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Level range

0 - 65


Area description

Excellence, perfection, reaching one's maximum potential. Mastering the arts of combat, understanding the principles of magick, conquering your foes, comprehending the forces that weave the realms into existence.

Many promise it, but few actually achieve it for they do not realize it is never truly achieved. It is continuously strived for, for as one improves one's self he raises his own potential to become better.

The members of the Order of Arete were the first to realize this, shrugging off the shackles and philosophies that held them from reaching their true goals. Together they realized they could work towards Arete, true excellence. By passing on what they have learned to others and accepting that others have much to teach them as well, the followers of Arete have chosen to center their lives around daily aspiration for excellence, to continually raise their potential and work harder to reach their heightened goals. To wake each day and strive to become better than the day before. Only in this way will they find real inner peace, true harmony, only in this way can they reach for Arete.

This area is the stronghold of an Order and may not be accessible by all players.