfling)                - Kadgeon         CRY19
   Rukhas'Dul (Half-Orc)            - Vokith          CRY20
   Tyrrhenu (Gnome)                 - Clemens         CRY21
   Grathai (Gith)                   - Jurevicus       CRY22
   Pixie (Pixie)                    - Vermicio        CRY23
   Elohai (Half-Elf)                - Aranvar         CRY24

 Order News
   Order of Sanctus Irae            - Alessio         CRY25-28

 TS News                            - Akael & Strador CRY29-30

 Quest News
   Beetle Bashing Tournament        - Gonnil          CRY31
   July CoD Quest Results           - Annale          CRY32
   August CoD Quest                 - Annale          CRY33

 Realms Living
   Heart and Soul                   - Alexandra       CRY34-39
   Tavern Tales                     - Clemens         CRY40-41
   Top 10 Things to do this Month   - Clemens         CRY42

 Funny Bones
   Funny Quotes                     - Romani          CRY43
   Titles of Note                   - Romani          CRY44

 Announcements and Advertisements
   Geocities Closing Down           - Matanza         CRY45
   2009 Website Contest             - Romani          CRY46-47
   Advertise with the Cry!                            CRY48

 Cry of Despair Staff
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   Letter from the Editor                             CRY50
   Write for the Cry                                  CRY51
   From Falennt's Inkwell                             CRY52


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 Page 3    \/    Past Reunion Memories - Annale

Due to the lack of submissions, I've put together a few things that I remember
from reunions I've been to, plus what I could gather from some pictures :)

Thoric: I would have to say that the 10th Reunion Roddies were quite 

Draginox, the drunken stoner monkey

Langtoly and Annale, the lech and wench

Waterballoon pk! And the pie eating contest!

All those renn faires.  And the boy with his very big pickle. It was sooo 

Zanzidor, the zanzi-brats, and the zanzi-village.

A reinteration of the 10th reunion roddies - so much fun with the dancing, the
slave auction, good times all around.  And having a lan-party in the hall next to
us was pretty amusing.

The poker tent!

Two very special kisses...check the facebook group for more information :P

Shimus and his issues at the border at the 10th reunion!


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 Page 4    \/    New Reunion Memories - Annale

Did you go to this year's reunion? Send in some highlights! How were all those
bbq lunches?  What about the RoDies?  Did you get to meet the legendary Thoric?

And if you have memories from past reunions you'd like to share, I'm still
accepting submissions!


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 Page 5    \/    Questing 101 - Israfel

Food for Thought - Questing 101                    

Suddenly someone announces on this rather abstract channel called 'quest' and 
the Realms roar into life. Thieves arm themselves with their sharpest blades 
and warriors and mages alike top up their bags with heals and other beneficial 
potions. What is this that makes players wake up, sit up and stop all of what 
they are doing and sink themselves into this one activity known as questing? 
The rewards are immense of course, the awarding of glory or gold coins after 
successful completion of the quest task, and which can be exchanged for many 
other things. (help glory rates)
Three of our game immortals have come together to bring you some words of 
wisdom, advice that newcomers to questing will find handy, and old hands 
would find refreshing.

 Continued... help cry6


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 Page 6    \/    Questing 101 - Israfel

i. Pre-Quest Prep
Destre says :
"Since most quests are not announced, remember to have the character you like 
to quest on, always ready with heals and potions and elemental staffs. Rushing
to get these ready will cost you the starting time and most people would had 
already gotten to the objects or mobs first.
If you find carrying around such packs heavy and you own or share a home, or 
you have a spot in your organizationa donations, pack up your lifesavers and 
leave them there.
One of those backpacks from the half-elf hometown make great and sturdy 
carriers. Remember to get one from there."
Romani says :
"Make sure that your questing character is always at full favor. Or devoted to
a deity that you can grab favor from easily in case you had to make use of it 
more than twice during the quest. If it comes to a point when you have no favor
and no one is there to help you, there is always the immortal CR. But of course
that comes with a price. (help CR)"

 Continued... help cry7


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 Page 7    \/    Questing 101 - Israfel

ii. Before and During Questing
Destre says :
"When a quest is announced on quest channel, start as fast as possible. You 
would not know if the quest is based on who turns in first (a race) or who 
gets to the mob first and lands the first hit. Most possible targets are also 
out there if you get an early head-start.
If there's a note in the Archives explaining about the quest and what you must 
do, read it carefully so you know what is expected. Most notes also hold clues 
to how to slay the mob or gather the items required.
Decide on your strategy quickly. Time means rewards! Do you plan to teleport or
sweep specific areas. If you are a seasoned questor, you would be able to 
pinpoint where certain mobs are most of the time.
If a mob is involved. Check for elemental shields before starting the fight.
And remember sanctuary is your friend.
Do remember you have to be careful on the turn-in procedure. Various immortals 
do it differently and you may want to re-read the instructions they had given 
before the quest.

 Continued... help cry8


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 Page 8    \/    Questing 101 - Israfel

(Destre says, continued)
While you're turning in, wait for the immortal to say your name, then turn in.
Try all sorts of quests. Everything, anything. You get better at questing
with practice."
Romani says :
"Remember to budget your time. Some quests may be time-based and you would not 
know. The best strategy is always to finish fast, finish quickly, think fast 
and think quickly.
Next, log off all your other characters. No multi means no bots too. 
And be on IP 1."
Falennt says :
"Know where the turn-in point is. Some immortals may designate different
places to go and you might be waiting there in vain if its a quest based on 
speed and first hand-in.

