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Getting Started - Newbie Guide


Stories: Exploring Quitting Recalls An Unsettling Encounter

This little newbie went to market, this little newbie killed some gnomes, this little newbie DT'd, and this little newbie cried boohoo because it couldn't recall home...

All-too commonplace among the newer players to the Realms: recalls don't seem to make it into the containers of today's newbies. Recalls are an important part of any adventuring kit, along with healing POTIONs of some sort, manas for spell-casting classes, as well as other items. RECALL scrolls can be purchased in Poshir's Scrolls on Market Street in New Darkhaven, 2s 3w 1n of DARKHAVEN Square.

So remember... what's one of the first things you stock up on after getting back from an adventuring trip? Recalls!

Happy leveling/exploring.

-Pheayre and the Newbie Council-

Broludzi, struck with wanderlust,
Did so adventure through muck and dust.

Drowned, mangled and hacked,
Burnt, frozen, diced and chopped,
In corpses spread, his equipment he lacked,
Onto channels he went, and to Newbie Council he hopped!

Corners four of the realms they searched,
From Crystalmir west to the desert they lurched,
Till again he had his goods,
With nary complaint or grumble they perched,
Prepared to help again.

The Newbie Council, with advice so true,
Might be able to assist you.
When stuck without hope and you seek someone nice
Type WHO NC and ask one of us for advice.

See Help Newbie Council for more information.