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Vorus and the other Godslayers

News #52 posted by Kali on 08/09/02.

Bor'hin, the god of the poor, was slain tonight by Vorus. This Vorus is the same entity that destroyed Volarh, patron of thieves and my comrade.

This Vorus is no more. In a decisive battle, he was slain by the avatars of Darkhaven, with some small aid from myself.

For those others who have struck against the gods, Furmas, Pseulak, Wakshaa and Mahstraac and other allies you may have, this is the only warning I will lend you. Should you challenge the gods in my presence, you will be destroyed.

The only sympathies I can lend to those who follow Bor'Hin is the knowledge that your god was avenged.