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Dragonborn Related Ideas

News #1069 posted by Kinux on 11/05/16.

Over the past couple of months, we've had a number of ideas sent through the
ideas command related to Dragonborn. Thanks for those! Here are some answers:

Dragonborn should not be allowed in dragonslayer.
- The leadership of DS desired the intellect and first hand knowledge of the
Dragonborn to aid them in their slaughter of the pestilent wyrms of the land.

Bring lizardmen back, give dragonborn extra dmg v lizardmen and vice versa.
- Alas, the Lizards of the land are a dying breed and will not be returning.
We could give everyone a bonus against them to hasten their demise though...
interesting idea.

Let Dragonborn be.... Ranger, Augurer, Paladin, etc.
- There is a good deal of thematic reason to allow Dragonborn's to be
Paladins, but we elected to reduce the number of classes to four at this time.

Mapleback: Allow the Dragonborn race to be able to devote to Bael - Done!
(also requested by Farci)

Lorkon: Please consider adding Dragonborn to blood of the innocent and the
Inquisitor's Grasp. - Done!

Dracal: make dragonborn allowed to use bone helm of ryuukoroshi - Done!