 Continued... help cry9


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 Page 9    \/    Questing 101 - Israfel

(Falennt says, continued)
If you have a special request why you cannot be on IP 1 and you're sharing 
the place IRL with a fellow questor, let the hosting immortal know the 
situation before you begin. This will clear any misunderstandings that might 
happen later.
Another quick tip -- once the hosting immortal starts giving clues to where 
items are or where the kills may be, it means the quest might be coming to an 
end and you may want to hurry up if you are still on it.
iii. A Great Questor's Behavior
Romani says :
"Remember don't tick off the hosts! Going on and on about the mob being unkind 
to you or items being hard to find in negatively is not the way to go 
about it."

 Continued... help cry10


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 Page 10   \/    Questing 101 - Israfel

Destre says :
"Be courteous on quest channel when asking or inquiring. Just because you are 
having trouble doesn't mean everyone is!"
        Remember, on the top of it all, thank the hosting immortals. 
             Else they won't want to host one again!
                                       - Compiled by Israfel
Want to contribute or make a suggestion about this article? 
Mudmail Falennt or Annale and be rewarded for writing in!


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 Page 11   \/    Helpfile of the Month - Annale

Invariably, after a character realizes that perhaps messing with the
Gods was not a bright thing to do, an innocent sounding alternate
appears from nowhere and claims that they would never do such a thing
as they were being accused of. After this, a couple of variations may
1) It was my little brother. (Not sure why it's never a little sister) 
   Person will claim a little brother stole their passwords, created
   havoc with their characters ..but now they have killed said sibling
   and promise there will be no further problems.
2) Even though there were 600 chars below 10 causing chaos from the 
   exact same ip, the char that was nuked (The avatar with all the
   gold and eq) was in no way involved and doesnt know how someone
   accessed his chars and computer site to do evil.


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 Page 12   \/    Roleplaying with Fire - Alessio

                               Roleplaying With
                     :::::::::: ::::::::::: :::::::::  :::::::::: :::
                    :+:            :+:     :+:    :+: :+:        :+:
                   +:+            +:+     +:+    +:+ +:+        +:+
                  :#::+::#       +#+     +#++:++#:  +#++:++#   +#+
                 +#+            +#+     +#+    +#+ +#+        +#+
                #+#            #+#     #+#    #+# #+#
               ###        ########### ###    ### ########## ###
                  A Guide to Realistic Nations Roleplay&D
    There are fourteen playable races on the Realms of Despair. Of these,
  thirteen are readily accessible for new character creation. And for each
  of these races, there exists a nation, complete with a hometown in which
  every member of the race can settle.
    Most of these races are as different as night and day. While some are
  gentle and peace-loving, others are violent warmongers. Some are cunning
  and shrewd, while others are blunt and tactless.
    Nations are the perfect place to launch a new roleplaying personality,
  many of them having been steeped in years of roleplaying history and
  tradition established by those that came before. The building blocks have
  been laid, the setting established. What better place to take the plunge,
  head first, into the world of Realms Roleplay?
    Over the next few volumes of Roleplaying With Fire, I will seek to

 Continued... help cry13


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 13   \/    Roleplaying with Fire - Alessio

 explore the world of nations roleplay, expand upon the understanding
  of my readership, and encourage those of you with an interest to plunge
  into this exciting world of opportunity and adventure.
    Without further ado, let us begin.
                         Part One: National History&D
    The first thing that all roleplayers looking to get involved in
  Nations roleplay should be made aware of is that every nation has a
  different level of organization. While some nations have been played
  continuously over the course of a decade or more, others have seen
  tiny pockets of activity here or there. Some, still, have hardly seen
  any play at all; these are essentially blank slates.
    The first and most important part of nations roleplay, for any
  aspiringly player, should be to submerge oneself in the standing
  history and culture of their ideal nation. This can prove difficult
  in some instances, that much is true; however, the end result will
  almost assuredly be richly rewarding to all involved.
    The best place to start is your nation's noteboard. Most, if not
  all, national noteboards can be found in the first room seen when
  you are transported to your hometown by Tagetarle's ghost. The ghost
  can be found two northeast, two north of Darkhaven Square, and the
  phrase you have to say to him can be found on the ghostly plaque in
  this room (look plaque).
    It should be said outright that not every noteboard will be laden

 Continued... help cry14


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 14   \/    Roleplaying with Fire - Alessio

  with notices, so consider yourself warned. However, those that
  are have likely been well-played, and you can almost rest assured
  that an established culture and history exists.
    Many notes found on those boards will have dates as old as four
  years. Other boards are more readily clean or far more active, and
  thus the oldest notes left on them will be quite recent, indeed.
    Dates on notices are a judge of activity, for certain, but not
  always the best; the same could be said of volume.
    Keep an eye out for notes that discuss events, such as nation
  quests, festivals or ceremonies, wars and trade. These notes may
  or may not be flagged as important. Also watch for notes announcing
  new leaders; some nations change leaders readily, and others are
  more stable -- use this in your roleplay.
    In general, it's important to make yourself aware of who the
  major movers and shakers are in your nation, both presently and
  historically. Also, get a sense of national events annotated above;
  these often shape national character, and will therefore most likely
  have directly impacted the history of your own, budding persona.
    A final note on nations noteboards, and this one is important:
  always watch for incomplete storylines or hooks which you can try
  to use to your advantage. Perhaps a skirmish was noted by a scout,
  but led to nothing major... yet. There are always possibilities to

