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Ipspoofing/Multying and You

News #860 posted by Ceirana on 07/08/10.

Recently it has come to our attention that ipspoofing is taking place. This posting is to clarify our policy.

Please read help ipspoofing. It outlines our position clearly. Please note that level 1s do indeed count towards your character count.

Using multiple ips to get around ipchecks is also illegal and falls under ipspoofing, even if you are only running one character from two different accounts. Any activity that skirts our ipchecks will be dealt with harshly.

If you are in the habit of running an army at home and mudding from work or anything of the like, you will be found out. Please do not risk it, and if you are currently in the habit of using multiple ips at the same time, please desist.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please post to the Oracle in Town Hall or contact a member of CoE.

Thank you.