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A letter found on the Northern Trade Route

News #501 posted by Admoti on 11/24/04.

Dearest Lord Wendle,

I fear we shall arrive too late to assist in dispelling this wretched curse upon your family. Lady Wendle wrote to us some time ago, though with all that has happened in the lands travel is currently impossible for us. We know of the beast that haunts your family. It is a foul creature that lives in the half-light and shadows. Please do not be angered that your Lady contacted us, for she truly did right by your Lordship. The creature, the shadow-beast, preys upon young families as it plants ghosts, ghouls, and spectres within the home to taunts its victims to insanity and shatter them into oblivion. I had feared that placing your mansion so close to Shadow Grove this would happen. Perhaps the good citizens of Ofcol will assist in time to stop this miserable curse.

Your Humble Servant, Admoti