 Continued... help cry15


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 Page 15   \/    Roleplaying with Fire - Alessio

  latch on to if you look deeply enough. Find them, and you will
  find yourself at a considerable advantage in the creation of your
    Another place to investigate for national history, roleplaying
  logs, culture, and major players is the nation's website. While it
  is certainly true that not every nation has a readily updated URL,
  or even more importantly a live one, those that do are generally
  assumed to be more active than those that do not.
    Don't be discouraged by the lack of an existing URL. This could
  be for any number of reasons, not just lack of activity.
    Peruse the nation's website. Pay especial attention to the players
  and logs sections; these are perhaps the most important. If the
  website details the nation's culture, that is another good place
  to look up.
    Once you have seen the nation's website and noteboard, you should
  have a sense of what the nation is, or what sort of events have
  shaped its history. In the very least, you should already have the
  slightest of ideas taking shape for your character, the role it will
  play, and how it will fit in to your nation's dynamic.
    Finally, the last place you should consider looking for national
  information is the National Visions. This is a noteboard and a room
  well-established in nations history. It can be found two northeast,

 Continued... help cry16


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 16   \/    Roleplaying with Fire - Alessio

  north of Darkhaven Square and will often hold notes written by
  past nation leaders or members, especially involving international
    These three sources, when used correctly, can prove to be almost
  invaluable sources of information for the budding Nations roleplayer.
  make clever use of them and you will already be off to a good start.
    To sum up, if you are considering joining the Nations roleplaying
  environment, you should take care to research the nation you are
  aspiring to roleplay with. Get an idea of history, culture, and major
  players of the past and present. Perhaps spend some time shooting the
  breeze with your present Nation Leader (if you can catch them online)
  or other active roleplayers. Most importantly of all, make use of this
  information to shape your character in your mind.
    Next month, I will address the creation of characters fine-tuned for
  Nations roleplay. If you have interest at all in the topic, please stay

                                       Thank you for reading this month,
                                                     Alessio di Rossetti
                                                             August 2009


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 Page 17   \/    Quendi Nation News - Annale

The calm before the storm?

Still no word has been issued regarding the state of the Free Peoples, the
location of the Pixie/Elven army, or where Vermicio has gone.  The winds carry
the hushed whispers of Elves, many thinking the Doom King has fled in cowardice
from the growing force against him.

The Mark of the Doom Pixie King

Under the orders of the Tari, many Elves have accepted the Doom King's mark: a
strange blue aura around their left hand.  Some Elves claim that the aura has
flickered, seemingly faded.  Others claim that it whispers in the dead of night.

OOC - Elf-only Quest!

The next Elf-Only Quest will be held Sunday, September 20th at 7pm!  We 
encourage all Elves to participate, there are prizes for everyone!


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 Page 18   \/    Uruk'hai Nation News - Klaatu

From the Opallinoc News Bureau:
Dateline Opallinoc - Uruk'hai Council News
The Uruk'hai Council has formally declared a complete and total severance with
the Free Peoples. All existing Pacts and Treaties are now null and void.
Klaatu the Benevolent stated to the Council, " I am done being a subservient
toad to that blood sucking mosquito. Let him and his army come. We are ready!!
Through strength and courage we stand victorious over our enemies !"
Dateline Dunhill Demesnes - Entrenched
Uruk'hai forces are now well fortified in the areas captured from the Pixies.
Improved positions and redoubts have been constructed. Supplies are arriving
daily via eltor beast caravans and being stockpiled. Negotiations are being
done with Nuada Dunhill, the blacksmith. Treaties, alliances and trade pacts
are being sought.
Dateline Vast Horizon - Totem Lights
Overheard in the rooms of the Sleeping Dragon Inn, the half-elf totem light
known as the "light of the sun" will scrap during battle. No knowledge of the
actual number of hits it takes is known. The half-elf that was crying himself
to sleep over the loss of the light was known to have used it in numerous 
combats and had  had it for a very long time. Rumors of adventurous Eldestra
denizens teleporting throught the Realms in hope of obtaining back-up lights
were seen lined up outside "Dragon Imports" to buy Zombie candies.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 19   \/    Hobbit News - Kadgeon - 
My Dearest Hobbits,
                   It seems there is a rumor going around that I have taken
off, and left you all for a vacation by the sea. This my friends is not the
I have been called away from our lovely burrows on a matter of most urgent
business. Please do not continue to hide in your homes, do not fear. 
Even if I cannot be here myself to protect you trust that I will find someone
who can and will!
I am sorry this is so short. I haven't much time. Take care, all of you! And
tell the others to come home! 
           Forever and Always in the Service of Her People,
                                   Kadgeon Silverblood. 
P.S It may be best for another Thain to be chosen. I leave this decision in
your more than capable hands Hobbits. Choose wisely. I will continue to help
all of you though, even if you choose to replace me. 


