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Client Applications for Your Computer

There are still many great mud clients available, including ZMud, CMud, and Gmud. Settings should include: as the address, with port 4000 or port 4020 for access. We also suggest looking over the other clients available in our Mud Clients section under Downloads.

Need to play on-the-go?

In addition to client applications on your computer, Realms of Despair can be played using one of our online clients. For questions or comments about these clients, please contact an Immortal administrator in the game.

Web client

This client does not use any browser plugins such as Flash and Java, eliminating security concerns and compatibility issues with these technologies. Full MSDP support and a nice GUI as well as support for aliases/macros/triggers/variables make our web client one of the premier mud clients on the internet. Under active development.

'Classic' Java client

The previous incarnation of the Realms of Despair Java client. While this version does not support some of the advanced features of the newer Java client, it remains compatible with older web browsers and older versions of the Java plugin. Supports aliases/macros/triggers/variables.


  • Java 6 plugin
  • Java applets must be allowed to execute in web browser

This client is no longer supported or actively developed.