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News #44 posted by Jhen on 04/20/05.

... wind currents and took to torching the town. One of the guardsmen, poor lad, had his face scorched off. The skin, just melted off his face it did. Well, as I was saying, the flames were everywhere. Then some heroes from Darkhaven arrived, brave souls. They looked scorched and burnt when they arrived. Seems they had been fighting these things down in the Old Marsh. Also fought their Lord or some such who was runnin' rampant in New Thalos. Well, as I was saying, the heroes arrived and made short work of those flames, what with their quantum blast things and their lifeblades and whatever you call them. They fought one here in my own shop. Terrifyin' it was. Well, as I was saying, there was a Lord of Fire running around New Thalos. It seems he was using these other fires to lure out E'soa. She used her winds to weaken the flames in the Marsh and here in Solace. Then when all the flames were extinguished, he turned to her and burned her to a crisp. The skin just rolled right off her body, I hear. Horrid, horrid. Hopefully this Furmas fellow who killed her is long gone. Well, that's all I'm saying.