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Organization Vaults

News #517 posted by edmond on 01/22/05.

As of January 31st, a weight limit is being added to all organizational vaults. The limit being set is 100,000 weight. Most vaults are not at, nor approaching, that limit. However, some vaults are beginning to put a tax on the system that you all are finding noticeable. . Organization LEADERs, FIRSTs or SECONDs may contact a level 53 immortal to find out their current weight. If the organization requires a second vault to contain their stores, they may use a free vnum from their area to accomodate this. If they do not have a free vnum, they will need to use one that is previously allocated INSIDE their own area file (as well as any permanent vault containers). . The availability to add the second vault will be terminated on February 28th. After that time, it will be considered an "area update" and will fall under the timeline and requirements to update organizational areas. . Once an organization has their room information decided, they may work through their deity, or for guilds - the overseer/advisor. . Please feel free to contact me with concerns via mudmail.