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 Page 20   \/    Rukhas'Dul News - Vokith  
The lands of Krozloy are again in unrest.
Rejecting what they believe to be the cruel principles of the Free Peoples
of the Realm, including the rule of Vermicio, the mandatory brandings of
Rukhas citizens, and so forth, a large force of tanskins organized by
green and greyskin commanders has risen in the Valley of Krozloy and has
stormed a number of critical facilities.
Among those facilities attacked were the barracks, mines, lumber mills and
docks. All of these sites have been destroyed, and in many cases the
citizens there who were loyal to Vokith Drah'zi and would not revoke their
loyalty were slaughtered mercilessly. Slaves were freed and invited to join
the force which, allegedly, goes by the name 'the Rukhas'Dul Liberation
The political response by the Drah'zi government has been equally harsh,
with trusted General Threnkth the Eldest leading large squadrons of Rukhas
elite soldiers into civilian areas, arresting citizens -- specifically
tanskins -- at random, and executing those who resist.
With civil war again raging in the Valley and on the Mountain of Krozloy,
one can only wonder how long Vokith's government might last...


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 21   \/    Tyrrhenu News - Clemens 

It did not take long for the elder mages in the Vale to realize what the 
younger mages had done, fiddling with the planes and tearing open unwanted
rifts to the Abyss. In their panic, the elder ones managed at least to
patch back some of the holes though now, they are quite frightened of
what had been released.

The creature, or that the gnomes are guessing, seems very apt at hiding
its tracks. Whatever it is, it appears to have taken the guise of the last
living thing it came across and would easily have morphed into a human
or a sheep while still concealing a very sharp consciousness within. 

But with the Vale still disconnected from the masses, no one could get
past the new barriers (apparently, some of the elders were rather forgetful
and bumbling; and set up one-way barriers instead) to warn the rest of
the nations. 

This could be very bad indeed. Very bad.


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 Page 22   \/    Gralthai News - 
(&DOOC&D): The Gralthai of the Realm have a new home to call their
       own on the world wide web. We can now be found at:&D
       Please pay us a visit and update your bookmarks accordingly!&D

  The sands of Teracchei are stirring once again as the Gralthai reawaken.
Heroes of old and ancient devils rise, though their precise purposes are
as of yet unknown.
  Will they create, or destroy?
  There is no doubting that a sense of unity unfelt in generations has
risen again, the Gralthai people finding their interests matching and their
strengths complimentary. United under a single banner, with a singular
dream, the Gralthai will survive.
  But more than survive, they will endeavour. The dream demands it.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 23   \/    Pixie News - 
Greetings, Realms. My name is Vermicio and I
am the Doom Pixie King. I have returned. Rejoice.
                Or despair...
My wanderings into the ether of the great voids
have concluded and I have returned with the
divine edict of the most terrible One:
"I have sent you my only disciple, a wingless
fae creature who has revealed himself as the
Doom Pixie. This creature was charged with a
task: reveal unto the lesser mortals of your
realm the benevolent intent of the One who you
call master, I. He returned to me in disgrace,
claiming that the majority of your planes mortal
populace had chosen to reject my will and my 
gifts. This wingless harbinger brought you
salvation, and you rejected him. You have failed.
Soon I will descend unto your realm and I will
bring with me a power your kind has never seen.
Since you will not choose to follow my path of
your own free will, I will purge from you your
mortal failings by fire and horror."
I apologize for misleading you, children. I had
hoped that we could unite without the terrible
One's... intervention. You failed and so we all
shall suffer, myself included. Prepare yourselves.
                  He comes.


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 Page 24   \/    Elohai News - Aranvar

Reports from the Mallen Edaib, House of Commerce, Eldestra.

under guidance of the Mirtoa Aranvar Mithendair, new trading ships 
have been built in the docks upon the River Nenda. In the absence of 
Speaker Stela, the Mirtoa had initiated several projects aimed to boost 
the current stagnant economy of the Elohai following the lull of the 
Doom Pixie King's threats.

It would seem that the Elohai locale are rather excited at the 
thought of rising employment that there was quite a uproar during the 
recruitment fairs at the docks for new sailors. 

Mirtoa Mithendair had also indicated through various channels that
the ports of Eldestra will be engaging in entrepot once the Doom threat
is clearly over. 

Any organization interested in trade and similar dealings can speak 
with him directly.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 25   \/    Order of Sanctus Irae - Alessio

    The Sanctus Irae
    ***   *** *********  ********    *******  ***       *******    
    ***   *** *********  *********  ********  ***       ********   
    ***   *** ***        ***   ***  ***  ***  ***       ***   ***  
    ********* ******     ***  ***   ***  ***  ***       ***    **  
    ********* ******     *******    ********  ***       ***    **  
    ***   *** ***        ***  ***   ********  ***       ***   ***  
    ***   *** *********  ***   ***  ***  ***  ********  ********   
    ***   *** *********  ***   ***  ***  ***  ********  *******&D    
         Volume Three              -----          Summer 2009
   Bishop's Body Found
     The guard made a grisly discovery last week, finding Irae's
   Bishop, Abner Kondeh, murdered on the paths through the orchards
   outside the city.
     Though it is not known precisely how he died, the Bishop was
   apparently savagely beaten prior to his murder.
     The city guard is currently investigating the case, but has few
   leads. Any and all citizens who may have seen, heard, or otherwise
   witnessed the attack are encouraged to come forward with whatever
   information they have so that this case can be closed in a quick
   and satisfactory manner.&D

