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Area Updates

News #862 posted by Kinux on 07/14/10.

When the Solace Gardens were put in there was an inconsistency with the old exits matching up to the new ones. To fix this, a street that formerly linked up with the main road in Solace has been made into a dead end.

The dragon's bane in Edo is now unique as it was only meant to be one per player, based on the quest. The unique flag came in after the quest came in so;it had to be applied retroactively due to an issue with the quest that allowed multiple banes to be created.

a glowing red pentagram from Intrigues of the Miden'nir should now act as a light.

More sections of the Tree portion of the Tree of Life are now forest sector.

A new item has been added to one of the mobs in Mountain of Lost Souls.