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Assorted Code Updates

News #1043 posted by Belkira on 01/17/16.

A number of updates have come in including, but not limited to, the following:

- The flee rate against stunned mobs has been improved. Thanks to Iohannis for
the idea and Edmond for the code.

- A number of MXP adjustments have come in. They should be straightforward
but if anyone developing using MXP has questions feel free to contact a member
of the Code Council. Thanks to Sepharoth for the changes.

- Some adjustments have been made to int and con to make them a bit more
interesting and useful during combat.

- The config has been updated to allow multiple arguments. Thanks to Cellador
for the idea and Gonnil for the code.

- Help next and help prev commands have been added to take you to the next or
previous helpfile alphabetically. Thanks to Zistrosk for the idea and code.

- The mark of Pactolus spell has been updated to be usable on water containers
and to not consume a water container if the spell fails.

A number of bugfixes of varying sizes have also come in. Thanks to Sepharoth
and Gonnil for the fixes.