Continued... help CRY26


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 26   \/    Order of Sanctus Irae - Alessio

   Clothier Opened for Business
     The Trade Primogen is proud to announce that the Comely Customier,
   long left understaffed and temporarily closed following the departure
   of its previous owner from Irae, has reopened.
     The reopening of the shop brought a great deal of new business as
   citizens rushed to have their garments mended and to purchase new ones.
     Rumors are abound regarding the Customier's new proprietor, and
   the most common one appears to be that the shop's former seamstress,
   Raivanna D'Ossini, who had long been touted for the quality of her
   work, has returned.&D
   Wizard Eccentric Harasses Citizens
     An unusual magician reputedly going by the name of Valdor Aletheia
   has been making a nuisance of himself in various quarters of the
   city, harassing merchants, citizens, and others indiscriminately. Not
   the least of these has been the Marquis of Sanctus Irae himself.
     Supposedly under the guise of 'studying' individuals, the wizard has
   been known to break spontaneously into longwinded rants and to poke
   and prod at people for no apparent reason.
     While some complaints have been lodged with the city guard, most
   have dismissed this unusual mage's actions as relatively harmless, and
   he has largely been ignored by the city guard.&D

Continued... help CRY27


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 27   \/    Order of Sanctus Irae - Alessio 

   Citizens, Merchants Concerned as Underground Stirs
     The Iraenian Underground is finding renewed activity with the arrival
   of several new, shady individuals.
     Among the forefront of this group of newcomers is a heavy-drinking
   woman who frequents the Moon Raven Tavern on most nights and allegedly
   goes by the name of Trella Far'Kane. Whispers of her membership to an
   ages-old sect of the Lo'Kier have citizens, merchants, and brigands of
   all stripes quite concerned.
     Among her known associates are a shady fellow named Rathir and an
   unusual gnome street performer who goes by the monicker of Spinoza the
   Spectacular and is reputedly the cousin of the murderous Montesquieu
   the Magnificent.&D
   Street Performer Wows Audiences
     Also of note has been the arrival of the aforementioned gnome,
   Spinoza the Spectacular, who has been amazing audiences throughout
   the city with his wide array of illusory magicks and tricks.
     Dressed gaudily and with a great deal of showmanship, this strange
   little gnome has amassed quite the following and a small fortune
   by putting on performances at the Corte de Lions, the Singing Rose
   Inn, the Moon Raven Tavern and the Theatre de Santorus.
     Though he does ask for 'charitable donations' at the end of every
   performance, Spinoza does not demand payment, insisting that his tricks
   are for everybody to enjoy.&D

Continued... help CRY28


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 15   \/    Order of Sanctus Irae - Alessio

   OOC: Sanctus Irae Welcomes New Citizens
     The City of Sanctus Irae would like to extend a hearty welcome to all
   of its new and returning citizens this month: Raivanna D'Ossini, Valdor
   Aletheia, Trella Far'Kane, Ildrae Agnitio, Urtai Swift-Winged and
   Spinoza the Spectacular. May you find many friendships, stories, and
   treasures to cherish in the years to come!&D
   OOC: Want to Join Irae?
    The Order of Sanctus Irae is the only hardcoded organization on the
  Realms of Despair with a strictly RP-oriented mandate. Comprised of many
  different players and their character creations, the Iraenian cityscape
  is an excellent venue in which to let your imagination run wild. If you
  wish to explore the world of roleplay on the Realms of Despair, and are
  looking for a friendly and experienced group of individuals with whom to
  explore that world, look no further! Contact any member of the Weavers of
  Illusion (look for WoI in any member's title) or an Order Leader and
  apply today!


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 29   \/    TS News - Strador

The Symposium would like to welcome its new Mortal Head Strador! 

With the new leadership, The Symposium will begin to publish its forthcoming 
business on its public board located e,s,u,u,u,e,s from Darkhaven Square.  
This will hopefully allow the player base a chance to give their input on upcoming 
ideas and gain greater input from what the players would like to see.

Ideas are always welcome at The Symposium!  Feel free to post your idea on the
public board, the Tome of Conception located in Town Hall at e,s,u,3s,e from
Darkhaven Square, or by speaking to a TS representative.

See also help TSnews, Help TSinfo, help TS


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 30   \/    TS News - Akael

TS News for June 2009

Passed by TS
- Ranger Track Upgrade
- Ranger Falcon Sight Upgrade
- Constitution Raw Damage Mitigation
- Druid Spell - Elemental Summons
- Nephs and Shadowform
- 'Gold' Command Changes
- Spell Proposal - Vengeance
- Vampire Feed Tweak
- Evil Cleric Spells - Vehemence and Vampiric Touch

Returned to Forums by TS:
- Firing Missiles In-Room
- Sect Housing Glory
- Item Etching Reducing Value

Failed by TS:
- Character Auction
         For older TS news, visit
See also: Help TS, Help TSinfo


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 Page 31   \/    Beetle Bashing Tournament - Gonnil

Gonnil and Belkira hosted a team-based Beetle Bashing tournament.  5 teams of
3 competed to win a unique Beetle Bashing Champion Trophy, as well as gold 
prizes based on the number of points scored during the rounds!

