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A day of tragedy and victory

News #57 posted by Marshall Diana on 08/16/02.

I felt blessed that the deities of magic and battle chose New Ofcol as the site to erect a ward to defend the gods from the hideous acts of the Godslayers. Il'liara and Cru'udakh appeared in a swirling mist and called for the aid of those loyal to them. 'Bring us the runic symbols of the elements' Il'liara cried, her soft lilting voice carrying far across the Realms. 'Bring them to us' she cried, 'that I may erect a ward to defend your gods from the scourge that is upon us'. Quickly heroes far and wide took up her cause, retrieving the runes from the depths of the sea and earth, braving winds and fires to succeed. The symbols were brought to Il'liara, who was guarded by Cru'udakh. She worked her magicks carefully. A green streak shot in the air and then exploded into the globe of protection over all of Ofcol. From the Plains of the North, Cabal cried out to his brother and sister, seeking shelter within their ward. Though they were hesitant, they agreed to lower the shield but a moment and allow Cabal passage. Once Cabal was safely within the confines of the city, Il'liara restored the ward. But then Cabal was surrounded in smoke and from the cloud Pseulak appeared. Her ruse had gained her entrance through the ward. Though she was beset by avatars and Cru'udakh alike, Pseulak managed to drain Il'liara of her powers. The ward collapsed and Pseulak raised her hands in triumph. The Godslayers beaten in past battles rose from the mist, attacking Cru'udakh and the heroes. The battle was long and bloody as H'rugg, Ba'akshi and Vorus struck at the god and his defenders. One by one the Godslayers were dispelled by the might of the mortal army. Each dispersed, vowing to return. Only Pseulak escaped,