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Scried visions

News #56 posted by Lord Xyranthas on 08/15/02.

Through my scrying glass, I observed the cause of strange energies. Ba'akshai, "The Claws of Night", the Spirit of Raw Violence tore a rift from his hell dimension into these lands and entered through it into Darkhaven. Seeking bloodshed many mortals arrived and obliged but several times they were able to quell the manifestation known as the Hellbringer.

Ba'akshai's spike armor was bloodied in many places from the mortals he had slain but then came the meeting with Omanith whom he had come to challenge. The ensuing battle did not last long as Ba'akshai called upon ancient evils which had dwelt in the Abyss biding their time. With these powers he tore Omanith into the two equal parts of magic and physical combat. Via performing these dark rituals was Ba'akshai able to then use his combined might and destroy the first half of Omanith's spirit.

Then, Ba'akshai manifested into Malik Harjaq, a 12 armed viking whose awesome power smote many more mortals and managed to put a final end to Omanith. This enraged the champions who were gathered and with their combined might were able to force Ba'akshai into retreat to return to the realm from whence he came. Although.. Ba'akshai spoke of a time when he might return...

I am unsure whether to bide my time or act on what has happened. Perhaps it is not too late to accept that offer...