The teams were:

A  Maeljin, Tonnies, Shaitan
B  Mortem, Vlaniz, Baxel
C  Voles, Taliesen, Vapes
D  Jimothy, Gorl, Thivia
E  Wocoom, Tealc, Truag

Congratulations to the team of Maeljin, Tonnies, and Shaitan for winning the
first place team award.  Also congratulations to Vlaniz for achieving the top
scorer award, with Gorl coming in with a close second.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 32   \/    July Quest Results - Annale

Thanks to those who participated in last month's quest!

Our first winner, with 42 mobs with names starting with the letter C is: 

Our second place winner up, with 35 mobs, is: Foxarius!

And last, though certainly not least, our third runner up is: Petrograd 
with 5 mobs found!

Please contact Falennt for your prizes.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 33   \/    August CoD Quest - Annale

This month's quest is inspired by a past issue of the Cry, as well as by the 
oh so fun game of Boggle!

The objective is to make as many words as possible by following
these simple rules.
1.  Each word must be 3 or more letters long.
2.  Each tile can only be used once in each word.
3.  To form words you have to move from connected tiles.

All entries must be mudmailed to Annale by August 30th!
                      _______    _______    _______    _______
                     |       |  |       |  |       |  |       |
                     |   K   |  |   E   |  |   T   |  |   S   |
                     |       |  |       |  |       |  |       |
                     |_______|  |_______|  |_______|  |_______|
                      _______    _______    _______    _______
                     |       |  |       |  |       |  |       |
                     |   P   |  |   I   |  |   E   |  |   A   |
                     |       |  |       |  |       |  |       |
                     |_______|  |_______|  |_______|  |_______|
                      _______    _______    _______    _______
                     |       |  |       |  |       |  |       |
                     |   L   |  |   R   |  |   U   |  |   W   |
                     |       |  |       |  |       |  |       |
                     |_______|  |_______|  |_______|  |_______|
                      _______    _______    _______    _______
                     |       |  |       |  |       |  |       |
                     |   E   |  |   S   |  |   O   |  |   D   |
                     |       |  |       |  |       |  |       |
                     |_______|  |_______|  |_______|  |_______|

Points will be awarded as follows:

1 point per word
1 extra point per unique word (words that no one else has found)
1 extra point per word with 6 or more letters


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 34   \/    Heart and Soul - Alexandra

Love comes in Handy!
Fortune-tellers are a dime a dozen these days. Go to any bazaar or
fair, and you would see a myriad of such tents, with signages
promising you the most accurate of all futures within their crystal 
balls. But would it not be even more amazing if you could your own 
desires in your hands? So when it comes to matters of the heart, 
talk to the hand. 
I have the luxury of meeting a wise palmist by the name of Alicel 
Igliss; a very knowledgeable half-elf who have generously offered 
to teach us how to read between the lines.

                             Lovingly Yours
                                     - Alexandra


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 35   \/    Heart and Soul - Alexandra

Madame Alicel says :
We use both our hands in palmistry readings. The hand you will use 
most of the time, the strong hand, will tell you about the main 
and official events in your life, like your marriage  and your 
achievements. The weaker hand will tell you about your personal and 
emotional well-being as well as, for many of you importantly 
                      - your love-life -
To make this teaching easier, we will assume the left hand as the 
weaker hand. Since the hands of different races are shaped in 
various ways, I will also look at the more pre-dominant parts which 
should apply to all; be it an elf's palm or a dwarf's or an orc's.
The Palm
A fleshy palm means you love an opulent and luxurious lifestyle. 
You are drawn towards great comforts and you would tend to be 
attracted to those who you believe can provide you with such.

 Continued... help cry36


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 36   \/    Heart and Soul - Alexandra

If you're looking for eye-candy or, arm-candy; just look no further 
than the lines on the middle joint of your thumb. If they form a 
perfect 'eye-shape', then he or she would make the ideal arm-accessory.
Headed for Fate?
Now look at your palm and lay it flat. Your head line is the convex 
line that runs through your hand from your thumb to either your 
third finger or pinky. Your fate line is the line that runs in the 
middle of your palm vertically. 
Now if the fate line and head line cut each other at a sharp angle, 
your potential significant other may be someone who is of a different 
race; or a foreigner or perhaps someone living in another area or 
If the lines intersect at a gentler angle, they would be someone 
closer to who and where you are.

 Continued... help cry37


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 37   \/    Heart and Soul - Alexandra

Matters of the Heart
Flatten your palm once more. Now look for your heart line. It is 
the concave line that is near to the top of your palm; and it 
stretches from your index finger till your pinky. Now look for the 
lines from the base of your pinky to the end of your heart line
The lines will show you how many times you'll fall in love with 
someone, including your one-day old crush in the newbie levelling 
grounds. The lines on your strong hand will show how many 'official' 
relationships you have. 
The more distinct and clearer the line, the stronger the relationship 
and the greater the feelings involved.
Falling in Love?
Look for your heart line again. If the lines of the heart line are 
chain-like, you react strongly to your emotions. A smooth heart line 
means that you are more in control emotionally.

