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Getting Started - Newbie Guide


Welcome. Your Adventurer's Guide to the Realms of Despair contains much information gathered from the wisest of adventurers who explore the realms. This guide is a wealth of knowledge to aid you in your exploring: stories and advice passed down through the ages and the laws that govern the realms. This is the fourth such chronicle. Wise sages, immortals and mortals alike, translated legends of old from various languages and compiled them into this guide for young adventurers.

The stories in this book are of adventurers like yourself and provide hints so that you may succeed as they did. Heed their advice and you will grow stronger and gain experience to proceed towards the rank of Avatar, level 50. Utilize the section headings above to learn more!

With very little variation, this web-based guide is just like the one you get when you begin the game. Words in green are words that you can use, with the help command, to learn about concepts and commands. For example, GUIDE, MOVEMENT, or LOOK. In game, you could type: HELP GUIDE, HELP MOVEMENT, or HELP LOOK to read about: using the guide, moving in the game, or looking around for information.

To start using the guide while you are in the game, type: LOOK CONTENTS.

Good luck in your adventuring! May the Gods smile upon you.