Level 1 Character Saving

News #1203 posted by Gonnil on 2022-04-04 16:06:09.

We have put into place the ability for level 1 characters to save, quit, and
rejoin the game where they left off.

This is a significant change from the history of the mud, where level 1
characters were never permitted to save. This change was made as part of
recent immortal discussions related to the experience for new players. We
sometimes see new level 1 characters join the game, but quit before reaching
level 2. Allowing these players to reconnect to the game later on should help
with retaining these new players as opposed to having them start from scratch.
We really didn't see any downside to allowing these players to save and return.

The status of the player's authorization state (name being accepted or denied)
will also be saved.

Level 1 characters will currently autodelete after 1 week of inactivity.

Helpfiles and other in-game content will be edited in the coming days to
reflect this change.