 Continued... help cry38


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 38   \/    Heart and Soul - Alexandra

Now look closely at where your heart line ends. If it ends between your 
index finger and your middle finger, you know how to balance your 
commitment and you know when to give and take.
Now feel for the Mount of A'enari. You can find it as a raised or a 
gentle bump beneath your index finger. A long heart line that extends 
into the Mount of A'enari means you are passionate and idealistic 
in love. 
Find now the Mount of Shivvan below your middle finger. If your heart 
line ends before this point, you are more concerned about yourself 
than your partner.
A heart line that stops half way and does not curve upwards means 
you are scared of comittment. You believe in practicality before 
in romance.
Finger-rin... Oops!
If you have long and lean fingers, you would wish for someone of a 
higher intellectual ability. You wouldn't be happy if mental 
connection is missing in your relationship.

 Continued... help cry39


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 39   \/    Heart and Soul - Alexandra

If the lowest sections of your fingers are significantly plumper
than the rest of your fingers, you are a sensuous lover. You love
close physical relationships and would always try to seek them out.
 .:::.   .:::.
:::::::.:::::::Remember, readers. Don't despair if the
:::::::::::::::readings for your own palm is not as wonderful as 
':::::::::::::'you like. Your lines will change as you age due 
  ':::::::::'to experiences and attitudes and outlooks. 
    ':::::'Look back upon your palm again three months later 
      ':' and you would notice there is a difference!
Till the next Heart and Soul                 - Alexandra


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 40   \/    Tavern Tales - Clemens

The Fallen Drake Cafe, Darkhaven Townhall
Nestled right in the centre of the grand hallway in the Darkhaven Townhall is 
a cosy little cafe bursting with flavor and delights to offer. The Fallen 
Drake is owned and run by Ceana, a chirpy half-elf lady known for her skillful 
concoctions of brewed coffees, frappes and blends and her natural charm.
The Fallen Drake's menu may look atypical at first glance but the generous 
servings they provide and the level of freshness, are but winning points in 
my checklist. The house speciality is a coffee brewed from beans grown in 
Kontaur. It packs a punch and is not your everyday cup'o'brew. In fact, 
if you're looking for an adventure in caffeine, a cup of 'Drake Blend' 
is defnitely the way to go.
I would also recommend the vanilla frappe or the hazelnut latte. 
The frappe is sprite-mixed, the first of any method I have seen; 
the ability of a furious sprite is never undermined and it produces 
the silkiest, smoothest blend you would have ever tasted. 
The layered latte is a showmanship of grace and skill and it is 
simply a very pretty drink, one to be admired and drank in admiration.

Continued... help cry41


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 41   \/    Tavern Tales - Clemens

The Fallen Drake offers two types of sandwiches, a very nostalgic 
ham and cheese sandwich, the ones where you would be eating in your 
mother's kitchen back as a child; and a healthier alternative in the 
form of tuna salad. The breads are all kneaded and cut by hand on 
the premises. A plus point again in my list.
Dessert comes in the form of cookies that change flavors as
you bite into them. It takes a bit of luck not to get the
one with the roach. Though I find it quite odd that she would
actually stock cookies with bugs in them but I suppose the bugs
are fresh.
With sensible prices, surprises and an ambient convenient
location, the Fallen Drake represents excellent value for money
and charming sincere service.
Clemens' 5-Stars Guide

Ambience  ***    Serice ****  Food ****    Price ***
Want to contribute or make a suggestion about this article? 
Mudmail Falennt or Annale and be rewarded for writing in!


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 Page 42   \/    Top 10 Things to do This month - Clemens

10. Buy that cup of coffee from Ceana's in the Town Hall.

9. Go teleporting in Vast Horizons in your birthday suit.

8. Get back to Nature. Row the boat in Ockwater Fens.

7. Visit the Lake of Tich'Pyga and enjoy a fish ka-bob at Dana's.

6. Pee in the fountain of Darkhaven when no one is looking.

5. Give out perfectly roasted chickens to newbies at the Academy.

4. Write a thank-you note to an old friend.

3. Search for cherries in Camelot.

2. Offer to clean up the Donations.

1. Donate a gift to a newbie. It can be anything. Anything. Anything...


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 43   \/    Funny Quotes - Romani

Mari ordertalks 'wish we could set our own ranks.. that would be sweet'

Solcent ordertalks 'can i be the supreme commander of chicken?'

Aleq openly traffics:  looking for unique and interesting equipmentt

Gonnil openly traffics:  a white, patent leather belt studded with rhinestones
forming an outrageously inelegant "G"  for sale/trade

Aleq openly traffics:  previously owned by Bruno?

Korvette openly traffics:  its a thick metal chain from sentinel, he's trying
to scam you :P

Gonnil openly traffics:  it's low on stats... high on sexy

Gonnil chats 'as an augurer, i didn't think he has enough dex to have sex'

Romani chats '*politely wipes tea off my monitor*'

Destre says 'I look on it as, I am not in trouble, but rather I am trouble'

Falennt racetalks 'You know the drow pee in the fountain in DH?'


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 44   \/    Titles of Note - Romani

Pastai, GoR heal subsidy bot, gimme 800k. 

Cobot makes sure Alrish isn't stealing (46111) 

Maylin: Use me, just don't abuse me. (Ringbearers)

Firble DeathBlood the Gerbil. 

