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City of Eldestra



Level range

0 - 50


Area description

Dianla speaks...

'Yes... it was a long time ago. A time when Darkhaven was a much different place. A group of Elohai banded together in the city, for safety. There was discrimination and violence everywhere against us, we were seen as hybrids.

A great man had to be murdered before we reached the final point. We left the city of Darkhaven and ventured into what was once the Haon Dor Forest to build a secluded place where all Elohai would be welcome and safe. Past the River Nenda and across Lake Kieltron lies our fair city, where all is serene and tranquil. Our sanctuary from the unkind world.

Things are better now of course, but our city still stands as the heart of the Nation.'

This area is home to a Nation and may not be accessible by all races.