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Blood in the Forest

News #45 posted by Innkeeper Jed on 07/18/02.

There was a lot of hootin' and hollerin', I remember that. Aalakab entered the world promising more power to his undead followers through some ritual charm he invented. So like a bunch of damn fools, all them Darkhaven heroes run off to help him. Yeah, help the deity of evil undead vampires. Fools. Sorry, got off track. Anyway, fast as you can say glory, these people are running all over gathering ingredients. I think Mephie, Zwanth, Asmodeous and Ferokonon helped him the most. So Aalakab has all his ingredients, then he asks for some more things and people blindly rush off and get it for him. Then this god shows up right outside my inn in the middle of the Forest. He summons all those who helped him while he works his charm. Apparently the fool wants to block out the sun and all these other fools just helped him and are standing around watching. Well, he does this charm without bothering to make sure everything he asked for is there. Seems this Ferokonon fellow left and he had one of the crucial ingredients. So instead of this fantastic charm to block out the sun, we get Mahsstrac this giant dragon. This dragon was supposed to block out the sun, see, but since it was missing whatever Ferokonon was supposed to bring it went nuts. Flat out berserk. Breathing gas and shredding people with its claws. So then Aalakab steps in thinking he can stop the thing and SPLAT! The dragon summons a demon that destroys him. That's what you get for mucking with dark magicks and having undependable help I guess. And all the rest of you fools, quit helping these deities. They are no good I tell you, the lot of them. You are better off spending some time at my inn, which has some reduced ale right now.