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The Barren Wastes



Level range

40 - 50


Area description

she died or something close to death, I don't know, not a doctor whatever state she's currently in, I'm not fond of it

was my fault. probably? maybe. if I were there, could've protected her. but I wasn't. and didn't. was too busy wandering, exploring. it's what I do it's what I enjoy, though granted, not more than I enjoy her

came across some place in my travels barely noticed the entrance, covered by hot desert sand seemed untouched, barren, empty but it isn't

found humongous, I don't know, creatures? things. a voice wanted them dead. came through the temple ceiling said if I killed them all, she'd be alive again might be crazy, ceilings don't talk. right? right. right. but what do I care? I'm desperate.