Kryten 523P, Series 4000 Service Mechanoid. 

Ahzir T'Gore brands you, Infidel! {Chieftain, Band of the Boar}

Kloey wonders, isn't your zipper suppose to be up front? 

Moridin boredom can lead to regrettable things! (Ringbearers)

Sycoraxe.59.  Don't wake up dead - aim for the head! {The Zombie Resistance}

Temujin I was born, though you may know me as Gengis Khan. {North Plains Tribe}

Last but not least: 
5 Vampire      Wacher observes


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 45   \/    Geocities is Closing Down - Matanza

Why is this important in the Realms of Despair archives? Because, if you're 
like me you've been using Geocities as your RoD logsite for the last ten years
and there might be some text files uploaded to Geocities that you no longer
have on your hard drives due to 10 years of formatting or new computers or any
number of variables.
October 26 is the shutdown date, which gives you plenty of time to backup your
old logs of popping your first Oblivion or killing Artem. Though everyone has
Artem logs so maybe don't worry about saving those.
The link at the top provides information for the computer-limited folks who may
not understand the process of downloading files from Geocities - having
uploaded only all this time.


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 46   \/    2009 Website Site Contest - Romani

The contest will open this week and remain open until the 31st of September.
* Limit of one entry (complete website) per coded organization, open to all 
guilds, orders and clans (prizes vary for clans).
* Websites must follow the following guidelines:
      - Appropriate use of images (Images will not be graded on their quality
        however they must either be original or taken from a free website)
      - Colors must be complimentary and appealing
      - Text must be easy to read and in a widely used font
      - Homepage information must be relevant to both the organization and
        Realms of Despair
      - Links must be easy to navigate
      - Websites must be compatible with multiple browsers (eg. IE, Firefox,
        Opera, etc)
      - META tags must include "Realms of Despair"
      - All pages must be the same style
      - All pages must be neat and well presented
      - Realms of Despair and Endless Medieval Enjoyment are visible on the
          opening page.
Please also take note, we do not want you to purchase your website from a
professional designer/template. You can however use any means of creating a
site as you wish, eg. Frontpage, straight HTML, Java, etc as long as it
complies with the above guidelines

Continued... help cry47


 _         )( _________________________________________________________  
 Page 47   \/    2009 Website Site Contest - Romani

The first place organisation will receive first choice of these mobs, the
second place will receive second choice, and third place will receive the
final mob. These mobs will remain in your organisation for a year.
Additional prizes will be awarded to the winner webmasters/designers.
To enter, a leader of the organisation must either MUDmail Romani or email 
(to the organisations website, and any
passwords which judges will need to access your site.
Submissions submitted without proper authorization will not be entered
into the contest. 
Closing date is the 30th of September, any questions can be directed to 
Romani via mudmail or email.


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 Page 48   \/    Advertise with the Cry! 

Advertise with the Cry of Despair!

Do you own a bot?  
Are you looking to sell a few things and make a little gold?
The Cry of Despair is a great place to advertise your wares!  
Let people know where you park your sellbots, afterall, people need to know 
where you are in order for you to get their gold!

Are you looking to buy something? Place an advertisement in the Cry! 
Who knows, maybe someone is looking to sell what you are looking to buy!

Just write up a little advertisement and mudmail it to Annale, or post 
it on the CoD Public board located e,s,3u,w from Darkhaven Square and 
your advertisement will be published in the next issue!


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 Page 49   \/    Suggestion Box 

We Love to Hear from You!

If you have enjoyed this issue's articles and would like to provide feedback 
to our writers, feel free to submit your feedback in mudmail-form, using the
format below :

Article / Column :

Writer's Name :

The article was [ ] interesting
                  [ ] alright
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How can this article be improved?

Other suggestions for the Cry


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 Page 50   \/    Letter from the Editor 

Well hello again!

As always, the Cry is looking for writers and articles!  Have you written 
a short story? Mudmail it in and see your words published and shared with 
the Realms!Poet at heart?  Great! Send us your poems!  

I hope those who went to the reunion had a great time and send some of 
their stories this way! 

Sorry for the delay.. It's been a very busy month and the Cry is happy 
to announce that we've got some new articles for your reading pleasure!  
We've also got some more new things rolling out over the next couple of 
months, so keep reading!
And as always, I'd like to remind writers that the deadline for articles 
is the 25th of the month!  

Thanks for reading,
Annale Firestorm  


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 Page 51   \/    Write for the Cry! 

Write for the Cry!

Currently the Immortal Sponsors are looking for more and more writers.
If you are interested then please write a short note saying why you would like 
the position.  Please include your normal online times so that the immortals 
can interview you. 

We also welcome freelance editors. Do contact Falennt or Annale for more 

We are also looking for more staff writers and freelancers. If you would 
like to earn some income through writing just about anything, feel free to 
speak with Falennt regarding your interest.

Our Current Payment Rates

Editor-in-Chief : 60 million gold per issue edited
Staff Writers   : 4 million gold per page submitted.

Regular freelancers  : 3 million gold per page submitted.
Organization Writers : 2 million gold per page submitted.

The Cry of Despair welcome all newbie and avatar writers alike. If your passion
is writing, do contact Falennt through mudmail or a tell.

Thank you in advance for your interest.