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GUI Plugins

Realms of Despair uses MSDP to send additional game information to MUD clients that support the protocol, which can be used to display widgets or other graphical elements such as health / experience bars, spell affects and maps to name a few. See the in-game msdp_vars helpfile for information on what variables can be requested from the server.

Realms of Despair offers the following official plugins:

If you do not use an officially supported client - they are available free of charge - you may consider using the Web client, which implements all MSDP features supported by Realms of Despair and does not rely on Flash/Java.

In addition to the official plugins, the following player submitted plugins are available for use at your discretion:

Player submitted plugins undergo limited testing, and any problems with the plugins should be addressed to the plugin author and not the Immortal staff.

Players using other clients are encouraged to write and submit their own plugins! Submissions may be emailed to


Mudlet MUSHclient TinTin++