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There have been over 40,000 downloads of SMAUG, and a good number of stable running SMAUG muds exist. Realms of Despair is the main SMAUG implementation, and has been continually developed and updated from the original Merc2.1 codebase since 1995.


Here are just some of the extra features SMAUG has:

  • Full featured, bug-free command-line online building
  • (including shops, resets, repairshops, etc)
  • Optional easy to use menu-based online building
  • Damageable and repairable equipment
  • MUDPrograms/scripts (mob, obj and room programs)
  • Monsters that will remember you, hunt you down, and summon you
  • Levers, switches, pullchains, buttons and traps
  • Searchable hidden objects and doors
  • More flexibility to command syntax
  • Delayed teleport rooms, tunnels
  • Clans, pkilling, guilds, orders and councils
  • Revamped experience and skill/spell learning system
  • Unlimited bulletin boards that can be added online
  • Private mail and comments on players
  • Automatic daily scheduled rebooting
  • Advanced immortal heirarchy
  • Complicated monsters with stats, attacks, defenses and bodyparts
  • Resistances, Immunities and Susceptibilities
  • More spells, more skills, more classes, more races
  • Weapon proficiencies
  • Pipes and herb smoking
  • Full featured container commands... fill, empty, etc
  • Extra exits - ne, nw, se, sw and more -
  • Special exit flags, floorless rooms (falling)
  • More room, mob and object flags, class restricted items
  • Languages, improved string hashing code
  • All kinds of 'spelled equipment' support
  • A new flexible spell system that allows online creation and editing
  • Object grouping, items hidden under other items, layered clothing
  • The ability to dig up and bury items
  • Player corpses are saved in case of crash or reboot
  • Stable code with hundreds of bug fixes
  • A fully configurable deity system
  • Many new admin commands such as an extensive ban, immhost ipcompare and more
  • Polymorph code that can be added, edited and deleted online
  • Different prompts when you are fighting and when you are not
  • Pets saving with their owners
  • Configurable color codes online
  • Projectiles are fully supported
  • Extended bit vectors for when 32 are just not enough
  • Mounts and much much more